Same Time

Sitting at the bus stop with my earpiece on, it was the last bus I was waiting for after work. With fifteen minutes to my bus, I knew there was nothing much to do, reserving my iPad games for the long journey home. A few minutes into the wait, a girl dressed in a tight spaghetti top and floral pleated skirt walked into the shelter and checked the information board for a long time, before looking around with a doubtful expression. Since I was the only ‘teen’ there, she approached me and asked if that particular bus headed north. Well, I stay in the north, so I answered her question, further probing the reasons she had to head home so late.

The bus came after some time and I gracefully let her board in front of me, before she stopped by the stairs to see if there was any seats below.

Me: ‘Why not sit upstairs? It will be a long ride. And we are alighting around the same place too.’

Girl: ‘But the steps? People can see up my skirt.’

Me: ‘I’ll be right behind you.’

Sensing that I wasn’t bearing any evil intentions, she hopped up the stairs with her hands pinning the skirt at her bum. We found a seat at the back with all the ‘uncles’ sitting in front, finding our spot behind another couple a few seats ahead. Once we made ourselves comfortable, she immediately placed her knees on the backrest in front and letting her skirt slid down to an upskirt level. Her iPad mini came into view and she began tapping away, browsing the blogshops of clothes.

Me: ‘What’s your name?’

Girl: ‘Sandy.’

Me: ‘I’m K.’

Sandy: ‘So what do you work as?’

Me: ‘I work in a bar.’

Suddenly, she replaced the cover on her iPad and looked at me, filled with questions and noticing the plastic bag in my hand.

Sandy: ‘What’s that?’

Me: ‘It’s a new drink from the bar. I bought a bottle home to drink.’

I showed the brown bottle to her and she took great effort to read the labels in the bumpy bus.

Sandy: ‘I have never drank before. Can I try?’

Seeing that there was no one around, I popped the cap with my keychain beer opener and she took a gulp of it, eyes brightening to the gingery flavour without the bitterness. She swallowed a few more mouthful of it and laid her head back, face flushing with redness from the low alcohol content. I guess one use of the plastic bag was to minimise damage from vomit, so I took her clutch away and handed her the bag.

Sandy: ‘I’m okay. It feels good to feel a little drunk.’

I placed my palm on her knee to warm her up, and her head fell to my shoulders.

Me: ‘Do you want to feel high?’

Sandy: ‘I am already high.’

Me: ‘More high?’

I turned my body towards her where the streetlights were shining through and let her head rest against my forearm. My other hand slipped down her thighs and her weak attempts to slow me down were getting lifeless. Soon, my hand was under her skirt and on her panties, rubbing slowly in circles at her pussy. Her eyes rolled white and she turned her head, putting my lips just one inch away from hers.

I breathed in deeply and went in for the kiss, that she reciprocated with the separation of her lips to let her tongue meet mine. We made out in the openness and my fingers worked hard, getting her panties wet while she kept an eye towards the front of the carriage. After some time, she was feeling even hotter and horny.

Sandy (whispering): ‘Put it inside?’

I slipped my hand into her panties and touched her clit, sending a chill through her body. As soon as one of my fingers went down her slit, she turned a little towards me and grabbed my bulge over my jeans.

Sandy (whispering): ‘Take it out?’

I wasted no time in unzipping and coughed up a little fight to get my wiener out. Her head then went to the tip for some addition of her saliva, before leaning on my arm again.

Sandy: ‘You have been wearing that underwear for the whole day? What time did you start work?’

Me: ‘Yeah. Whole day. Since 3pm. Sorry if it smells.’

Sandy: ‘No no. It doesn’t smell bad. It turns me on.’

She held it in her hand and stroked it up and down, while I continued fingering her little hole. Somehow, her flaps were a little exposed, but it turned out to heighten her sensitivity. The two of us, sitting among the last rows of seat, angled in such compromising position, would give away our little activity straightaway. Even the couple in front of us could hear the faint moans and groans, feigning ignorance for courtesy’s sake.

The rest of the journey kept the mutual masturbation going, with her heaving loudly whenever she orgasmed. It seemed that she had a body that could climax very easily, when coupled fingering with some clit rub. Once we were in the vicinity of our homes, we sped up so we could ‘finish’ before we missed our stops.

Her head had glided down my shirt to my tummy, providing a little support for her to lie on while she jerked me faster. If only her mouth would just give it a suck..

Sandy: ‘I can’t take it anymore.. you can stop already.’

Her voice was so weak and body slightly damp from the perspiration, I ended the fingering to continue a slow clit massage. She placed more saliva over my rod and pumped me quicker. Of course, how could my nose not be stimulated with a sweet smelling girl jerking me off?

Me (whispering): ‘I am cumming soon.’

Sandy: ‘K.’

Without warning, her lips went around my small head and her tongue pushed against my foreskin. Her mouth then took over the masturbation and bobbed on my lap, until I lost control of my hands and held her head down, while the hot gush of cum shot into her mouth. Her fingers went to my testicles to toy with it while I was struggling to reduce the sensitivity from her tongue that was swirling around my rod.

After a quarter of a minute, I let her go and she gave it a slight suction before pulling her mouth away, the one stroke that felt like a long time. Checking outside the window for her stop, she stood up to adjust her panties while I zipped my package into place, still drained from the ejaculation.

Sandy: ‘Your phone?’

Me: ‘Here.’

I unlocked my phone and passed it to her, happy to get her number before she alighted the bus. It was indeed an unforgettable ride, in fact, I had never expected to make a new friend this way, getting each other off on a bus. To date, we are still meeting at the same bus stop, heading for the same direction, but progressing our activities in the small space between seats.

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