Samantha came to my place and as usual, stepped into my study room and took her bag of toiletries out.

Samantha: ‘I’m going to bath now. You want to shower with me?’

How can any guy resist an invite to the showers with a girl with figure that most girls can only dream of? She likes to be in a normal tee and FBTs, especially on her training days. Nothing could feel better than being comfortable after a day of strenous activities.

Inside usually would be a set of normal beige bra and umm, for anything below her waist, I haven’t got a glimpse of it. Well, today was a day both of us were looking forward to.

She pulled her red t-shirt off and opened her arms towards me.

Samantha: ‘Help me take off?’

My arms went around her and unhooked her bra, slipping under and out of her hands. I sat back down on the computer chair and watched as she stepped into the bathroom, taking off her FBTs and leaving her panties on.

Me: ‘Want me to help take your panties off?’

Samantha: ‘No! You go away.’

She turned away from me and wriggles her panties down and let it fall onto her ankles before lifting up with her feet to put into the bag, with her back facing me all the time.

The door closed and the toilet cover hit the water tank.


I quickly got into my bathing suit and hopped into the shower while she barely had time to stand up and cover her privates with her hands. I was so enchanted by her body that I stoned for a few seconds.

Samantha: ‘Seen enough? Hehe. Can we shower already?’

I turned on the waters and she closed her eyes as I aimed the showerhead over her. We rinsed and the water was off for us to soap up. All these while, she was so afraid to come into contact with my ‘thing’ as the bathroom is quite a small standing one.

As she finished soaping her hair, I poured some body foam on my hands and ran it around her body, paying extra attention to her boobs.

Samantha: ‘Ehh! What about your head?’

Me: ‘You wash for me!’

Samantha: ‘You ah!’

She went on to bubble my short army hair up and gave me a strong hard massage while I continue to fondle her body. My hands slowly went downwards and she closed her legs to prevent my invasion.

As her first boyfriend, I know where the lines are. I tried all attempts to keep myself from her seductive body as best as I could. She proceeded to scoop some foam and soap from her body and applied it on mine, tickling and teasing my sensitive tummy.

Her hands finally reached low enough to accidentally hit my ‘thing’.

Samantha: ‘Why is it so hot? Is it normal? I barely touched it and I can feel the warmth.’

Me: ‘Haha. It’s normal. Don’t worry. You can hold it if you’re cold.’

Samantha: ‘You wish! Hehe.’

Her hands still stayed around and after a pause, she somehow managed to gather enough courage to grab it. A gasp escaped my lungs and she moved her hand up my shaft, her eyes on my face and watching how my body reacted.

Samantha: ‘Hehe. Like it baby?’

I gave a nod and held her hand to move it up and down. She smiled and took control after a few guided strokes. Her strong forearms showed no tiredness despite the length of the time she went on it. As her inexperienced fingers applied pressure all over, I couldn’t really predict how long I’d last, until the last moment.

By then, I was leaning on the wall and grabbing the edge of my sink, desperately handling her new found skill. Her request was simple, to not go anywhere below her waist until she’s ready. We also said to leave the playing on the bed. So it was really a surprise for me.

Me: ‘Sam Sam, I’m going to shoot.’

She paused with her hands on mine. And smiled as she came close to my face. Her tongue dug her way between my lips and we fought. She turned her body away and kept our tongues locked. Her hand continued ‘behind’ her and I came within mere seconds of her ‘cleaning’, much lubricated with the foamy Shokubutsu.

I unloaded onto her thighs and the warmth somehow soothe her. A smile appeared on her lips which is still engaged with mine. We washed off the soap and she cheekily put on my shirt, leaving only her panties on.

The scent of her shirt made me feel different. As though all her love was physically on me. We then hopped into my bed and cuddled for a long long time, teasing each other to the max. Hehe.

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