All Alone

Once the 10pm news started, Janelle went for her usual shower before sleep, but instead of getting into bed, she put on the brown tube top she wore the day before along with a pair of beach shorts, going panty-less since it was just at her void deck. Secretly, she tucked the box of cigarettes into her shorts, covered by her top and the lighter closely behind her phone. Selecting her favourite Kpop album, the in-ear earpiece was blasting more music outside than into her ears.

Janelle: ‘Mummy! I am going down to make a call.’
Mum: ‘Just be careful!’

The door closed and she took the lift down, heading to the shelter in between her block and the next. As the lights had broken down a few weeks ago, she had the whole dark place to herself and chatted away on Whatsapp with her boyfriend, Ryan, exchanging sweet messages. Her relationship with him had been a secret from everyone she knew, due to the fact he was so successful in his studies, she would be seen as a second choice with the stereotype of her full back tattoo that her tube barely covered.

Ryan (Whatsapp): ‘Is there anyone around you now?’
Janelle (Whatsapp): ‘Nope. I am alone now.’
Ryan (Whatsapp): ‘Okay. Take a look at this.’

She waited for a few seconds before a video with the thumbnail of his face appeared, ready to be downloaded. Since she was still connected to her home WiFi, the long download time hinted at a long video clip. With the earpiece still plugged into her ears, she turned the volume down before clicking on ‘Play’. The clip started with him describing where he was, how lonely he felt without her and the simple dishes they cooked at his place, cuddling in the cold theatre during movie dates, and how much he wanted her next to him.

Ryan (video call): ‘I wish you are beside me right now, sitting on my bed, head lying on my shoulders.. ‘

The video frame then turned to face his blanket over his legs. The detailed narration of how and where his hands would go – all over her body. And where would he want her hand to go as well. The screen then changed to an obscene one when he pulled the blanket away, revealing his rock hard standing dick. Janelle panicked at the sudden change from PG13 to R21 scene, so she had to remove one side of her earpiece and lower the volume even more.

As she watched him stroke his dick on her phone, she did a quick scan around and confirmed there was no one nearby. It wasn’t for the content that was playing in her phone though, it was for something bigger. She paused the clip to lit a cigarette, then using the cigarette box as a stand to hold up the phone, she angled it nicely, staying close to her in case the display had to be covered if anyone walked by.

With one hand was handling the nicotine stick, she raised one of her legs to the seat next to her, before her other hand glided from her knee, and along the smooth skin of her inner thigh. She reached right into the opening of her beach shorts and came in contact with her freshly showered pussy. Just allowing herself to touch the meaty parts at the side, it was enough to drive her desperate, but she wanted the video to help her control the pace as well. So, she could only feel the softness of her opening before Ryan advanced further in the video.

Ryan (video call): ‘Imagine my fist as your tight pussy. I would first take my time poking at the entrance, moving my dick along the slit up and down.. ‘

Her fingers went deeper into her shorts and started to run along the opening lined the excess folds, feeling so soft in her fingertips. She then placed two of her fingers at the entrance as Ryan started the entry. Following closely, her fingers dipped in and realised that she could not reach any further despite his dick still sinking into his clenched fist. If only he was beside her now, his dick would have gone all the way in, instead of her fingers that could reach 3/4.

Ryan (video call): ‘Once I am inside of you, I did not move and waited for you to get wetter.. ‘

The camera rested on his chest while he grabbed a tube of KY jelly and squeezed a tiny blob on the tip. There was nothing for Janelle to do since her body had began wetting her vagina. After he was done, his hand started to stroke the veins-covered penis, spreading the lubricant as he went up and down. She got herself into his rhythm and went slow at first, which was an attempt by Ryan to make her a little more horny. But he wasn’t too bad to tease her too much.

Ryan (video call): ‘After a while, I couldn’t handle how slow I was going. So I went faster, pumping my dick deeper into you, going harder. Can you feel it Ell?’

Although it was just a video, she replied ‘Yes‘ and officially gave up watching his speed. Huffing for her breaths, her fingers dived in as far she could reach, forcing some of her juice to catch on her shorts while she subtly thrust her hips. Although the video was still playing, her eyes was closed and her body had slouched against the backrest, almost forming a C shape of her back. She was basically giving zero fucks about her surrounding and pleasuring herself all the way.

Janelle just could not stop masturbating thanks to the teaser her boyfriend sent her. In her mind, it was a totally different scene. She was leaning against the chair, and he was in front. Her legs had opened to her sides and his dick was thrusting into her. Strokes after strokes her fingers went, her cigarette had burnt to the end but she was still going. As she felt her hormones begging for more, she rubbed her fourth finger against the other two wet ones (the index and middle) and formed a pyramid, before shoving it in to try match his thickness.

The moment she placed three fingers in, the expansion of her vagina to accommodate the new width made her felt even better, coming in contact with more surface area of her pussy walls. Vigorously fucking her tired pussy, she went all the way non-stop, going fast and furious. As she neared a climax, she slowed down and listened to the video.

Ryan (video call): ‘Yes Ell, keep going, don’t stop. I’m about to cum!’

Great timing or what? He included a countdown timer at the corner of the frame and it served nicely as a gauge. Resuming the thrusts into her pussy, the centre part of her shorts had been shifted to the side, so she could reach deeper. The clock ticked down and her eyes closed once again, listening to his voice carefully.

Ryan (video call): ‘Arghh! I’m cumming!’

She opened her eyes that instant and pushed her hand all the way, in time for an orgasm while his dick, that had swelled, erupted the white semen over the top, flowing down his hand that was still stroking gently. A shiver ran through her spine and down to her pussy, giving her fingers a tight contraction that it hurt a little. Janelle kept her fingers inside until he was done, and then pulled them out slowly.

Ryan (video call): ‘You must be feeling a little sore now. But it’s not over yet. I am going to use my sensitive tip, and give your clit a little massage to ease the pain.. ‘

She looked at his hand hovering over his dick, and then putting the tip of his dick at his clenched fist, in the middle of the little swirl formed by his thumb and curled index finger. Janelle gave a slight grin and rubbed on her clit with two fingers, until she was feeling less sore. That simple message he had sent using a video, managed to relax and de-stress her.

Checking around for any curious eyes, she exited the video and adjusted her shorts. GIving her hand a wipe on the tube top that was going to be in the laundry anyway, she gathered her belongings and headed straight home for a night of peaceful sleep. Just as she thought it would be easier to sleep after masturbating, it was not the case. It was difficult to sleep with the image of Ryan’s dick in her mind, making her pussy beg for attention just as she wanted to get some rest.

As much as her full-back tattoo showed how much she was an ‘ah lian’, the change she was making for him was undeniable. Her thin body, slim waist and slender legs would lead everyone on the wrong thought that she was just an ill-bred girl. But in fact, she was heeding his advise to go for private classes. Now, would a similar story of a girl sending the guys a video be as exciting? Hehe. I guess it’s an answer we both know.

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