#31 OYC-233/ KAGP-084

Every week (or so), I will strive to present one of the best/ most interesting/ latest JAV clips to aid the healthy, preferably-weekly, release of one’s sexual tension. After years of ‘research’, as ‘raw’ and ‘uncensored’ we prefer porn to be, the most captivating ones might just be covered in the occasional mosaic. 


If you ever had the fetish of ‘doing’ your best friend’s (female) partner, this particular film will satisfy just that. All scenes consist of a couple, and a friend they have invited to join them for beers. After a few drinks, boyfriend(s) fall asleep and that is the cue for the mutual friend to jump in and take advantage of a fickle-minded, ‘intoxicated’ girlfriend. As there are a scenes of similar plot, you will surely find your favourite actress in it.

Rating: Twisted but still entertaining thought, sometimes, right?


There are probably 1001 ways someone can go down on you, and if I may say, always a sight to behold whenever you see her head bobbing back-and-forth down your manhood (assuming that you are standing). In the second part of my recommendation, you are treated to numerous, FPV of ladies sucking you off, and the sheer number of loads blown did trigger a question on my mind.

As alluring as a girl-doing-BJ might sound, I’m sure some of us take slightly longer to cum in that style. And if, guys like us appear on such a porn set, it could well be the more boring AV that is ever made. So in a way, I am grateful that those guys in the film above didn’t take too long to cum, or I will have to stare at their wobbly asses for too long.

Rating: Honestly, this is like a good break from the fierce, emotionless sex that I have been recommending so far. And not too bad a style to shoot porn in.

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