Young Wild Things

(Jesslyn slurring) ‘Hey.. thanks for coming.. and bringing us home tonight.. I know we didn’t.. really include you in our conversations tonight.. I just want to thank.. thank.. ‘

‘It’s alright. It’s good to meet the friends who saw my sister through her poly days. I mean, I didn’t think that a bunch of studious and witty girls like you would drink that.. nevermind.. ‘

Keeping my eyes on the road, I didn’t think much of the ensuing silence given how much (or little) that group has drank, with three out of the seven classmates being sent home in my car. As for why, was I amongst them, it was mainly due to my sister, who asked if I could be their designated driver. Seeing how infrequent she has asked for any favours, it was a no-brainer decision for me.

Once we hit the empty highway, Jessly, her friend in the front passenger seat, slouched over the center-console and placed a hand over my crotch, slowly massaging it to my soft, polite-decline. When she worked my zipper, I knew that none of it was getting into her head and the best thing to do then, was to send them back sooner.

In no time, my shaft became as stiff as a drive stick, merely spending a few minutes in her hand before she climbed over to tuck me into her mouth. As godly as it may feel, I was still on the road and had no choice but to slow down, to a speed where I might just meet the green lights of every traffic stop.

Her constant teasing, combined with a mind-blowing, sloppy blowjob, soon grew me to a size that she couldn’t breath easily through, and increasing desensitised to any more fondling.

Unannounced, I drove into a street and parallel-parked, and finally stopped Jesslyn from the self-indulgence.

(Jesslyn asked) ‘Are we here?’


Without saying any more, I got out of my seat, went over to her side, opened her door, and stood in front of it. Immediately, she got the ‘cue’ and stuffed me deeper into her mouth, slurping up the excess saliva as she bedazzled me. After a few minutes, I finally got crazy enough to ask her to turn around and get on her knees.

The quick-witted girl swiftly went into doggystyle and we wasted no time sinking my dick into her honeypot. While my sister and her other friend laid dead drunk in the back seats, we fucked our brains out in the most unnatural silence, eliminating even the bum-bumping noises by not going that hard.

More juices began to flow as I hardened inside her, mercilessly splitting her apart as she fought against inescapable orgasms. Needless to say, her resistance were futile once I engaged the long, delayed strokes in and out of her, purging her of any remaining strength.

(In her muffled voice) ‘MMMM!’

When that climax lasted for longer than my perceived ‘normal’ period of time, I gave up waiting for her to recover and unleashed the monster in me. Grabbing her waist firmly, I hammered her the hardest I could, sank my cock the furthest it would, and stirred up her insides the wildest she ever-ed.

(I whispered loudly) ‘JESS! I’M.. cumming!’

Our bodies fell away from each other at the same time but she was quicker to resume her seated, upright position. Taking me in her mouth once again, I ‘helped’ as much as I could by thrusting my hips into her face, though I never held her down.

A minute or so later, I gave her the final warning and she shut her eyes peacefully, vacating any air in her mouth just in time for my load to replace them. Waves after waves, going beyond my usual shots, kept hitting me as her lips unconsciously brushed across that ‘hotspot’ under my little head.

Just like how she started all these, our tryst had came to an end with a thorough clean up. It was going to be a calm, unhappening drive to one of their homes when Jesslyn uttered something.

‘Sarah.. Yixin.. ‘

Glancing into the rear-view mirror to see them glaring back at me, my heart sank into the floorboard and beyond. That awkward silence lasted for a few, long seconds until my sister, Sarah, opened her mouth.

(Sarah asked) ‘SO? How was it with Jesslyn?’

It was Yixin’s uncontrollable giggle that gave them away, and set my mind at ease about the whole thing. As it turned out, they weren’t that mindful about what two adults, in particlar Jesslyn and I, did, since it was consensual. In the end, I would say that the girls’ chatter about the sex and its related affiliations were more awkward than the silence we sat through earlier.

Only when my sister and I finally reached ‘our’ carpark, did she hinted at our invasion of her privacy rights (like not do it in such close proximity).

It didn’t take long for Jesslyn and I to embark on a brow-raising relationship, meeting as often as every two days at my place for some mindless sex. It was also about then, I was exposed to the increasingly frequent ‘accidental’ flashes from my sister, who sometimes just spends an entire day, minus the time our parents are home, in just a shirt and panties.

When things finally reached the point where Sarah would stop wearing panties under her oversized t-shirts, I decided to stop hiding the reaction she caused in my boxers, hoping to distract her the same way.

As expected, it was an inconvenient, and even more so, childishly-agonising routine to keep to. So over Netflix on one fine evening, I just hugged her too close and our eager hands exploded reciprocating what we have been holding back ourselves from. As her contraceptive implant may suggest, we went all the way for the ‘no-cleanup’ option.

To cope with the immenient inquiry Jesslyn would make about my unusually-small delivery (of cum), Sarah didn’t want to leave things to chance and confessed (to Jesslyn) about what would continue to happen.

Just like that, the girls quickly came to an understanding, that led to the three of us becoming best mates, one at a time though.

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