Bottom Girl

‘Don’t move. Let me tie you up.’

The 21 year old NSF had just reached his place with the slutty girlfriend whom always wore tops with too low cuts or skirts and dresses too short, but he knew she was too clingy to let him go. Yiqi was quite the traditional Chinese that did not really know too much about sexual intimacy, until she met him and learnt about dressing up and those kinky bedroom activities. Retaining her innocence, she was protected from the temptation of other guys by love, sticking to her one and only.

She had velcro-ed the cuffs around his ankles and wrists, around the wooden poles on the bed. There was no reason to suspect that she would hurt him since all he could see was excitement all the way to his place. Lying naked, he did felt like a POW about to be tortured for pleasure.

His throbbing hard cock was a result of her exposed bra under the tank top, a bit too loose to hide those lacy lingerie. She stripped her clothes off to let him see her in her undies, but nothing more than that.

Holding his dick in her hand, she applied a generous amount of lube to get things started. First, his dick. Pumping furiously on that armed missile, she was grinning when she heard him beg. That cute look of his got her addicted to such bondage and turned her on even more, especially when he was completely under her control. She ‘helped’ by sticking her hand into her panties and giving herself a good rub, at the same time controlling her speed to match her masturbation.

‘Let me help you.. please.. ‘

Eddie was so high he was struggling to break free, but he did not want to spoil her fun too. When she grabbed his dick tight suddenly, all the fun suddenly disappeared into the pain he was experiencing through that sensitive rod.

‘No! Don’t do that!’

She just kept holding it until it was so swollen, that she got worried too. The lube had a strawberry flavour to it, so when the whole room smelled sweet, everything suddenly became very pretty. The sight of his girlfriend sitting next to him, moaning while he was groaning, he was happy that his dick was cooperating too.

‘Are you going to suck me?’


She laid on her sides and watched her own fingers rub that red tip, going so far as to even wriggle her fingernail in it. When he started shaking violently, she kept going for a few minutes until her mouth overtook her hand. The instant relieve got him sighing so loudly, before she repeated the process all over again. Frustration was getting to him when she nibbled on the sensitive ring under the hood, driving him screaming but softly in his room.

Her lips only worked after she made him high, stacking that explosive effect in multiplying effect. Once she saw how strong and hard he had gotten, she put a condom on for him. Ever since he received a confinement for a weekend, all he could think of was her. The person to make his book out worthwhile.

The enthusiastic girl freed his legs and pushed them against his chest, exposing his asshole to feel cold air on. No, there isn’t any plot twists here. She was just trying out a new position she saw online. Sitting vertically down on his ass, his dick was bent up in the direction of her ass, for her to pop it inside her.

He was immediately heated up in the warm honey-thick sauce, despite in the most awkward position ever. It was like missionary, but the girl was on top instead. Poor Eddie was thrashing around under her weight, losing the battle in that narrow crevice of hers.

Getting fucked by a girl who was using his dick as if it was hers, she was mixing a slight ache with pleasure. In this position, he knew he couldn’t cum (uncomfortable), but her moans were attractive as hell! She was riding him so fast that he wished she had done this earlier.

Just as she was about to cum, she jumped off him and sat on his face, rubbing herself till she dripped into his mouth. Swallowing her nectar was an easy feat, but when she hugged his ass to suck him off, THAT, was the final straw. She could sort of pull him into her mouth and used those pink lips as a pussy.

‘I’m cumming now!’

He blurted his limit out loud and she held him still, awaiting that load that came seconds later. His ass fell back onto the bed with her head following, vacuuming that pipe strong. He had no more energy to lick her anymore and she was done playing with him too. Letting go of his wrists, they returned to their usual cuddling pose and held each other for a long time.

‘Let’s do it again, this time, my way.’

Eddie got up and flipped her over on her fours, sending his cock back into that tight pussy for a good pounding. 24 hours to go before he book in. ;)

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