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(She requested) ‘Text me when he is here k? I’ll be getting myself ready in the bathroom.’

The subsequent ten-minute wait, couldn’t have felt any longer when the doorbell finally rang, for an ok-looking, taller-than-myself man to show up. Without exchanging a single word, I let him inside, sent Maeve a text, and the immediate blue tick assured me of her notice.

Not more than a minute later, Maeve came out of the bathroom in a black bodysuit I bought her, and dove into his arms excitedly. He made sure to whisper all his words, so I could never form a complete sentence, but she was all vocal in her responses.

Lying atop him in bed, she pulled his shirt over his head, and left them on his eyes as she stripped his pants off. Once his underwear was out of the way, her mouth quickly engulfed the tip of his semi-hard monster, going down his shaft so slowly I could feel my loin yearning for some.

At first, he was adamant about not having his eyes covered. But after a few minutes of ‘oral-coaxing’, he understood how tedious it was, to keep his eyes opened as she covered his meat in affection. Once she has lubricated him with her saliva, she went for her favourite ‘spot’ (at least on me), which was right under the penile-hood, where sheer contact would drive me crazy.

True enough, she swiftly plunged him deep into limbo as she dragged those soft, luscious lips over that ‘bridge’, draining as much of his strength as possible.

After ten more minutes under the blissful torture of her mouth, he cried submission, to also keep his deal worthwhile.

‘How do you like me?’

(He answered breathlessly) ‘Mission.. nary.. ‘

And just like that, she sprawled onto the bed and flipped on her back, spreading her legs wide enough for him to go between. Skipping any sort of foreplay on her, he picked both her feet up by the ankles and let the well-mannered girl, guided his cock into her – raw.

Upon seconds of that carnal penetration, he dropped her legs and tumbled on top of her, before letting an autonomous, eager rage consume his desire for her. With his upper-body safely perched on his straightened arms, he jerked just his hips, back and forth into the curvy little girl whom was moaning in more of a comfortable, than pleasurable voice.

How she felt, was clearly indifferent to him as he lost control of his rhythm, thrusting as and when he caught up with his own breaths. No more than five minutes later, he was exhausted beyond his own comprehension, but that was not how Maeve would leave things.

Flipping him onto his back this time, Maeve took her spot on top of him and let herself go – slightly. Grinding her hips back and forth, her ‘volunteerism’ might not be the better choice (for him) as he was caught in an uptight, agonising state of sexual-overdrive.

At some point in time during her untiring, up-down bouncing ride, he snapped, and instructed her to get on her fours. As stern as he sounded, it wasn’t rude, and so she obeyed. Despite being quite rough when he shoved his cock into her pussy, he appeared quite confident, of his mysteriously-renewed stamina.

Barely five minutes had past, into the forceful ravaging of her heavenly body when he completely buckled, under her cheeky, secret clit-rub to induce an orgasm (for herself) that ultimately proved too tight, and therefore, too stimulating, for his pent-up orgasm to bear.

Following their seamless climax, he then cummed so much into her that it overflowed out of her mound, soiling the bed where their genitals hovered above. For her last scene, she invited him to join her as she smeared his liquid love over her pussy, ass and thighs.

After the two chatted for a while in bed, she excused herself to the bathroom, while the man went for his bag.

‘Here. Four hundred.’

Another few long minutes passed before Maeve reappeared, and gave him a goodbye hug.

‘Is that what you wanted to see?’


‘And does that make you.. ok. I got my answer.’

I figured that no answer, would be better than the solid, hard-on she felt through my jeans, though I couldn’t understand why she did not ‘tend’ to it. After all that happened, I dozed off momentarily in the car headed for home and was woken up when we arrived – at Amara Sanctuary for her next ‘client’.

Turns out, clients.

When it was finally our, specifically Maeve and I, turn to pay some much needed attention to each other, I finished too soon, for a good reason in my defense.

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