Party Time.

It was finally the last day that Edmund had the chastity device strapped on him, which had been causing him some inconvenience since. Given the short plastic tube, his erection would hurt whenever he had one, without Coco beside to free it. And for these five days, she had not been having sex with him either. She met him at the MRT closest to the party that her girlfriends were throwing, dressed casually in a shirt and shorts. It was a party planned almost a month ago, detailing every single thing so nothing would go wrong. His depressed mood was lighten up when she held his hand and walked towards the block of condominiums, going through security without a hiccup and arriving at the lift landing.

Coco (on phone): ‘Hello? Hey! I’m at the lift already.. Okay.. Alright.’

She took out a black scarf from her bag and put it around Edmund’s eyes. She then led him into the lift and some clinging sounds were heard before he found his wrists cuffed together. Without his vision, he could not run or make out what was happening. He just followed her closely and was in the house. Being left alone at times, she brought him into a room and placed him on a bed, before another person came and helped locked his hands at the bedframes.

Coco: ‘Oh! This is girl beside me is the host. I’m not going to tell you her name. Here, have a sip.’

A straw was felt on his lips and he emptied the glass of juice, secretly laden with crushed Viagra. He was then left to himself in the room while the girls brought their conversations outside. It was in between minutes when Coco came into the room to check on him, not to make sure he was comfortable, but more of to ensure he did not free his hands.

Getting a little drowsy, he felt movements on the bed and someone was also locked right next to him. Before he could speak a word, a gag ball was strapped around his mouth and it was quite a large one that his teeth had to bite into the rubber. About an hour later, the girls came into the room and Edmund could finally let his girl know how much the hard on was hurting in the chastity constraints. Groaning out the sentences, only giggles and laughters were heard. It wasn’t until a while later before the irritating plastic case of the chastity belt was removed.

Girl: ‘Let’s start with the first activity!’

A series of okays and yays were heard and Edmund felt his dick getting touched by different hands, some squeezing, two poking their long nails into his pee hole and getting his balls rummaged. He knew the other guys were going through the same thing, but a few gasps and moans were telling him how it had turned some of them on.

Coco: ‘Let’s do some warm up first?’

Again, they had a consensus and the familiar scent of his girl closed in. Coco knelt in front of Edmund’s opened legs and then slowly descended onto his dick, poking into her semi-dry pussy. They took a while to get comfortable before she started to move herself in up-down motions, milking his dick that was exceptionally hard. With saliva dripping out of his lips, the pleasure was such a relieve to him, given how long since he had sex.

Thinking that his girlfriend might actually go all the way, Edmund held back as much as he could, and then she just deserted his dick without notice. Mmm! was all he could express but he was ignored. The girls were still on the bed, but they were all out of their boyfriends. He then heard them discussing something and more movements on the bed made him more afraid of what was about to come. Another girl squatted in front of him, facing him and his dick just penetrated into an unknown pussy, that was warmer and wetter. The rocking started shortly after and he could totally breath in how nice the girl before him smelled.

It was obviously not Coco, but there was no other way he could find out who it was. Giving in to the activities of the weird party, he just let the girl had her fun, before two other ladies came and gave his confused dick a ride. The different sensation had showed him a whole new world, and the pleasures of how other pussies felt. It was then that Edmund realised he was able to last much longer and were harder as well. Perhaps he was beginning to like this low-down treatment? He had no idea at all. The girls then kept chattering and the next thing he knew, the mouth gag was untied.

Edmund: ‘Dear, what is.. AH!’

A sharp pain went through his thigh and he was given a whip of the cane. ‘Shhh‘, Coco whispered. She then stood up and brought her pussy to his mouth, which he knew exactly what to do. His tongue poked between his lips and kept flicking her clit, sucking hard on it and catching all the juices, scooping along her slit. She then left his mouth just like before and another pussy was before him. Not going to disappoint his girlfriend, he worked his mouth the same way and her hands just grabbed onto his hair, smearing juices over his lips.

Girl (shouting): ‘Hey! It’s my turn!’

Girl2: ‘No! He’s too good! Your boyfriend is so good at this.’

Girl (pleading): ‘My turnnnn!’

Girl2: ‘Okay okay. But I’m coming back for sure.’

The girls rotated and the familiar scent returned, giving Edmund another chance to satisfy another girl apart from his girlfriend. She took her time and lasted for a good five minutes before she cummed, pouring a stream of juices into his mouth while tiptoeing herself on the bed. He slurped all the liquid up and finally was given his break.

Coco: ‘Hmm.. So what’s next?’

Girl: ‘Hehe. Since we had tried their dicks, their mouths, let’s pick a guy and then go all the way? See who can cum the quickest and the longest, and the most!’

Girl2: ‘But how to decide most?’

Girl: ‘We will squeeze out whatever we can on their legs, then compare lo.’

Girl3: ‘Whatever lah. Can we start already?’

Coco: ‘Okok. So who.. ‘

Girl2: ‘I want your boyfriend!’

Girl: ‘ And I’ll take this guy and you two can swap your boys.’

Edmund’s body were pulled lower down the bed and he could feel his legs between another guy’s. As expected, the bed wasn’t big enough, but what was about to come was more important. He felt a girl getting over his body, and then sitting down onto his abs, sliding slowly backwards until his dick pierced into her opening, going all the way without any pauses. Just as other three girls got started with fucking the other three guys, the surround sound of moans got louder and he was enjoying this new pussy bouncing on top of him.

As she slid her body to and fro, his tip was stimulated non-stop and it was so good he wished it would not end. The girls just kept rocking the bed and it got so violent at one point they had to call a time out. But none of them could hold back from too long a break, thus the action resumed. On and on the girls bounced and worked hard at milking the cocks in them, the men groan helplessly. As time past, Edmund noticed the reduction of vigorous movements and understood that he was doing better than them. Finally, the girl on top of him was the last and she began picking up pace, going faster and deeper, slamming her body down hard against his hips.

With his dick jabbing deep into her tight pussy, the suction inside of her was too much to bear. Edmund could not take anymore of the action and his cock just flushed the week of cum into her, pumping continuously without a hint of slowing down.

Girl2 (exclaiming): ‘Oh shit! Oh shit. It’s really a lot.’

He just kept squirting and squirting, to a point she had to get away from him. But removing herself of his twitching manhood had made him even more sensitive and the last few thrusts was granted to her by shoving his dick upwards. Even before getting into position over his thigh, the long stringy strands of cum had slipped out in generous piles along his leg. She squatted over his leg and relaxed, letting the scary amount of sperms pour themselves out.

Girl2: ‘Oh my god.. I think I am so addicted.’

Coco: ‘Hehe. You do know that your boyfriend can hear you right?’

Girl2: ‘Don’t care lah. He is not the best in the room.’

Their conversations went on for a while more before a mouth came over his dick, sucking it clean. A few licks concluded the crazy session and his hands were the first to be freed. Led out of the room by Coco, Edmund was not allowed to see anything until he was in the lift. Getting dressed is second nature to anyone, so he was quickly done with that.

On the way home, while he was wondering who were the girls, Coco bombarded him with every question she could think of and he was more than happy to describe everything to her, in fact, doing so well that he turned her on and managed to sneak into her house for a night of wild sex.

Would you guys want to take part in such a party too?

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