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If you push it far enough down her throat, she can’t bite you.

(Erin whispered) ‘why are we here?’

(Aaron answered) ‘A few days ago, I happened to find this quiet, dark spot.. Where we can..’

A soft, (un)zipping noise was then heard, that cleared up all of her doubts. Without hesitation, Erin undid her tight denim shorts as well, too glad to be relieved of the wireless vibrator Aaron has been teasing her with for the entire evening.

It wasn’t until they reached the dark, quiet dead-end of an alley did they really felt ‘liberated’, for some much needed intimacy at any levels they dared afford.

Once her shorts were out of the way at her ankles, Aaron turned her towards a wall and got her rump in position – slightly stuck out for him to grab, slap, and pound.


Without waiting for her answer, he poked his little head into her dripping wet hole, and gloated at his ‘superiority’ as he inched his way in.

Just when his balls touched her pussy, the wooden door beside them burst open and three men dashed out. Two of them, stormed towards Aaron and carried him under his arms away, while the biggest of them, took over Aaron’s spot behind Erin.

With one hand pinching hard on the back her neck, Erin was more or less immobilised with pain. Not a single word was exchanged when she felt a hard tip pierce into her unintentional wetness, depriving her of any strength as the rest of his shaft filled her up.

Like a lifeless ragdoll, her body jerked and twitched as the burly dark man rammed her vagina sore, stretching her outwards in all directions with every stroke. Bit by bit, she fell onto her knees as her strength disappeared, but still getting increasingly wet from the unexpected (large) size of his dong.

‘OI! I’m almost done! Wait for me to finish first!’

Despite his loud voice, it was apparent that no one could hear him, except for his friends who were too eager to have a taste of this Chinese girl. Halfway through the monotonous sex, he pulled his cock out and went in front of her, ready to plunge his dick down her throat and empty himself of any stress.

Knowing that that was one way she could fight back, Erin opened her mouth voluntarily, for the man to hold onto her head, and dip his cock as far as it could reach. BITE!, the command that rang so loudly in her head suddenly went unheeded as her lung choked for air, trigging her natural instinct to keep her mouth opened as wide as possible.

Thrusting his salty, bitter hard cock into her face, there was only a little teeth to endure as he ravaged her mouth, until he shot hot, thick globs of cum straight down her throat. In need of air, she missed her only opportunity to bite him (on his way out), and gasped for air instead.

Disoriented and fuzzy in her head, rapist A took over B and it was a whole, new chapter again.

B shoved her flat onto the floor and immediately began with her mouth, by getting into 69, with his arms on her thighs. Her feeble attempts to ‘kick’ him went in vain as he was freely using his fingers, to pinch her whenever she disobeyed.


His absolute, stern tone shocked her so much she widened her jaws, for yet another missed opportunity as he jammed his cock into her mouth. Thrusting his hips in a missionary-style-like angle, he made long, deep strokes down her throat before retracting his hips quickly, giving her just enough time to gasp for air.

Amidst that waterboarding-level kind of suffocation and choking, Erin could barely focus on anything else but her breaths, each one too short to be called ‘a breath’. Faced with his jutting hips, Erin just took whatever came and gave whatever up, until he was groaning and fucking erratically.

‘I’m shooting! I’m shooting!’

A second hot load flowed down her throat into her stomach, before he peeled himself away from her face, void of any hopes or emotions. The third man, somehow identified himself as their leader when he commanded his partners to free Aaron, and wait at a distance.

‘You! Do what you are doing just now. And you girl, show me a good time.’

He then lowered his shorts, sat on an empty oil tin, and let Aaron get his woman onto her knees.

(In tears) ‘Aaron? Will you still want me?’

His unfettered jab into her pussy, reminded her of all the reasons she loved him for, and inspired her lust to put on ‘a good show’. Taking his cock into her mouth, Aaron fucked her at a pace comfortable for him, all too obvious on his elated, blissful-looking face.

It wasn’t until a minute later, did Aaron noticed the increasingly-agitated face in front of them, unaware that Erin has been ‘accidentally’ scraping along his shaft with her teeth. Suddenly, Erin let herself go and bite hard on his cock, which inevitably resulted in a hard, tight slap across her face.

Aaron, being still inside her pussy, almost let out a gasp as he felt her vagina tightened, to a new definition of ‘virginity’.


As more slaps landed on her cheeks, she became wetter, to the point Aaron could not take the abuse anymore and pulled her away from the dark-skinned man. At the instance he was freed, he waved for his friends to return and hold Aaron back, while he took his place behind the ‘doggy’.

Plugging his cock into the unexpectedly tight cunt, he unleashed more smacks on her butt that caused harder throbs in her pussy. It didn’t take much to notice that he has realised her ‘powress’, though that, was exactly how he liked her.

Holding nothing else back, he hammered her until he was close to orgasm, and made sure to pinch her nose before he stuck his bruised cock back into her mouth. In just seconds, he managed to unload his cum and swiftly escaped the scene with his friends.

Aaron, feeling as guilty as a human can, crawled towards Erin and held her in his arms.

‘will you..inaudible word me?’

‘YES! I will always love, and want..’

(Erin whispered) ‘no.. I said.. Will you.. Have sex..’

‘With you?’

‘Yes. Now.’

With a heavy heart, he rolled Erin onto her back and directed his cock, into the most slippery, hardest clamp of her pussy he has ever experienced. Grunting as he tucked more cock in, he was in fact, unconsciously growing stiffer inside her.

(Erin asked) ‘are you turned on? be honest..’

‘Yes I am.’

Those shameful, shy words caused her to flash an irate face at him, unintentionally guilt-tripping him when all she did was to ‘squeeze him harder’.

As it was growing unwise to remain in that area, Aaron picked up where he left off and made love to the disheveled Erin, groaning and writhing to each inward thrust between those impossibly tight walls.

Under those unique circumstance, Aaron was overwhelmed with ecstacy, erotism, and immense pleasure from the pain he just witnessed her experience. Unsurprisingly, he failed to live up to his usual amount of stamina and promptly cum deep into her, flushing her with comfort and ease with the giant load of man-seeds.

On their way home, Aaron decided to come clean with her, and told her of the plan he made – with them. Upon reaching his home, the disgruntled Erin just jumped on him and taught him a lesson in a not-so-funny way, pleasuring him until it became displeasure.

Part 1 | Part 2

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