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That Friday evening started out just like any of their date night, a little vanilla, but immensely pleasant no matter how many times they have eaten at their favourite eatery. And for as long as Erin dated Aaron, it was routine to take a long walk through the park of the private estate he lived in, back to his place for some much needed, skin-on-skin affection.

On most occasions, Aaron would be the one arriving at his doorstep with a raging erection, leaving little to imagine once they were through the doors and in his room. But on some nights, especially the ones Erin got too comfortable, she would match his ‘readiness’ with soaked panties that never failed to rekindle his lust for her.

That night, riddened with a wet, throbbing pussy, Erin pushed Aaron onto the bed as soon as the door was locked, keeping his clothes on for her to peel them off one piece at the time. Unwanting to let him ‘do’ any work, she put on a mini-show for him, executing a sloppy, and an even more comical strip-tease that made them more relaxed.

With a peck on his lips, the duo relinquished their earlier good-boy, good-girl front and let their tongues did the ‘talking’. From his face, she kissed and licked her way down his neck, across his chest, spent a little time on his nipples, and cheekily turned herself around into the 69-position.

Their years-long romance has long educated her, that he would not be too much of a distraction, as she only needed less than a few minutes to throw him off his rhythm with her mouth. Maneuvering her sly little tongue first around his little head, Aaron began moaning crazily to those swirls she was pulling off at his pee hole. Pinching her lips hard together, she worked her way down, across that little section connecting his shaft to his small head.

At that sweet spot, it couldn’t be any easier to completely subdue her favourite boy whose face was right in her pussy. Still, it was ‘his day’ she wanted things to be and Erin proceeded on to suck him off at a comfortable pace.

In time, Aaron’s ‘high’ turned bleek, and it was then Erin wanted to try something she had read about on the Internet. Sinking her mouth all the way down to the base of his cock, she paused for his gasp of pleasure, before clenching her teeth very slowly together.


At first, he could not feel anything much due to the over-stimulation, but as she bit him harder, he grew more agitated.


Ignorant to the level of pain he experienced, she released her grit and relieved him with a short stint of deep-throat blows, nibbling on him again shortly after to kickstart his senses.

The second ‘bite’, landed right over his sore spot and he called her out again, to enact a different response from the clueless Erin who thought he was finally paying more attention to her. Instead of pushing her away, Aaron wrapped his legs over her head and pushed her mouth further down his shaft, choking her until her jaws gave way.

After suffocating for a few seconds, he let go of her head and she took her mouth away, to catch her breaths as well clean the tears he had unwitting caused. Unlike the man she knew, he flew into a rage and flipped her body away, jumping onto her side and gave her a hard, sharp slap across her face.

‘WHAT THE FUCK are you doing?! IT HURTS!’

‘I’m sorry! I thought you were just..’

‘Shhh Shhh Shhh…’

By then, he already had one hand around her throat, half-choking, half-pinning her down on the bed. Another tight slap went across her other cheek, and that was the moment Erin fell silent, in tears.

Since she was lying on her back, there was nothing else to do except watch him part his thighs over her head, in the other variation of 69.

‘Open your mouth!’

Startled by his abrupt command, she opened up and let him dipped his cock into her mouth, piercing all the way down to her throat where he took the next few moments to reposition himself on top of her.

The way he raised his hips, and then released them downward into her face, resembled the missionary-style more than a mutually-rewarding 69, since he was using her mouth like her pussy.

With each thrust, he cried out to her.

‘This. Is. How. You. Should. Suck. Me. With. No. Teeth. Un. Der. Stand.?’


Just as she was getting her mascara smeared all over her eyes, she felt sharp pain transvering through her spine. Only because that pain never subsided, was she able to trace it to her clit, which he had it clamped between his fingertips, and rolled into a pulp as a punishment on top of the inescapable face-fuck.

In that moment of helplessness, shrouded in overwhelming discomfort, head ringing from excessive pain, body convulsing from the lack of air, did her mind finally break. There was nothing else she could do, except to let her body get used to drifting in and out of consciousness. Her gag-reflex, soon disappeared in place of numbness, and her clit, began registering every break as ‘pleasure’, like an act of grace in appreciation of her sacrifice.

Once she got herself in that ‘mood’, or rather, ‘state of mind’, her pussy responded with an unexpected phenomenon – she actually, became wetter.

Suddenly, guilt overcame Aaron and he stopped, as wildly as he had started it all. On his way out (of her mouth), none of them were ready for what she did. Erin, actually held onto him, with her teeth, at that soft, fleshy area under his penis-hood.

Little needed to be said as he snapped again, shoving his groin in her face once (like one time) to free himself of her bite. Swiftly, he retracted his hips and she missed him this time, though not yet punished for re-offending.

Backing himself away from the fearsome woman, Aaron climbed to his feet while Erin sat upright, completely unprepared for the double-slap that he gave. That once-gentle, loving young man went on to lecture her, and continued to hit her each time she reached for his cock.

By the time he yanked her out of bed, a puddle had already formed under where she was lying.

‘Holy fuck! Is that why you bit me? slap HUH! YOU LIKE PAIN slap IS IT?!’

Without saying a word more, he bent her over the bed and pushed her face into the wet patch, blocking her mouth and one of her nostrils at the same time. In a single, powerful stroke, he plunged his cock deep into her waterfall of a pussy and replaced her knees on the bed. For the next few minutes, he just fucked, slapped, and pinched her butt as hard as he was aching, and possibly bleeding, down there.

Once he had enough, he pulled her back upright into his chest, and reached an arm around for her pussy. Just as she thought he was going to rub her and take some of the pain away, he surprised her further by slapping her clit, with his fingers. It was, those brief, sharp smacks by his fingers that hurt more than anything, and those beatings were exactly what made her a little tighter.

‘ARGHH! Turn around for me!’

She unhesitantly did just that and in a flash, she was on her back, lying in the same wet patch while he leaned over her supple body. Finally, in the all-time-favourite, missionary position, did she felt the first instance of any affection, no matter how short-lived they were once he began chewing on her boobs.

Bombarded with the intense pain over her B cups, multiple sore spots on her bum she was lying against, her pussy was getting juicier with each passing thrust. The occasional deprivation of air, awakening slaps on her cheeks, somehow made her more infatuated with this, new man.

It was one thing to discover her unknown fetish for submission, but it was the very sight she saw in the end, where her man pounds and hammers her until he cums, that really made it all worthwhile.


He skipped all that messy pull-out nonsense and came right inside her fully-functional, ovulating pussy, unprotected, unsterilised, but nevertheless satisfying to a whole new level.

‘OK.. I’m done..’

At the same time Aaron pulled out of her overworked pussy, Erin sat herself upright in the same direction and went on to clean him up, thoroughly with lots of love.

(Him) ‘Rin.. You really went crazy today..’

(Her) ‘I know.. Can I ask you something?’

(Him) ‘Yeah? What?’

(Her) ‘You once mentioned to me that you wanted to see me get.. Fucked by other men. Does that still..’

(Him) ‘Hey.. Are you sure about that?’

(Her) ‘Only if you do something for me..’

(Him) ‘Of course! What is it?’

(Her) ‘Will you tie me up, and blindfold me?’

(Him) ‘In what position?’

(Her) ‘Any. You can choose how you want me to be tied. But I want you to be the last guy to cum inside me. Can?’

(Him) ‘Wait wait.. So.. raw?’

(Her) ‘Uh huh. Or if you are uncomfortable with that, you can ask them to wear protection. I’m all yours.’

Over the short, intense discussion, Aaron unwittingly got hard again, which was all Erin could ask for as she went down on him for as long as he wanted, while he ‘made some calls’.

That fateful night, marked a new beginning for their sex life, which gradually took a darker turn as they too, became very different people who could no longer feel complete without each other.

Part 1 | Part 2

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