Caught in the Rain.

Alicia finished her lunch at the newly refurbished hawker centre with her brother and dad, before boredom kicked in and she started chatting with her boyfriend, Ted, on Kik. Being an obedient girl, she had only wore a black bra under her jacket with a pair of grey FBTs. She knew Ted would always want her to dress one piece lesser whenever she went out, but it was on rare occasions when she did.

Ted (SMS): ‘You still at the hawker?’

Alicia (SMS): ‘Yeah why?’

Ted (SMS): ‘Come to the handicap toilet now. I’m inside le.’

Her expression straightened out and she excused herself to the toilet. Looking at the heavy rain, it would not be until some time later before it would stop, plus her dad would call her if she wasn’t back by then. Making her way casually to the toilet, she pulled the door of the handicap toilet, going in without looking behind. No one wanted to be judged for using the toilet for the disabled right?

Alicia went up to Ted who was standing and gave him a long hug. His lips found its way onto hers and they started making out. As per routine, they would usually strip each other hastily but there was no need to be naked then. So he just pulled her sweater zip down and planted his face into her sweet smelling cleavage.

Alicia (whispering): ‘You always do that!’

Ted (whispering): ‘Cause it smells really nice.’

She removed her sweater and left it on the basin, raising her arms slightly so he could reach around and unhooked her bra. Without her bra, his mouth attacked hungrily on the nipples and suckled on them like a baby, driving Alicia all weak. While she was leaning against the wall for balance, he had unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down to her knees.

Ted (whispering): ‘You didn’t wear!’

Alicia (whispering): ‘Yeah. You wanted me to do it right?’

He gave off a giggle and turned her around to the basin.

Alicia (whispering): ‘Wait wait. What are you doing?’

By this, his pants was down, and dick was hard. Was it something he missed? Well, it didn’t seemed that serious after she sat down on the toilet, and brought her mouth to his dick. He took a step towards her and she sank her lips down his shaft and blasted off with a non-stop oral fuck that kept her head moving. Ted’s mind was blown away when he felt for the first time, how deep she went, till his tip could reach her throat. In and out his dick disappeared into her mouth, but she was not tired at all.

With time against them, he had his share and brought Alicia to the basin. She bent her body down automatically and rinsed her face while she waited for him to cap himself.

Ted (whispering): ‘Oh man. I forgot to bring condoms.’

Alicia (hesitantly): ‘Just this once.’

He hopped behind her and held her butt closely together before his dick stretched her pussy lips, until it was wide enough to start pushing his way in, like a long bullet train. His prickly groin finally came in contact with her butt and she knew he was in all the way. Hanging onto the edges of the sink, she kept her knees together and embraced herself. Ted fired his engine up and the momentum was growing. Apart from the size that she could feel expanding, he was getting hotter inside her. With his increasing speed, and the space restriction of her closed legs, her pussy went berserk and the orgasm almost knocked her out.

But Ted did not stop despite her body slipping off the basin, continuing with his thrusts that gradually woke her up. Supporting herself, Alicia got back on her feet and let her boyfriend went hyper into her meat gap, swiping along the interior where her sensitive areas were. As she felt his dick throb harder, her pussy contracted around his meat and the speed he was going at was incredible.

Ted (whispering): ‘I can’t hold it anymore!’

He pulled out and Alicia stumbled backwards onto the toilet, sitting down with a thud. She quickly grabbed her guy’s dick tightly, delaying him until he was standing in front of her. Her mouth went over his little head again and he moved his dick this time, sliding down her throat for a few times before he could not hold on and the slimy pile of cum just poured down her throat without the need to swallow.

Alicia had never done this before, but it was easier than having to contain it in her mouth and then endure the taste. She had no gag reflex by nature, they realised. After he was done shooting, he pulled out and let her clean herself up first, putting her clothes back on. Giving him a kiss, she went back to the table her brother and dad was still waiting at.

Dad: ‘Stomachache?

Alicia: ‘Yeah.’

She gave her tummy a rub and realised her bra was not on. Peeking at the corner of her eyes, she saw Ted leaving the toilet and the part of her bra with the hook was just sticking out of his bag. Sore and tired, she had great fun in that tiny space her boyfriend thought of.

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