(Maeve moaned) ‘As.. you have.. said.. that my mouth.. is only.. only for.. you.. no one.. else will have it.. except.. except you.. MMMM!’

I shut my eyelids harder together as the unknown man banged her heartlessly, facial expressions clearly gloating of his own perceived superiority as she moans uncontrollably over my dick. His upright, standing position at the foot of the bed, allowed him full, complete use of his torso, to thrust as hard as he wanted, into my girl’s pussy.

For me, I was restrained to the four corners of the bed, sprawled open like a lab-rat, though the ‘test’ was to be pleasured, unrequittingly by the love of my life, who was on her fours, near the edge of the bed where he stood.

That very position, besides ‘convenience’, also meant that any man could just walk up to her butt, fuck her brains out, empty their balls and let her ooze whatever juices (neatly) onto the floor. Facing the powerful jerks and her erratic attempts to maintain an up-down motion, it was inevitable that I was getting head at varying depths.

(Man groaned) ‘CUMMING! ARGHHH!’

Giving her one final thrust, Maeve let her groan vibrated on my dick as his hips buckled, before he withdrew his shaft to let voluptuous amount of cum leak out of her. After he was done, he took some time in the attached bathroom to rinse himself, during which Maeve took that time to give me some much-needed, proper attention on my bewildered cock.

Just before he left, he pulled two pieces of fifty dollar notes and placed it near my feet. Needless to say, I was more confused than before, and also slightly irate at how he did not fully shut the door.

About ten seconds later, another man came in and dropped his pants, plunging his cock into Maeve without so much a word. That ‘new’ entry, forced out the cum of the previous guy and became ‘lubricant’ for him, who launched an all-out ‘attack’ immediately.

Unsurprisingly, the same, sloppy blowjob, unexpected deepthroat, exasperated moans, happened all over again. For the next five minutes, Maeve just kept trembling as she climaxed on that guy’s dick, dripping even more cum onto the ground. It didn’t take her long, to take her mouth off to catch some air, before she replaced her unhelpful mouth over my cock.

As time passed, I became more desensitised at the tip, and grew to enjoy the time I spent in her throat.


That same word filled our ears as he sped up his movements, slamming his groin rapidly at her bum until he froze. As he pulled out, cum squirted out of her pussy and it went ‘safely’ between his legs, though that was all I could deduced from his sudden jump backwards. Another hundred dollars landed on my feet, and another man took his place.

This time, once he filled Maeve up with his meat, she initiated a gesture to rub herself. It was time, I figured, that she took some care of her own orgasms. What I didn’t realise, was how quickly that guy came when she went limp suddenly, presumably caused by climaxing – in silence.

Another load of cum dribbled out of her and more money fell onto the bed. By the fourth ‘break’, I was too mentally-drained to recipocate any sexual responses, merely twitching to her increasingly-frequent handjob.

‘Baby.. is there any more guys?’

‘Just one more.. I planned five.’

The last, and final guy came in, unzipped, and pushed his way into her. Maeve then collapsed onto my lap in a shudder as he began fucking her, making long, rhythmic strokes according to his momentum. Trembling non-stop to each in or out motion, Maeve weakly stuffed my cock into her mouth to muffle her moans, which that guy was causing so easily.

Sticking one hand down her chest, she raised her butt slightly and the two began their unannounced ‘power struggle’. He picked up his pace and cringed hard as she pressed her lips tighter on my shaft, sucking harder as well in response to his impressive dong.

Within minutes, or perhaps very long seconds, he fell over her back as his waist jerked subtly, emptying his balls into my love. When he regained his strength, he repositioned her bum and went at it again. After his first load, there was less restraints on him as he pounded her mindless, shocking her with deep, thorough strokes over and over again.

Each outward pull would release a little of the cum mixture onto the floor, as if vacating his predecessors for his own ‘rightful’ space. Maeve, was just helplessly getting pleased by his powerful piston, sliding so easily in and out of her drenched pussy.

At some point in time, she placed her hand between her legs again, reasons unknown to me until she flashed a cheeky grin at me. As she squinted her eyes, he immediately let off a loud, surprised grunt. He was then seen to increase his speed exponentially, like he was fighting against her determined grip (on his cock), except that he was attempting to do it through rough, violent sex.

Nonetheless, she managed to throw him off tempo and worked up a ‘premature’ orgasm (from him), extracting his second load under his very unwilling mood. As wild as he started, things quickly died down once he lost interest, dropping off two hundred dollars with a kind of satisfied-terrified-unwilling-impressed look on his face.

Once the ‘party’ was over, Maeve took her time and lathered my manhood in her saliva, replacing her tired mouth with her hands that happy-ended me into her perched-throat. That night, we spent a long time in the bathtub, rinsing, fingering, soaking, frolicking until our skin were wrinkled.

I would say that I have done my best, to excavete most of them out of her, in place of me, or rather, my cum specifically. Was it worth it? Probably, minus the mess at the foot of the bed none of us wanted to handle.

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