Unrecommended Intake

Before I could even make a noise, Maeve has already slipped her fingers into the fly-gap of my boxers, taking just a few seconds to whip my morning wood out into the cold, breezy air-conditioned room. My first thought, of asking her for the time, was swiftly overtaken by the lips she placed around my little head, thereafter using her tongue to warm me up with a thorough coat of saliva.

As much as I tried to keep my sleepy-mode engaged, the combined use of her hands, one cupping my balls, the other stroking the shaft, and her mouth, gliding very slowly up and down that ‘soft spot’ between my small head and ‘body’, was simply too much for me to take at once.

I was both relaxed, and tensed, albeit in a good, sexy way. The image of goopy, warm saliva trickling from the tip of my cock, down onto her fingers jerking me off in a loose grip, was so vivid that it made me even harder. It literally felt like I was growing beyond what my foreskin could hold, and the only comfort I had was her, and her affectionate frenching on my member.

(I moaned) ‘Mae.. vveee… ARGHH!’

Right then, a long, hard suck drained me of all the energy I had recovered from the 8-hour long sleep, though I was more than willing to spend it on her. Once she had enough of putting me in an uptight, increasingly-desperate state of mind, she resumed the morning head in her own, super-effective style.

Keeping just the small head in her mouth, she let more saliva lubricate her hand before she began stroking me, faster and in a tighter grip. At first, it was just pleasant, then, when she created more suction in her mouth, it felt intense, like I was inside somewhere between (the sensations of) her pussy, and mouth.

Once she started moving her head in the opposite direction of her handjob, that was when my mind went fuzzy. One part of me was going limp (repeatedly), while another part was channeling energy into me.

It took me about five, mind-blowing minutes, to realise exactly what was relaxed, and not. My balls, in particular, was where she had ‘unarmed’, and my shaft, along with the muscles keeping me upright, was the organ holding everything back.

Soon, she released her lips and soley focused on the handjob, even incorporating a little twisting motion that gave some relief to my aching hard on.

In just a mere minute, I cried out for her mouth and she instantly replaced it at the ejection port, for a powerful, soul-cleansing kind of ejaculation she can’t stop moaning to. Squirts after squirts, she took everything I had, and went further to drain me of anything I had unconsciously withheld.

By the time I was deflated, she was on top of me, planting kisses from my lips, to my neck, down my belly, and on my cock again for the ‘dew’ that formed at my peehole.

Without saying much, I fell back to sleep again and only woke up when the morning sun hit our sheer curtains.


(She replied) ‘Ten? But my love? It’s Labour Day.’

‘Oh right.. ‘

My weakened body fell back into bed and she cuddled up to me, sneaking an arm across my stomach to my uninterested penis. Of course, it didn’t stay that way for long, especially with her soft, sensual moans that alerted me to her own, private moment under the sheets while she readied me.

With my mind at peace, I didn’t stop her from disappearing under the blanket and going down on me, again. Hard as I might be, I was still exhausted from the earlier ‘release’. I had kind of left her on her own when she climbed on top of my body, and very conveniently, slipped my cock into her soaking wet pussy.

To that, I have to admit that I wasn’t that surprised, considering how frequently I initiated sex just to find her dripping wet. A few minutes of cowgirl later, her mouth was back to work, sucking the life out of me while I whimpered helplessly in pleasure.

Give any man enough time, and he will return to the normalcy of ‘sensation’. The seamless transfer from her mouth to pussy kept me in a perpetual soothing-high mood that I didn’t require much work to reach a second orgasm.

As usual, I warned her of my imminent climax and she sank me all the way into her throat this time, for another fuss-free delivery of her morning-snack right down her mouth. Needless to say, I was tired, but not that tired to miss the pancakes and scrambled eggs she cooked.

After breakfast, we decided to go for a movie and she went for a shower first, while I did the dishes. When I was dressing up, Maeve was just on the little stool we had, using every opportunity to keep me in her mouth until I had to ‘zip it up’.

At the movies, we chose a nice corner and did what couples do, hands touching each other where we shouldn’t (at least in public spaces) and trying to make each other moan. After that, she made sure that we were the last to leave, and found a nice corner in the stairwell, out of public eyes.

There, my zipper went down like everything else, engaging in some heavy, uncontrollable petting while she stroked me. From the hastily-done blowjob, we proceeded to the standing-doggy position, expending our adrenaline-filled muscles for the quickest quickie. When it was time to blow, she chose to have it in her mouth again, vacuuming me till I was weak in the knees.

Once done, we did some shopping and headed back home, where we had all the privacy to have our late lunch in the nude. Throughout a Netflix series we streamed on our TV, she remained seated – on my lap, with my soft-but-erected dick inside her. That would be my only rest time before she went down on me again, suspending me in more than fifteen minutes of agonising-delight until I emptied the few drops (of cum) that my body produced.

At night, weak beyond words, I just let her fed me dinner and we went straight to bed without washing up. Like most nights, I fell asleep first to her constant fondling of my manhood, or at least until she sucked me awake.

For my last, and final load, I simply grew too frustrated with her insatiable lust and gave it to her from behind. Pumping with might that was previously non-existent, I ensured that she was stuck in the same, unending high as I rubbed her off impatiently.

Two, I made sure she had at least two orgasms before I tightened my fists on her waist, pounding her deeper and harder than I had ever done, stretching out her vagina to its furthest, physically-achievable depth.

(I moaned) ‘I’M CUMMING!’

Without any more warning, I yanked my cock out of her and straightened my kneeling-body. That disoriented girl then clumsily rotated herself to me, and remained on her fours while I dipped my engorged cock into her mouth. Thrusting carefully but rapidly, I took as long as I needed to cum, squeezing the possibly-empty calories into her gapping mouth.

Like previously, there was nothing to clean up and we just fell asleep, properly this time until the next morning where I figured, that it was my turn to keep her exhausted for the entire day. It would seem, that the wireless vibrator we had will need to be recharged a few times, during which.. she wouldn’t be exactly resting.

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