It was the first time someone had requested me to give her tuition, and it wasn’t too bad helping out a beautiful girl in need either. Stella had just finished her O’ levels and the ambitious her wanted to get a head start in the course she would be taking in poly. Although the results weren’t out, she had a pretty good idea and confidence that she would get into the course. I met up with her at her void deck before going up to her place.

Since it was noon that we started, her parents were not in and it happened in her room, cozy and cool with the air conditioner on. She pulled the computer desk that had her laptop on it and we sat on her bed while waiting for it to start up. In her hands was a textbook that was filled with terms and images of computer parts, along with guides to simple programming and use of Microsoft softwares to automate simple tasks.

As the class went on, we were soon getting comfortable in her bed, but not in a sexual way. Just covering ourselves under her blanket while she asked questions about the innards of a laptop. The textbook that her school recommended was indeed very interesting, with up to date information, and new hardwares as well. Slowly getting engrossed in the book, I did not feel her hand moving under the blanket until she landed it over my crouch, which was semi-hard in the situation I was in. Sitting beside a skinny girl, with that protruding collarbone, wearing a singlet that hid none of that slender shoulders, it was even tight around her waist. Plus that short tight shorts that I was sure it was more of a pair of briefs than shorts, but the faded prints on it implied that it was indeed a casual wear.

When her hand touched me, I looked at her in a shocked way and had a direct view down her shirt with that gap into her chest. Those fine looking subtle nipples were just looking at me, like little cream toppings on top of a soft sponge cake. Well, I would have to confirm the ‘softness’ for myself. She moved her hand down to my thigh, then slipped into the loose opening of my shorts, giving a wriggle of her fingertips to get under my skin tight boxer briefs. How could I have missed her braless pair of breasts?

Although I was still flipping pages, her hand that had wrapped itself around my shaft was working up and down, using the tight skin around it to reduce friction. The book was just a cover for the emotional awkwardness. I had no idea what to do next. Lean over? Push her on the bed? I reached for her legs under the blanket and left it there, warming her with my palm.

Stella: ‘Don’t just stay there.’

I moved my fingers along her inner thigh and closed in on her pussy. Expecting the shorts to reduce the sensitivity of my nails on her skin, I did not hesitate or stop, but just kept advancing until my fingertips touched something wet.

Me: ‘Huh? When did you take it off?’

The cheeky grin on face gave me my answer and I knew ‘when’ did not matter anymore. My fingertips found their way around her pussy, using her fleshy, wet folds to moisturise. A few times I would just insert a bit of my finger into her entrance, but that was just part of foreplay. While her hand kept rubbing on me, mine was rubbing on hers as well – the clit. That special erogenous part of her was slightly bigger than what I’ve seen in those Japanese porn, and it was so much more easier to play with. I could pinch it to make her suffer for a moment, and let her enjoy the relieve after a while.

The movements of my hand had accidentally brushed across her pussy at times, and the wetness just kept topping itself up. After five minutes of this intimate foreplay, she got on her knees and made me lie straight on the bed, before pulling my shorts off. Haven’t we (guys in this case), wished that such an initiative girl would appear and want it instead of us appearing desperate?

She crawled to my lips after I was naked bottom down and the tongue fight began. It started with the light pecks, followed by an extended lip kiss, before her tongue naughtily poked between my lips. Doing the same to her, our tongue just kept touching each other in light taps. Being the ‘top’, she was skilful to make little sucks and swirls around my tongue, making me go wild just imagining her oral skills.

Kissing down my chin, my neck was not spared and my shirt was raised above my nipples, which fell prey to her active mouth and moved further down in time. My chest, stomach, belly button, groin were pitstops for her, until she arrived face to face with my armed meat-ssile. Her soft pink lips parted in my watchful eyes and an even softer tongue appeared from it, rubbing saliva over the tip, before a kiss sealed the pee hole. I could feel the soothing warmth from her saliva gather at the top, which was then spread downwards with her lips running down the red stick.

That awesome, short, high sensation flooded my head and my eyes just had to shut themselves while her mouth went up and down, with extra care at the part where my little mushroom ended, being the connecting part to the rest of the manhood. She did not just use her lips as it was, but she made use of the extra tender part that was behind the exposed lips that we usually see. Think of the shape as a pout. It just felt so good having my dick taken care of in that special way.

After she made it large and deadly, her mouth left with a strand of saliva connecting them for an instant. It was time to return the favour, or so as I thought. I angled my body upwards as her head moved away, but was pushed down mercilessly.

Stella: ‘Where are you going?’
Me: ‘Umm.. Returning the favour?’
Stella: ‘Just lie down and let me move.’

How wonderful could it get? She walked on her bed and stopped herself directly my head, kneeling down onto the pillow before adjusting backwards so my tongue would reach without tiredness. While she lowered, I managed to catch a glimpse of were I should go for, and immediately went for her swollen clit the moment my lips touched ‘up’. Sucking on it in pulses, she was just moaning with her head tilted up. Her shirt was tight that I could not look into it, but as I tortured her further, she peeled that tight singlet off and her twin peaks appeared in my horizon.

Well, silly me tried to raise my arms to them but soon realised it was nicely tucked under her calves. I brought my focus back to her pussy and made a few strokes across her slit before trying to poke into it. The moans continued and she was enjoying herself so much that her hips just kept grinding her pussy all over my mouth. At times, my tongue took a rest and she would use my nose to tickle her clit. That unforgettable aroma of her body wash was the only thing that I could make out, there was none of any other smell I could detect.

With an extra loud breath of air she breathed out, her body left my face and glided down me. Stopping directly above my dick, her hand reached to it and held it straight as she sat herself over it, letting her wet hole devour that throbbing slab. As soon as the tip was in, her hand released the grip and slowly, she pushed her body downwards, allowing me to just enter her. It happened so smoothly, that I gasped at the sensitivity that my dick was responding with.

Stella: ‘Is it tight?’
Me: ‘Very.’
Stella: ‘I’ll move slowly until you want me to go faster.’

That statement she made was a wake up call to me, that such a wholesome treatment was even possible. She got into the cowgirl position with her body just a few inches away from mine and her hips just thrust back and forth, similar to the iconic Michael Jackson hips jerking motion. I was totally relaxed and did not attempt to take control. She was just humping onto my body non-stop, alternating to a sitting up position whenever she felt a climax incoming.

It seemed that her body was tuned to get orgasms easily, from both her clit and vagina. Was it considered a blessing to have such ease? I wondered, but did not think too much. Her slim waist just kept bouncing on top of me, making her breasts move in the same manner.

Although I had wanted to change positions through that ride, she was satisfying me the way I wanted. As the clock ticked away, she started to show me numbers with her hands in relatively to the number of times she came. Five. Was I that good? Or was it her agile body? I found myself lying back and relaxing, until about ten minutes later did she pop the golden question. And that question was not the one you get asked in massage parlours.

Stella: ‘You ready to cum?’
Me: ‘You’ve had enough?’

Stella showed ‘7’ on her hand and I gave her the nod to the ultimate finish. It was something that gave me that delay most men wanted, and I knew she could go on and the urge to cum might not even appear. Perhaps she knew how to stimulate a penis with her pussy, but it was the least of my concern.

Her hands came to my chest and I felt some of her body weight, before her hips went harder onto my groin. My dick was screaming in ecstasy as the tip was brushing against something constantly. That little change in her angle was causing so much madness, almost making me hold her down to reduce that tease. But as soon as she noticed how my body resisted, an even squeeze along my shaft that was still inside her calmed me down and it felt like her giving me oral.

That tight grip, in a soft and wet environment. That was one moment I told myself I had no regrets if I died on the spot. A few more strokes later she pulled herself up and away, leaving my dick twitching for more, but she was waiting for something. Positioning the tip at her entrance, a single move down just armed, locked, and denoted my missile. The fireworks just went off inside her and I was the one who had a strongest trance-like tremble, begging for her to forgive me as my dick just unloaded into her, like an over pumped super soaker.

Her smiling face followed my face as I turned my head left and right in expressing the craziness, madness, sorrow, disappointment, satisfaction and every other emotion that a person can have. It was like a scientist looking at a hormone raged monkey going wild as it received the ‘royal’ treatment.

My intense struggle died down after a while and my shirt was soaked in my own sweat. As I caught my breath, she lifted herself away and went down on me to clean me up. The way her after-care was done can only be concluded with one word – heavenly. She just moved my dick in and out of her mouth without any suction, opening her lips at the base to catch all the sticky fluid, before sealing and pulling all of it away in her mouth.

A final process of sucking my dick for remnants finished me nicely and she laid in my arms while holding my tired one in her hand.

Stella: ‘Like it?’
Me: ‘Very much.’
Stella: ‘A friend told me that sex is a good way to slim down.’
Me: ‘Haha. And that’s why you wanted to stay on top?’
Stella: ‘Yeah. She said that finding the right person to work out with was the key.’
Me: ‘Am I your final answer?’
Stella: ‘You’re my only answer. But I understand that it’s a grey area we’re in. Let’s just say we are workout buddies if anyone asked k?’

Me: ‘As you wish.’

She tucked her head into my chest and we cuddled up for some rest before we finished the first chapter of her textbook. Workout buddy was something new, and it sounded pretty serious too. At the end of the day, we arranged another day to continue with chapter two, and also for the workout. I think it is time I plan a similar regime like hers too, since she would be the one with me for ‘abs firming’, I could do the same too.

Damn my fat tummy.

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