Sinful Indulgence

Written for Natalie’s Sins.

The zipper of my bralet cranked loudly in my head as he pulled it down my back, mind still unsure of why I didn’t resist when he placed his arms around my waist. The man I barely knew, approached me with a drink I was finishing, and strike up a conversation without even exchanging names. His deep and authoritative voice was all I remembered getting infatuated with, instead of what he was talking about. My eyes couldn’t break away from his charming, bright eyes that didn’t look away despite the few ladies coming up to him. How could I not fall in love with a man so strong willed in the presence of other hotter girls.

In a quiet spot behind the bar, the only light came from above us, illuminating the reddish glow of my skin after having a few drinks. I only watched in amazement as his big hands slithered under my top, and went over my breasts that rose to excited breath of air I took. The rough lips that landed on my neck, left impressions that lingered longer in my unguarded mind than on my skin. Slowly, he was owning me a kiss at a time.

He continued with that mesmerising display of affection for a while more before he turned me to him, and picked my chin up so I couldn’t hide the desire that was showing through my eyes. Without a word, I knew I shut my eyes before he even moved, wanting to know how he smelled up close. When we let our faces touched, a powerful being showed from within the man who smitten me in under an hour, driving me against a wall and taking in his ferocity.

Not sure if it was me to started it first, but his shirt came off one button at a time, until I was tamed by my fingers running across his abs. He didn’t interrupt my moment of tranquility until my eyes were back on his again, suddenly aware that he was actually alive and there.

‘Oops’, I chuckled playfully and he forced his hands under my skirt, skilfully locating and peeling those wet panties off my feet. I love it when a man raised my knees to his hips, and even more so when he lifted me off the ground into his arms. We were making out so crazily all the time he undid his pants while I was hanging onto his neck, somehow increasing my desperation for him.

When his raw dick rubbed against my pussy, I knew he was ready and let him did the rest of the work. Using the wall for support, he raised, and let me slide over his thick shaft. The following scene would be what I have always seen in R21 or M18 drama, where a couple would be fucking so intensely in a corner without exposing their privates.

My skirt was hiding his kinky part pumping lust, and his sturdy legs were jerking rapidly at my pussy. He was just so thick and long, making me feel like his personal pornstar in that alley. I was having these orgasms that drove me so close to fainting, but he would bring me back to my senses with his graceful thrusts.

We were there like forever, losing count of how many times I climaxed, while he was groaning louder and louder. I had no idea how long we have been there, but when he let me onto the ground, I knew he was more sober than me, who would otherwise let him fuck till he creamed inside me.

My weak knees gave in at the worst, or best time before his feet, and I naturally wrapped my fingers around his cock to guide it into my mouth. He did not even touch my head during the blowjob, and gave me the cry I had been waiting for since I went down on him.

I took his wet cock out just when he fell forward on his hand against the wall, jerking him over my shoulder till hot cum spewed over my back and down my spine. I was so caught up in seeing his vulnerable side that I didn’t stop until he begged for me to. I am sure fellow ladies understand how empowered I was when I could make a man so confident beg for mercy.

I didn’t keep torturing him then, and got back on my feet to get dressed. He wiped his cum off my body with a handkerchief, a sight that was lost to trend and social norms. We were back into the bar before we knew it and it was just at that moment, where my boyfriend picked me up for home.

When I saw a girl holding his hand in a manner reserved only for lovers, my heart felt at ease, knowing that he had found someone deserving of all that suaveness, apart from me.

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