Just Once

This entry contains blood which is disposed off by female bodies every 28 days. Yes, this story has depictions of sex during menses. Not for the faint-hearted.

Valencia had met up with Shaun at 3pm, at Paya Lebar MRT so they could hang out for a while after she met her friend at 2. Making their way to the new hideout he discovered at the City Plaza shopping mall, it was at a staircase that led to the top floor of the carpark, mysteriously locked. They went up the flights of stairs until they reached the second topmost level, confirming that the door was locked before making themselves comfortable on the steps. Since she was having her menses that week, Shaun knew there was no chance to play, and she kept her distance from being tempted as well.

Sitting at the quiet spot, they browsed through her pictures taken from her end of the year trip with her family. Sheepishly, he had managed to sit closer to her and stole glances at her long legs.

Shaun: ‘Eh! I thought you said you won’t be wearing dresses? What about the blood?’
Valencia: ‘Since you wanted me to wear one so badly, I just picked one for you. The pad will be enough protection I guess.’
Shaun: ‘Haha. So nice of you? I thought the vibrator I brought along is going to be safe.’
Valencia: ‘Safe? Eh! Just let me have a look? Please?’
Shaun: ‘Look at what?’
Valencia: ‘The toyyyy.’

He took it out of his black sling bag and showed it to her, still wrapped in the clamshell plastic packaging. She handed it back to him after reading the description behind, actually made it more obvious she was attracted to it. ‘Can you open it?‘, she asked with a hint of playfulness. Why not? Shaun thought. He peeled the packaging apart and removed the cling wrap around the toy, before giving it back to her. She saw the button at the end of it and clicked on it to no effect. Giving it a twist, the battery compartment came into light and made more sense to her.

Valencia: ‘Umm.. Can I try it?’
Shaun: ‘But your menses?’
Valencia: ‘Can wash in the toilet here right?’

He looked at her pulling her dress up to her waist and then carefully lower her panties that had a stained pad on it. Without a single bit of shyness, the toy was given a lick and it then went into her. Guessing that it was the blood that made it slippery, Shaun did not say anything but sat further to watch her begin the long awaited relieve.

She was careful not to dirty her fingers by holding it at the far end, where the button was. Apparently, she was so caught up in her own world that his idle presence did not bother her a bit.

Valencia: ‘Do you have access to the stories J had not yet published?’

With an ‘are you sure?’ look, he fired up the WordPress app and handed his phone to her. She clicked on the first entry on the list and started reading with a relaxed posture. Fingers still moving the toy, it was speeding up and slowing down as the story progressed. For a while, he thought this would be how they would spend the few hours together, but luckily she did not went that far and ended at the start of the second post.

Valencia: ‘Umm.. You know.. I am actually very tempted to know how it feels to have it inside me.’
Shaun: ‘Haha. It’s already inside you.’
Valencia: ‘Not this lah! You think I so stupid meh? I mean.. a dick.’
Shaun: ‘Wah. You go try with your future boyfriend, not me.’
Valencia: ‘Please? Just for a while?’
Shaun: ‘But the blood.. ‘
Valencia: ‘And you’re the one who kept saying the toilet is just nearby!’

She gave him a pouted lips plus frown that he cannot resist but laugh at her cute expression. His pants were removed completely and her panties with the pad was placed neatly in a corner. Just as he thought he would be leaning over her for the cherry pop, she had a different idea instead.

Valencia: ‘You just sit still. I will sit on top. I want to take my own virginity.’

Does it even work that way? He did not argue with her but leaned back against the uncomfortable edges of the steps. She squatted over him and lowered herself like a helicopter landing, slow and steady. The initial contact had coated the bit of blood on the tip and as she lowered herself, he looked away to skip watching the process.

Her entire penetration did not show any signs of pain, proving that she had fingered herself way more often than she should, and with something wide all the time. Once her pussy pasted onto his groin, Shaun gasped at the final moment as she just let herself slam into him, or rather it was him slamming into her. She kept still for what seemed like a minute or so, before lifting herself up. Shaun adjusted his knees to ninety degrees, ready to stand up to head for the loo but it was not yet over, at least not in her mind.

She brought herself down and continued riding him, making him jump at the overwhelming tightness that had squeezed down onto his dick.

Shaun: ‘Eh eh! You can get up now.’
Valencia: ‘But it just feels so good. I want more.’

With the fear of the blood catching onto his shirt, he pulled it up and thought about how to get this horny girl off. Yet, she had placed her hands on his shoulders while riding on top, bouncing for a moment before changing to grind against his hips. Shaun’s mind was filled with worry and confusion, having no idea what to do with her. She just kept going on and on with that tight pussy of hers, driving him into despair – and groaning.

Her usual orgasmic phrases shot out of her mouth and ‘Yes! yes! yes!’ repetition showed that there was no end until she came at least once. The worry was what if he, came first. Holding onto her waist and trying to slow her down, she simply overpowered his force, gaining her strength from the virgin entry. Shaun then began to think about unrelated thoughts to delay his ejaculation, and it proved effective when he brought his attention to math. So, the suggestion from his friend to do complex calculation to delay actually worked.

After a while of her bumping against his aching thighs, her tight grip on the shoulders gave a hint of the oncoming climax. Breathing a sigh of relieve, he let her sit down on his lap a few more times, and watched the shiver overcome her body, sending her trembling like before, only harder and lasting longer. As the short fit came to an end, her bouncing resumed and Shaun was once again thinking of math!

Fuck! Is she going to make me cum? Those thoughts kept screaming into his head but a part of him simply chose not to fight back. The intended slow down his hands had tried to do was instead guiding her to go faster and faster. His focus was brought back to her slim waist and tiny boobs that was jerking up and down in front of him, which he playfully reached under her dress and bra.

In less than five minutes of the frantic sex, Shaun felt my balls shrivelling to load up and had no choice but to warn her.

Shaun (shouting): ‘I’m going to cum! Get off me now!’

She used his neck as support and raised both her feet to the steps behind him, bouncing harder until he had to hold her shoulders down. But it was all too late. He felt him cum spray into her pussy and despite him fighting to get her off midway to lessen the cum that was getting inside, she had managed to keep herself firmly on top of him. Valencia had completely worn him out with her vigour and his cum was officially introduced to her virgin pussy.

She rested on his chest for a while before getting up. He got up along with her and waited for her to take out the packet of wet tissue that she brought. They cleaned themselves up as best as they could and she stopped him at one point in time so she could show him something. Standing a few steps above her, she went down to the concrete landing and squatted in a peeing position. The mixture of cum and blood dripped out of her in gunky blobs and although it was interesting to see it up close for himself, it had assured him that he would never go through such risk again.

They went to the toilet in the carpark and took turns in the single cubicle gents, using the hose to douse themselves clean. Being the guy, Shaun went in last and expectedly cleaned up faster. They then stood outside for a while to dry and giving each other weird looks.

Valencia: ‘You said you wanted me to be your fling right?’
Shaun: ‘Yeah?’
Valencia: ‘I’m in!’
Shaun: ‘Crazy woman.’
Valencia: ‘Hehe. Sorry luh. But it just feels so good with you inside. It gave me the sense of safety and security that I don’t know how to describe. I just could not stop myself.’
Shaun: ‘Okay. Shall we go see a doctor for the morning after?’
Valencia: ‘What’s that?’

Oh damn it. She had no idea what it was, but he brought her to get one anyway, giving it to her as soon as they exit the clinic. Her attitude had changed to a more loving and concerned one, but still maintained their proximity to appear as friends, with the benefits part hidden away. On the way home, whenever there was no one around, she would tell him in detail how she felt his cum filling into her and that she had to squeeze her pussy lips together to prevent it from flowing out. In summary, how awesome it felt to be ‘de-virginised’.

To Shaun, it seemed that she wanted to get pregnant. But he understand that she was more sensible than that. It was just an act of impulse, that had opened up new doors for their future meet ups. No doubt he felt a little guilty about claiming a virgin, but the fact that she wanted it so much also made him felt better to doing it for her.

After all that has happened, he was sure she didn’t minded him at all, that was why his phone still receives her teasing pictures every now and then, reminding him how lucky he was to have a girl that knew how to keep her distances, while enjoying the occasional wild sex.

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