It was a day I felt I could last longer than usual, and really needed a relieve. She understood me totally, and knew what to do. She was new to this, but aware of what the whole process would lead to. It was safe enough to stop anytime, knowing I would not be turned off or angered. She shifted her seated position right behind me, pressing her boobs on my back, with her legs at my inner thighs. She spread my legs open with her feet,  then placed her hands around me and holding the bottle of Durex Play in one hand. She squeezed a nice blob of it onto her right palm, ready to lub me up.

Girl: ‘You’re left handed right?’

She knew me. And she knows I know her. She doesn’t masturbate, not pleasures herself. Yet, she understands that exploration is the best part of any sexual experience. So here she is, shyly afraid. From her position, she could not see where my dick was, so she horizontally waved her lubricated hand until she came in contact with my warmed toy. She clenched her fingers around it and held it for a good few seconds.

Girl: ‘It feels alive and has a mind of its own.’

Don’t we all guys know what she meant? We do use that mind to think once in a while right? She was skilful, as in the process of ‘first time’ experience. Her fingers squeezed and followed any veins she could feel right to the end, which is also the head. And from there, she would use the obvious main track under the shaft to travel back down to the base. My body was slowly leaning backwards as she continued touching me in places porn wouldn’t waste much time on. From the little flat piece of land between the balls to the pee hole, she made sure she felt my responses with every stroke.

Girl: ‘What do I do?’

She haven’t watched porn before, nor is she interested what porn can show her. She wants to hear from me.

Girl: ‘Run your hand up and down. Grab it like a microphone.’

She adjusted and started stroking, slow, sensual, and reading. Reading me like a book, knowing what controls, knowing what works. As she understands more of my body, her methods doesn’t just end at exploration. Experimentation comes in and she places her thumb over the pee hole and teases it like a flight control column. You guys would know how that feels. Not really painful nor sensitive, but just alright for little teases.

Then, it was the intensity of the simulation under the ‘mushroom’, where all the veins seem to connect to. She spent a few minutes sending me into agony and then moved on to the balls. With the lubricated hand on the main shaft, her other hand went down and grabbed both the balls with her hand, warming, and totally vulnerable. She felt the two testicles with her fingers and started massaging, pumping the other hand along the shaft, covering as much length as she could without slipping her hand out of it.

Within a good five minutes, I could not hold it back anymore. The teasing earlier was too much to take and a whisper of my situation reached her ears.

Girl: ‘Okay.’

She went on until I exploded in her hand, she had aimed it upwards and covered my own dick with her hand in cum. Her exploration went on to reveal the sensitive area on my dick which she finally allowed me to pass that stage and let me rest. We washed up together and she decided that cum was good handwash.

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