Baby was on my bed after a quick shower, dressed in her t-shirt without bra for comfort. And the naughty me was beside her, occasionally rubbing her tummy and tickling her. She was seated at the head of my bed, using my pillow as support for her back, with the little bunny soft toy in her arms among her lecture notes.

Harmlessly, my hand went downwards towards her shorts and there was no signs of resistance. Baby was just looking at me shyly and fearful of what’s about to come. My fingers stopped at her privates and gave a little squeeze.


Baby felt it, but still no signs of a fight. Backing onto her tummy, my fingers then dug into her panties and continued south, reaching her first few shaved pubs. I was so near, but knew where I had to stop. It was kind of a difficult situation for myself, where my raging hormones were about to go wild, and the subtle side of my heart, ready to protect my innocent baby. No one has ever came so close to her, let alone where I was about to come in contact with.

Baby: ‘You can do anything you like.’

She whispered as she felt the little negotiations in my mind. Baby then held my hand which was in her shorts, and pushed down.

Me: ‘Alright. Tell me if it hurts k?’

I went on after her assuring nod. Her eyes were still on her notebook filled with her handwritten notes, trying her best to ignore what I was doing. My fingers went lightly over her pussy lips, and rested for a while. Then very slowly, my ring and index fingers went into position to separate her smooth gap for the first time (for kinky purposes). I peeled the never-before-wet lips to let the cold fresh air come in contact with it. Her clitoris was exposed, unprotected, and shown to the world of stimulation.

My middle finger then gently probed where I thought where her clit might be, and sure enough, it was close.

Baby: ‘Ahhh~’

The sexiest moan escaped from her mouth, and her legs closed – with my finger still on it. I started moving in a circular motion, small, but totally overwhelming in our first contact.

There was no way she could focus on her notes, nor contain her body’s natural response. Her hips was struggling to handle the stimulation, yet it never seemed enough to express what she felt. Foreign, weird in some ways, unfamiliar, yet knowing it felt safe, exciting, and definitely too much for her mind to handle. This sense of explosion is addictive, and she fell in love with it.

Since there wasn’t any strenuous motion on my part, I didn’t get tired at all. The times I paused to rest, I got her messages clearly.

Baby: ‘Please don’t stop. Can?’

Her hands weren’t just grabbing her books or my bedsheets, she didn’t forget to pleasure me as well, inexperienced pair of hands on my throbbing piece of meat. She did her best, but cumming wasn’t on my agenda. It was on hers.

I went faster all of a sudden and she tried to pull my hand away, I planned my fingers to be moving in random wild movements, driving her over the edge. She fought to pull my hand away, naturally driven by every girl’s fear as they neared climax, yet able to overcome it through experimentation. I went on without giving in and her body arched high up as her panties soaked the excess juice up. She knew she was getting horny with the wetness below, but never prepared for what felt so.. different.

She lay on my bed and went into a semi asleep state while I tucked her in. A kiss on her forehead sent her to sleep. She was wet, and sweet. Yes I tasted her after we were done.

Baby: ‘I love it. Did you enjoy yourself?’

Nothing could be better with a smile of satisfaction after she woke up. (:

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