Sister’s Boyfriend

Emily: ‘Mei! I’m going downstairs to get lunch, you want?’
Elaine: ‘Okay. Just get me the usual.’

Emily’s boyfriend remained in their room while Elaine was in the living, using the common computer surfing Facebook and chatting online. Emily left the house shortly after slipping a sweater over her bra and put on a pair of FBT shorts to get lunch at the nearby hawker centre. Her boyfriend had been with her for a long time, and the family liked him pretty well. Instead, Elaine was the one feeling least loved, always tasked to do most of the household chores and running errands. She went to lock the main door after her sister left and went back to her computer.

Raymond (shouting): ‘Elaine, can you come into the room?’

In the middle of a homework discussion, she reluctantly left the PC and made her way into the room shared with her sister and was pretty much ready to pick up some trash and tidy whatever mess they made. But the moment she stepped in, the topless boyfriend was sitting comfortably on Emily’s bed and was clearly naked below, with a bulge sticking under the blankets.

Raymond: ‘Can help pack your sister’s books on the bed? It’s quite messy.’

She got onto the bed and began tidying the piles of notes and as she bent down, his eyes peeked into her old t-shirt and saw her braless boobs, swaying back and forth as she worked. With his hand, he grabbed her shoulder length hair and pulled her towards him, at the same time revealing the upright penis from under the sheets.

Raymond: ‘Come, let’s have a little fun while your sister is out.’

She could barely mutter ‘huh?!’ just as he jerked her head towards his dick, shoving it down her throat, choking her and ending any questions she had. His initial move gave her no chance to fight back and he was using her head as though she was a toy, tugging her hair close to her scalp to go down on her. The pain was so excruciating that it portrayed how weak and helpless she was at that moment. Knowing there was no way out of this, Elaine took over his forceful ramming and went down on her.

Working her tongue skilfully around his shaft and little head, he knew she got the rift about what was happening to her and was glad she took over. His hand remained at the back of her head to help push her lower on his groin whenever he went down. Her mouth maintained the suction to prevent his dick from slipping out and was going moderately fast, in a pace that would trigger his ejaculation in no time.

The pleasure was building up quickly in his balls and the final kill was inevitable and in sight. He got on his feet in a hurry, standing by the bed while pulling her head back to the blowjob and she found her head immobilised by both his hands. He thrust his dick in and out without giving a fuck if she was gagging or if the deep throat was too deep. He kept going for the longest few minutes and when he was cumming, he held her face a distance away and held the bottom of his shaft, aiming the ejaculate at her mouth.

The weak dick dribbled the cum into her mouth and he pushed his dick into her mouth again, ordering her to suck it clean at the same time. Elaine had no choice to lick around his manhood until there was no more sperms and he held her head by the hair, watching her pitiful expression.

Raymond: ‘Swallow it.’

The streaks of tears had ran dry and she did as asked, before she was freed to go to the toilet to do whatever she wanted. Sad to say, no matter how hard she tried to induce vomiting, not a single drop of his disgusting load came out and it stayed in her stomach, despite the weird stirring in her gastric.

She washed her face clean and although her eyes was swollen, it was barely detectable. Emily came home after a long while and simply placed her lunch on the computer table. Hopping into their bedroom with two remaining packets of food, she had no idea what her boyfriend just did to her sister. And even if Elaine told her family or her sister, they were most likely not to believe her and might even suspect she was tainting the impression of Raymond.

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