White Leopard

As the girl in the short, white black leopard print minidress walked through the crowd, heads turned like falling dominos around her. Since I was walking the same direction, it wasn’t surprising to notice a few men changing their paths and cut between us, acting normal except their phones were in weird positions. Well, I guess that’s more content for SBF?

When we walked into the same lane for the bus home, it was only then I realised she was living around me, but had never seen her in such provocative clothing. Luckily or not, she saw me as well and we just waited patiently.

After ten minutes, the bus came and more people boarded the bus without queuing up, till she was out of my sight. Anyway, my intention was to head home and did not think much about her. Up till we reached our stop, did she squeeze her way through the crowd and alighted with me.

All of a sudden, she just grabbed my arm and sped up my pace towards our houses. I didn’t know what was happening till I saw two men behind us, walking at an increasing speed to catch up with us.

‘Excuse me.’

Of course, they were just in a hurry and we were in their way. I held her hand and let her walked behind me to form a single file for them to cross, except we both received a hard shove into the bushes beside the pavement, falling into the sharp branches together.

Each men then dragged us deeper into the grass patch till we were too far to see the main road, choking her while warning us not to make a noise. My face was hammered twice into the ground when I tried to fight, and to add on to that, a hard jab into my belly took all of my strength away.

As I laid on the floor, I watched them tear her dress off, along with the strapless bra and thongs, stripping her to her skin on the dirt road. One man then flipped her on her knees and the other held her head forward, plunging his cock into her mouth while another dick rammed from her rear.

It all happened in near-silence with her mouth blocked, save for some whining noises during the double attack on both her holes. I still couldn’t move from the unique spot I was hit, only able to locate a rock nearby for me when my strength returned.

The poor neighbour was fucked out of her mind in near-darkness for about five minutes, till I had recovered enough to stand on my feet. The first swing of my rock knocked the pussy-fucker out and the other whipped out a knife immediately.

Rock will win scissors right? Or in this case, a blade. I ignored the consequences of getting slashed and just lunged out at him, waving crazily till a loud cracking sound came from his fingers. The second bastard took off with his friend wobbling in a daze and I just ran to the girl who was shivering in fear.

‘Hey! You okay? I’m going to call the police now.’

‘No no! Don’t! I know them.’

‘So? Fuck them. I’m calling.’

She grabbed my phone and threw it into the distance, which I quickly picked it up but not making any calls. She just dived into my arms and cried for a long while, making it hard for me to pick up my hoodie that was strewn a metre away.

Once she was wrapped up, we continued our way home and she settled down on a flight in the block we lived. My hand was held in hers and into the hoodie it went, over her boobs.

‘Just massage it for a while. It’s really painful.’

I stupidly did what she said and her other hand went between her legs, rubbing the soreness away while calming down at a fast pace. It didn’t take her long to start moaning to my distracted fingers working on her nipples, leaning closer for me to hold while she reached for my zip.

One by one, the zipper gave way and she was really gentle in caressing that stick. A little spit helped her to move seamlessly and I moved to her pussy, tenderly loving the insides where it was abused earlier. Five minutes passed in that passionate exchange of pleasure before she stood up and took a condom out of her bag.

We knew exactly where this was going and I capped myself on, joining the girl making herself comfortable in the corner. Somehow, the dusty floor didn’t bother her much and her legs parted for my entry into her.

‘So, who are they?’

‘Someone I owe money to.’

‘You don’t owe me anything you know?’

‘I know. I’m doing this for myself.’

She gave my waist a little tug and the graceful strokes began, sinking into her pussy in full, drawing her love out in glimmering thick sauce. It wasn’t how hard or deep I went, but rather, this beauty in front of me, perfect with its own imperfections. For someone who could own anything she wanted, it had reached this point where everything spiralled in a mesmerising cycle.

As an orgasm drew her breaths from the breezy night, a little twitch inside her sobered me. And I increased my pace to deliver more relief to her. She was clearly deep in thought with those eyes looking at me, passionate but a little hopeless. I felt like a guy who would disappear after tonight.

‘I’m going to blow soon.’

‘About time too. Just let it go inside.’

I released my last bit of energy and hammered her brains out, puffing up the condom with my cum that was draining my sanity away in strong waves. She was still the one I was concerned about, especially when she opened her arms for a hug from me.

Picking her up onto her ass, we just cuddled in that corner till it got a little too warm (between our bodies). We got dressed and I sent her to the doorstep with my hoodie, leaving shortly after in case my presence endangered her social life.

‘We’ll meet again right?’

She asked in the sweetest tone filled with sadness behind a smile, and I nodded. I got her number that night and we haven’t stopped texting since. And no, she didn’t owe anyone money, she wore that outfit to get raped, to fill her desire to be wanted one way or another.

Now, I’m the only one on her list now.

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