Suppressed Instincts.

Valerie was so frustrated at her desktop computer in her room that was running slower and slower. And while most people would be angst by such things when they are working on important tasks, it was more of watching her favourite drama that was freezing in frames so badly to a point she had to watch it on her outdated mobile phone. Giving up after restarting her computer a few times (thinking that it might improve the situation), she called up the IT guy in her old secondary school clique to help her out. Coincidentally, Lawrence was free that afternoon and so he took off for her place after getting her address.

Valerie: ‘Help me to fix my computer can? It’s moving so slowly.’

Lawrence: ‘I’ll see what I can do. You didn’t tell me much over the phone, just saying your computer is dying! Haha’

Valerie: ‘Gahhh.. ‘

She went onto her bed behind the computer chair and laid down on the bed, clicking away on her mobile phone. He spun himself around after he started the computer, which would normally take up to ten minutes according to her. With that short span of time to kill, he checked out his FaceBook on his phone while stealing glances at her. The musically talented girl was just wearing a white singlet without a bra underneath. He could clearly make out her nipples that were poking out of the thin clothes. Her short shorts were also distracting in a way that it was showing a lot of her legs, all the way down to her manicured toes. After taking a long look at her, he glanced around the room to act ‘normal’ as though she had noticed.

The computer started up when he checked and began the slow and tedious process of installing another piece of software, that would cleanse her PC. In between the waits, he would turn to her and watch her flip around in bed, at times turning sideways to him and letting her arms clamp her boobs together for a deep cleavage. With the software working hard to purge the toxins, he had set it to run a complete cycle that would take up to two hours, according to the countdown timer.

Having nothing to do with his phone, he peeked at Valerie and saw that she had feel asleep. Her shirt had accidentally shifted to a side and was showing that bit of pink around her nipple. His hard on showed him the obvious and a sick thought flashed through his mind. He removed his shorts and underwear silently, before scanning the room for anything that he could restraint her with. At last, it was the hat stand that was covered with bags, that he saw the belts hanging from it.

Quietly, he went one step at a time, tying her each of her wrist to the knees, having to move really slow so as not to wake her up. After her wrist and knees were bounded together, he ran another belt through both loops for each leg. In another lap of slow-motion, he pulled on the belts to raise her legs until the belt could be secured at the two wooden poles at the corner. Just as he placed the pin into the belts, Valerie woke up and found herself unable to move. In the change of event, he reached for his underwear and rolled it into ball before stuffing it into her mouth.

Taking a break to look at his work of art, he double checked on the belts to be sure, before he went to the side of the bed where her butt was. He grabbed the scissors he saw on her desk and snipped through the shorts, until her panties was all that’s covering her – apart from the shirt. Mmm hmm! Valerie shook her head violently in resistance but all Lawrence felt was even more turned on. Her lint covered smooth panties were cut away as well, exposing her freshly shaved pussy to him.

The struggle she had been in was cutting the belt into her skin and it did not take long for her to give up. Watching how this irresistible girl try to deny that she wanted it as much made it even more exciting for him to dominate her this way. Sitting down Japanese style, his head disappeared from her sight as he feasted on her cute pink folds of her delicate pussy. He took his time to run his fingers around it and played with her clit. Valerie had no more strength to fight him, but the natural response of her body was giving her away.

The juices that had spread over her pussy was reacting to his tongue that was clamping on her clit with his lips, pressing them so hard. While his mouth continued to go up and down on her, one of his fingers poked its way into her pussy and went in slowly with increasing depth. Soon, he was fingering her while licking her, making her moan all wild and crazy. Having no intentions to be the one pleasuring her, he increased his speed and went on until she climaxed with tight squeeze on his finger that was inside.

Lawrence took a sip of water and went back to her. This time, she could see him busy adjusting his position until the warm tip touched her private.

Lawrence: ‘Try to relax k?’

With the fearful looking face and constant shaking of her head, he went as planned without much thoughts, to hold her knees for balance, while he brought his hips close to hers. The entry was hurting her, but the pain soon went away once his penis started to stroking alongside her vagina. The tensed muscles in her legs loosened themselves and fell wider apart, giving him more space to go faster and deeper. Without hesitation, he leaned over her in push up position and started to give deep powerful strokes, that made her busy mouth filled up with moans and screams. Although she sounded in agony, her pussy was relaxing in contrast.

Bringing one of his hands to rub on her clit with the thumb, the double stimulation was driving her to the edge and an orgasm hit her so hard that her body went limp and a series of small vibration across her body broke out. It lasted for about five minutes, which Lawrence did not think much of and was still pounding his meat stick into her.

Valerie woke up to the rush of endorphins from the sex and resumed her moans through the underwear in her mouth. Taking no breaks, Lawrence just kept going until he was feeling it. The bell rang in his head and his movements got rapid, jerking in erratic depths into her, until the cocking effect was felt.

He paused inside of her to let the sensitivity die down, then pulled it out.

Lawrence: ‘Can I cum inside you?’

Of course, her answer should, and would be no. But he needed to hear it from her, along with suggestions she can come up with in that sorry state. Carefully, he removed the underwear from her mouth, and was prepared to cover if she decided to scream. But instead, she just panted and said nothing.

Lawrence: ‘If you can’t suggest where to release, I will just stuff my underwear back and.. ‘

Valerie: ‘No no.. Please.. You can shoot anywhere except inside me.’

Giving her a chin up with a confidence boost, he turned released the belt on the side of the bed he was standing at. But still holding on to it, her hand was still tied to her knee. With his other hand, he turned her face to him and brought his dick into her mouth. Scared and hopeless, she sucked on it and let him use her mouth at his wish, thrusting it shallowly so not to choke her. Within a minute, he felt ready and held her head down onto the pillow, before leaving the tip of his penis in her mouth.

The powerful squirts from it coated her tongue with his sweet cum and she just kept still for as long as he kept shooting. After he was done emptying his balls, he squatted down next to her and whispered.

Lawrence (whispering): ‘Now I want to see you swallow it.’

She turned her head away from him and faced the ceiling with her eyes closed, before the loud swallowing sound was heard. He left her as she was and went back to her computer, finalising the process. Valerie was worn out as well, she turned herself to the side with the belt still holding her leg up and rested, before realising she could reach for the buckle with her other hand.

And while she fumbled to free herself, Lawrence had already noticed and packed his bag to escape. While she finally undone the straps, he made his way out of her room and her house, running to the lift before she raced to her doorsteps.

Valerie (shouting): ‘I’m going to report you!’

Shit. Now that he thought of it. But that intense situation did not stop him.

Lawrence (shouting): ‘Then the video will go on the internet!’

He waved his phone and disappeared into the lift. Stunned by his reply, Valerie did not know what to do but laid on her bed, with hundred and one thoughts running through her mind. As she tried to sleep, the mental image of his dick appeared and her pussy just pulsated eagerly in response. What did he turned her into?

Wait, did he even have anything on her in the first place?

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