Golden Age

(Soft whisper) ‘Daddy?’

(In my morning vocie) ‘Hey, 怎么啦?’
Translation: Hey, what’s wrong?

Instead of a verbal response, I was ‘greeted’ with a pair of impatient hands, tearing at my boxers for my uninterested cock that was still sleeping underneath.


(Girl A) ‘SHHHHH!’

Immediately, I was taken aback by the unexpected outburst, and accidentally let her went too far before I said anything more. Within seconds, my manhood was already growing in her wet, warm mouth, getting its life sucked out of it.

Draining and energising me at the same time, I was too delusioned and frustrated to do anything to stop her, and even more so when there was no need to. After another few minutes, she had climbed onto the bed, pushed her pink FBT shorts aside, and lowered her pussy over my shaft.

Just like that, I was sent to the heavens in an instant, getting fucked like a weak, old man. Although it wasn’t the first time we, in particular a landlord and tenant, got intimate, it was surely my first encounter with such a vengeful ‘daughter’.

All I could do was groan and spasm to her merciless cowgirl-style riding, which was, by the way, getting increasingly harder to delay as she neared climax.

(I mumbled) ‘Baby.. 我.. 我快射了.. ‘
Translation: Baby.. I’m.. cumming soon..

Once I mentioned those words, she leaned her chest on mine and went into overdrive, slamming her hips hardest over my engorged penis. At the same time when this crazy, uncontrollable, random sex was unfolding, the door opened once again, to her roommate whom had also joined us in one or more occasions.

Taking up her spot between my legs swiftly, Girl B straight-up helped bounced her friend’s ass deeper down my shaft, triggering an unexpected tightness that resulted in my immenient moan.

(I moaned) ‘KA.. CUMMINGGG!’

Knowing full well that there were a few more seconds to that finale, Girl B ‘lifted’ her friend’s ass away from my exploding cock and seamlessly replaced that pussy, with her mouth. Just like the ham between a sandwich, Girl A’s groin smacked down on her head so hard I was lodged deep down her throat, bringing forth the moment where I came so ever violently into that pretty face.

Needless to say, Assaliant A became furious and rushed towards B, shoving her away in the nick of time for the last few squirts of whitish, goopy nutrients.

(Girl A snapped) ‘喂!你怎么这样?偷我的功劳!’
Translation: Hey! How could you do that? Stealing my effort!

(Girl B answered in anger) ‘你偷了我的男人,我怎么不行!?’
Translation: Why can’t I, after you have stolen my man.

And before we knew it, B stormed out after getting her revenge, leaving the unsatisfied A, and I, alone in the room. In tears and possibly some self-hatred, we went for another round where I used the ‘newfound’ stamina for a much thorough pleasing, to no one’s delight when I pumped my second load into her.

That night, we just slept in each other’s arms until daybreak, where another round of sex set her mood right for the day.

(Girl A whispered) ‘谢谢你。’
Translation: Thank you.

Translation: You are best friends to each other. Don’t let any man make you cry.

(Girl A in a stern voice) ‘你不是在说笑吧。’
Translation: You’re not joking are you.

Fearing that I had said something wrong, I remained in my room until the time they would leave for work, except that they didn’t. As it turned out, my ‘advice’ was taken a little too literally, to the point both A and B have decided to express their gratitude in a threesome, mostly taking turns to fuck an old, ass-tired uncle.

At the end of the ten minutes, action-packed romp, there was so little left in my limp body that they had to milk me, for whatever amount of morning snack I could provide.

As economically-ideal as it was to rent out one of my rooms to young girls, it was definitely taking a toll on my health. They were, almost impossible to catch up.

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