Amy: ‘Is your door locked?’

I nodded. She stood up and peeked out of my window, making sure no one is aiming a binoculars at our direction. Standing up, her hands went under her dress by the hips and pulled her panties down.

Me: ‘Are you serious?’

Amy: ‘Haha. You think too much.’

She sat back down onto the bed and adjusted her dress. Very carefully, she wrapped her hand with her undies around my dick. And started stroking me. Moist, but still considered dry. The soft thin cotton rubbing against each other on my shaft was too stimulating.

Amy: ‘How is it? You seem to like it.’

A grin on her face and I knew she wouldn’t let me off so easily. She lifted her dress and showed me the smoothest pussy I could imagine, laser treated waxed goodness. Moving to where my pillows were, she made herself comfortable and opened her legs.

Without realizing, pre-cum was oozing out of my head, ready for the ride of its life.

Amy: ‘Now, you’re not to touch my pussy with any part of you except that.’

*Pointing to my eager meat rod.*

I brought my body close to hers and parked my dick in front of her entrance, just touching her ‘lips’. Having some time for a little tease, my dickhead went like a credit card, swiping up and down her slit, hoping she would read me correctly.

Sensitive and sensitive simply generated so much heat that she just pulled my hips and rammed it into her. I pulled myself out by pushing myself away from her while she pulled me close deep into her. Like pistons of an engine, we were hot and sweaty, yet staying in the same position throughout.

The unpredictable movement of her vaginal muscles made it like riding a roller coaster in the dark. Everytime she felt me cumming, she would relax and squeeze at the right spots to keep me ‘calm’ yet able to continue pumping pleasure into my system.

About twenty minutes into the no-rest rampage, it was time for her final onslaught. We flipped around and she began riding hard and fast, sliding my dick into her body uncontrollably from all directions. As if she knew my body as well as hers, she could feel the build-up in my balls even before I felt it.

She increased her tempo and drew the juice from my well hung sprout, starting from the squeeze at the base, all the way to my pee hole, as many times as she can get her pussy to do. I had to admit, I was drawn dried.

Amy spent the next few minutes on me, still inside her, savoring and enjoying the new found warmth in her. We fell asleep for a good long time till I got hard again – inside her. Was so tempted to go again, but seeing her sleep so soundly, I left it growing large inside her till she was awake.

Unforgettable. Intense. Sensual. Sexy.

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