Little Fantasy

‘Lie down and don’t move!’

I raised my arms over my head to hold the wooden bedframe, while she tied her hair into a ponytail. Too long had passed since we spent time together in bed, and she was especially eager to get started on me. After putting on the purple dress with laced collar I bought for her, she began lubing me up with lots of her favourite strawberry gel. My body was twitching uncontrollably to her every stroke to spread them out evenly.

When my dick disappeared in front of her head, all that was left for me to do was to imagine. For a start, she had always given me a blowjob while on my back, leaning sideways on her arms to suck me off. I simply loved how her lips gave the tip a peck before those tightly squeezed lips pushed its way down, running along the contour of my shaft until she reached the base.

‘Oh god.. ‘

She pulled her mouth away after I took a deep breath, swapping for her hand to really tease the tip with her thumb. Rubbing it fast, then using her nails to dig into the pee hole, I was hurting so good. For many of our sessions, I had taught her to increase the sensitivity of my cock before using her mouth to relieve the sore. And god, did she do it so well I was addicted to the gratification of pain.

Her mouth went over it to give me the much needed deep throat before she buckled her teeth at the little hood, grinding the rod between until I was groaning in pain. Then, the soft lips came to save me from the sweet sweet torture. Everything was so beautiful at that moment.

She later focused on my dick head after feeling me tremble so violently, sucking it so hard that I could feel it harden. Can you imagine? I could still feel that soft lips of hers no matter how hard I got. It soon got to a point I wished we could skip sex and just let her do this for me.

Baby continued to suck me along that shaft until I was growing too weak, almost fainting from her mesmerising blowjob. Well, more of addictive though. She suddenly got up and went 69 on top of me, hovering her pussy just high enough for me NOT to reach it. Her throat just tightened around me when she devoured that piece of meat, rocking her body to guide her movements.

It almost felt like sex if not for her teeth, that accidentally scraped me a few times. I was about to lose my mind when being bombarded by the non-stop deep throat she did, making me groan for mercy when she increased her pace.

‘Baby! Baby! I’m cumming!’


She switched to a nodding motion to attack the sensitive area under the head until I squeezed her ass hard, forcing her to slam her face into my groin while I gave in to her ferocity. In under a minute, I was cumming right down her throat where she swallowed each squirt down, vacuuming every bit before they were out of my system.

The loud sigh came after she finished her job, staying in that position for a while more to lick the tiny pearl off my tip when it oozed out.

‘Hey, I haven’t licked you yet.’

‘Next time?’

I was so exhausted I couldn’t move, but she was dressed from the start. The lovely girl just stayed by my side, massaging my cock back to hardness while I was in a semi-conscious mode, deprived of energy from her incredible blowjob.

‘Was it a lot?’

‘Uh huh!’

She climbed over my belly and slid right down my cock, without a condom she always insisted on. Nothing happened after that, except for tight cuddles while I was inside her.

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hi J

just thought i ‘d pop by and give you credit for all the wonderful stories. its been my routine to always see your site for updates before searching other places. you never fail to get me wet and excited , so i hope you feel proud about that :)

i would love if i could provide you with visuals for your next story. you may use it for for your own satisfaction, inspiration and in the story too. :) let me know how i can help :)


erin :)

Hello Erin, I am most humbled by your comment which most certainly will also make my day. It is an honour to hear, and also work with someone like you, prominent in the Tumblr community.

You are most welcome to share any photos or media you feel comfortable with, or if you are open to suggestions, I can do that as well. In fact, I think it will liven things up with just a photo of you featured on my website.


sorry, gave you my old email. forgot i deleted it . le sighhhh

chat on this one instead :)

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