One Fine Line

She lies there on your bed, in a daze and totally wasted from the bottles of alcohol. The type of girl any guy would want to lay their hands on, dressed slutty and out to attract/ seduce. Wrapped in a contour revealing dress, she was there to be unwrapped and played. She was so drunk that she was mumbling to herself and seemed to be in a trance. Shifting her head from left to right and back, as if hallucinating.

Her heels were long gone the moment you brought her back to your apartment. And the position her legs were showed you the cute white g-strings she wore underneath. What would you do? You took a seat at the corner of your bed and nudged her, either you’re checking she’s really too clouded or if she’s okay. I’m guessing the former.

You: ‘Are you okay?’

*some mumbling*

There’s no way you could make out what she said. So being a little more daring, you lay beside her and took a whiff of her long light brown hair. You then placed your hand on her tummy, pretending to be nudging her.

You: ‘Jacie.. Jacie..’

No response. Her short dress were almost at her hips from her flipping and rolling on your bed. But you weren’t the least tempted. Making sure she was knocked out was what’s more important. Your hand slowly went south of her body and reached her g-string. Gently kneading your fingers inwards, she didn’t give the slightest resistance.

Was she enjoying it as well?

Slowly, a patch of wetness confirmed her body response. Horny, but tired. Your hand did not stop and made her even wetter. There was no noise from her, while you expected some moans or sort to be heard. You went between her legs and tugged her undies towards her feet, inching bit by bit not to wake her up. This time, no reaction is the best response.

A few seconds and it was done. Her bare, shaved pussy was right in front of you, glistering in the light from your lamp across your bed. You opened her legs up by her knees and took a breath of her scent. Sticking your tongue out in its soft mode, you lapped her pink flesh and tasted this vixen. Dreaming? You wondered, but nothing feels more real than this.

Droplets of dew formed on her slit and you were quick not to let them go to waste on your bedsheets. After a few more minutes of licking, you had to stop and ease yourself. Letting your berms fall onto the floor, it was only your underwear separating the evil act. Your fingers sank themselves inside her and you were sure her hymen is no longer there somehow. The urge to taste her juices on your fingers were simply too much to resist.

Jacie was your friend in class, and you knew she was those wild type with a cool boyfriend you could never match. Surely she’s not a virgin. So what’s one more dick to her? She probably had too many dicks to count with one hand before this boyfriend of hers. You decided what’s best.

You pulled the stretchy part of your underwear downwards and positioned your pee hole at hers. Here’s the one fine line.

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