Humpty Dumpty

‘Are you comfortable?’, Ben asked as if they were going to be in his car for a long time, but Maeve, already had some idea of what – he was playing at. Staring into his anticipative eyes with her dreamy ones, she answered him in an alcohol-laced, slurred voice ‘yes I am. Are you?’

Right next to him, there was no way she could miss the unnatural fidget, most certainly to ease that bulge, caused by the where, what, who, and how he had led them so far. ‘Are you.. drunk?’, the rethorical question that just came out of his mouth, couldn’t be more obvious in his plot, and Maeve, knowing how close, or far things were, had the perfect reply. ‘Would you prefer me to be, or not?’

As soon as the dubious innuendo left her lips, she placed one hand on his lap, clutching her fingers just hard enough to give him a harmless squeeze. That move of hers, immediately lured him too close as an ‘acquaintance’, but it was not like Maeve to react that rashly to him.

‘Why don’t you tell me.. ‘, the fact that she switched to a whisper mid-sentence, only made Ben’s mind run wild, but not for long once she breathed her thought into his ears, ‘what would you like me to do to you.. ‘ As soon as she heard him gasped, she knew where he was on her palm. From that point on, even if she got out of the car, she knew that he wouldn’t be more than a few feet away.

When she perched her arms on the railing (behind where the car was parked), and stared into seemingly nothingness, she wasn’t playing ‘hard to get’, especially not when she has that round, perky hips raised at a certain angle, with her feet crossed to highlight the ass-hugging skirt she wore, at his request for Ben.

‘Hmmm.. ‘, once again, he failed to impress her with any witty comebacks as that was all he said when he aligned his hips at her bum, ‘grinding’, like he needed to remind her what she had done. Seeing how ‘this’ was moving so slowly, she peeled a side of her skirt up, to finally, finally get her ‘invite’ across.

Once the belt buckles have chimed, zippers zapped, and his clothes ruffled, he turned his attention to her, starting from the tardiness of her skirt, followed by panties, before he froze in his tracks. That white, nylon loop that stuck out of her pussy, was no doubt, what made his night so ‘smooth’ and ‘successful’.

‘Gently!’, her cry startled him for a few seconds, but he was even quicker to regain his composure, to remove the wireless vibrator. If it wasn’t bad enough to learn that his advances weren’t ‘good’ enough to get into someone’s panties, the fact that a hidden someone, more influential than alcohol, had complete control over such an intelligent, witty and intriguing young woman, definitely shook him up well.

After the vibrator has been put away, his first hesitation set in, in the form of a careful, wary question, ‘is he here?’ To which she replied, ‘somewhere.’ Parting her legs to shoulder-width, she uttered the word ‘condom’ again, having mentioned that in their earlier conversation over dinner.

Like an elated little kid, he fished the rubber out of his pocket and put it on, standing closer than ever to her bare, freshly-shaved pussy. Since she had her favourite pair of heels on, she helped him a little by bending her knees slightly, for his impatient penetration into her soft, wet folds.

As best as Maeve tried to keep her volume to the minimum, she couldn’t help but sighed and wheeze while he sent that thick, long piece of meat deep into her vagina. Despite the presence of a thin rubber between them, the sheer speed and depth of his strokes ignited every nerve-endings she had down there, blowing her mind over and over again until her knees went weak.

With his hands on her waist holding her hips up, he continued to pound her on their way to the rear passenger door, where her knees found some comfort on the seat. In a cute, compact doggystyle position, Ben unleashed the combined energy of his hormones, surrendering all of his pent up, overdue, and possibly blue-balled strength into that petite brown girl.

‘Ka.. cumming!’, his whispers were as loud as they could get in the silent carpark, though his orgasm didn’t seem as distant. Within two to three minutes, he buckled to the strong, hot jet of cum that filled his condom like a balloon. Evident to his cries for mercy, there was little Maeve could do about her ‘tightness’.

Once the deed was done, he tied up the loose end and joined her in the car, just in time to see her slip that wiped-down vibrator back into her pussy.

As the gentleman who just got in her pants, he offered her a lift, to a club near where they had dinner. There was little more he could do, other than watch her cup the groin of a man she lovingly threw herself into.

It was necessary, for her rightful man to cum inside her after such an eventful night.

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