(Shawn whispered) ‘put your hand lower.. ‘

As naive as Jolie was, she knew what was waiting ‘lower’. Still, she shifted her palm along his belly until she felt some fluids, presumably oozing from the tip of his – cock. Her ensuing pause, somehow reminded him, that she might not have done it before.

(Shawn whispered) ‘can you go lower and hold it? it will warm you up.’

Since he asked, she did as told and only stopped when she heard his deep breaths, all caused by her untrained fingers squeezing and relaxing over his dick.

(He whispered) ‘move your hand up and down.. it will.. ahhh.. yes.. like that.. ‘

In the tight constraints of his boxers, Jolie followed his instructions, jerking him off as fast as it didn’t get too obvious. As a not-too-stupid guy, he reciprocated her ‘affection’, with that hand he slipped under her dress, between her legs, to give that soft, fleshy mound a massage.

Throughout the last hour of the movie, they did just that, stiffening up that already-uncomfortable bulge, and getting the panties of an innocent-looking girl, soaking wet.

After the show, he kept her seated until everyone had left, and brought her to his ‘secret hideout’ – an unused, unlit, door-less room somewhere between the exit-only door and the stairwell leading down to the main exit.

(He whispered) ‘can I kiss you?’

(Jolie whispered) ‘kiss me? where?’

Without saying a word, he slid both hands under her dress, unclasped her bra, and raised her one-piece outfit high enough to expose her breasts. His mouth, immediately went over her nipples and suckled on them, while her fingers find their way into his hair. The more he sucked, the harder she pushed his face into her chest. The harder he sucked, the louder, her whimper of pleasure became.

It didn’t take long, for her to be slumped onto the dusty floor, and for him to finally let his cock out for air. Since he was more energetic than ever, and still on his feet, he didn’t hesitate a second, to step over her legs and positioned his cock right in her face.

‘Can you suck on it?’

(Jolie asked) ‘Suck on.. this? Mmm.. ‘

Before she even opened her mouth wide enough, he had already tucked about an inch of his cock behind her lips. Then, he paused at where he was, and let her hold the base of his shaft while she attempted to savour it. After a few blind minutes of licking and sucking it ‘wrongly’, he very nicely, stopped her.

(Shawn asked) ‘Is it OK if I move, but you just stay still and keep your lips close around it?’

‘Uh.. ok?’

With that, he held her head firmly in place and began thrusting his hips, to get as much cock into her mouth before she choked. It couldn’t be helped, that she had to endure the painful gagging before he learnt of her limits, grateful for any level of blowjob no matter how little she could take.

Another five or so harrowing minutes later, he had enough of the tiring maneuver and much to her relief, sat on the ground with her.

(He asked) ‘Have you ever had sex?’

‘No? Why?’

(He asked) ‘Do you want to?’

(She answered) ‘Do you?’

Burdened by the passing time and limited field of vision, Shawn knew he couldn’t waste a minute more, and helped Jolie onto her feet. Bending her over into a standing doggystyle, he taught her to arch her back downwards, while he slathered his cock with an ample amount of saliva.

Once ready, he poked his soft tip into her pussy, that seemed so unwilling to spread any further. Regardless of her ‘experience’, Shawn kept inching forward until she was deeply filled with his cock.

The poor, trembling young lady just did her best to remain standing as he rammed his engorged manhood into her vagina, stretching her to however long he was. Seeing that tight, small, mindless of a body at his full disposable, he make sure to hammer her at every speed he could manage, just to see if she might be the one he could ‘own’, or better still, ‘turn’.

About fifteen minutes into the rapish-sex, she unconsciously reached her climax. At the instant she came over his oversized-cock inside her underdeveloped pussy, he too, lost his mind as cum sprayed into her, lining her inner-walls with thick, gooey fluids on his way out.

‘Fuck! You are! tight!’

Almost at the same time the deed was done, his pants were up, and he even straightened her dress for her. Needless to say, they got out of that dark corner as fast as she could walk, and his goodbyes were as brief as un-rude as he could be.

(She texted him) ‘Shawn? I know that our meet up was short, but I hope you enjoyed yourself. I know I am a little inexperienced, but you definitely left your mark on me. I made a little something for you, although it’s incomplete with bits of pieces here and there. [URL removed] Hope to hear from you again.’

How silly, could he have thought she was. A hidden camera, an audio-recorder, a cotton-swab for any DNA he might have left behind, a few selfies with the bruises he caused, and of course, an IUD to keep herself safe.

Her ploy, seemed somewhat similar to Patreon, except that her ‘backers’, were all her assasilant/ blackmail victim. Crowd-funding huh?

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