New Year New Year 2014!

Happy 2014 guys! I am most honoured to have you guys around all these while, reading my poorly written stories with repetitive words and uninteresting plots. I am still working hard to think of new stories to write! Still, I have not made my name out of this blog, but I don’t think I will need it for now. This kind of fame out of such a blog might not be good for my resume.

I won’t touch on what’s to come in this new year, but I have definitely stories lined up for you. Again, not sure how long I can keep going. Ya know, when the writer’s block come and lasts for months? This blog will continue to run until I can no longer keep it afloat, but it won’t be the lack of funding. Cause I have never intended to let you guys pay for words, texts, and occasional photos. It’s too little to demand so much.

As of August 2014, the server has been renewed, if not you guys won’t be reading this now. I wouldn’t say it is a struggle to come up with stories, cause I enjoy writing my experiences and thoughts. It is the frequencies that I am most concerned about. It has indeed be tiring to maintain about ten posts a month. I think other blogs aren’t as crazy as me.

Throughout the years of writing, I have seen blogs appear and collapse, some changing their focuses. You guys can see how the hectic life takes the sex away right? I am most proud to have you guys faithfully checking my site out so often. That’s why I cannot stop right now. As the years go by, there will definitely be changes to my lifestyle. And I believed this blog has achieved what it was intended for, to entertain.

The collaboration with girls like Nicole, Elise and whoever appeared in photos of my site, definitely pushed the boundaries to challenge the limits of our society. Haters and flammers exist to demoralise, but to no avail. Quiet supporters and active commenters, keep me informed about what kind of readers I have.

For the whole of 2013, I know there has been attempts to bring new ideas, and it mostly resulted in no changes. For those who are offended by some stories, I will apologise for the out-of-norm plots. And for those who are hoping to see more images, I am as sad as you not to be able to share any good photos I can take.

Here is the bitter part of this leap to the new year. For those who know the ladies in the photos (and videos?), going as far as hinting to the girls about your knowledge of their appearances, resulting in fear and confusion, forcing me to remove certain images, thank you for the cock block. Sometimes, keeping mum will ensure the flow of entertaining and risky photos, usually meant to give my entries a boost of life, and never to show off my conquests or their openness. Girls take risks to have their photos posted here, and I admire them for their courage. To protect them, I will do anything, even if my actions lead to expressing guilt and fear, which I rarely succumb to.

If this site ever endangered anyone, it will disappear overnight, and to have it online or resurfaced, will take years, or just back without any traces of such endeavours. Read, be horny, be amused, be turned off. Leave a comment if you hate, love or feel inspired. What happens on my site will stay on my site. What you read, no matter fact or fiction, will not implicate any actions that you do. But if you are inspired to rape or take upkirts or molest, then you should stop reading this blog in the new year.

Again, have a great year ahead, earn more, buy me a cup of coffee, sponsor a photoshoot, give some money to charity, support local erotic blogs. Or have a new goal, like ‘making every day pai seh’. :)

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