Pleasant Car Ride

It was a pleasant surprise when I took her hand and placed it on my cock, in the back of my new car. Usually faced with resistance, Hannah was obedient that night. ‘Are you right?’, I asked in a worried tone after seeing how willing she was. ‘Uh huh. I.. I kind of missed this’, her head slid down my chest and laid on my belly, a little out of place since we were sitting upright.

She was admiring the thick cock while touching it all over, half-stroking, half-probing around. We had not progressed to sex yet, mostly keeping to foreplay, getting each other off without any penetration. It wasn’t exactly a BGR between us, just friends who found comfort in each other, leading up to where we were.

Her face neared my cock till I felt her lips kissed on the side, giving it a lick before she sealed over the top. Her mouth just ran across the little helmet, that got me groaning in pleasure. It wasn’t anything fast nor skilled, mostly her tongue slurping around wherever she wanted. ‘Hmm.. does it feel nice?’, she took a deep breath as she popped that question, as if taken a bite out of some delicious food.

‘It does, and you’re good’, I swept across her hair with the comment and she giggled out of sight. Saliva went onto her palm and a handjob began, without me giving her any orgasms yet. For someone who wasn’t used to being pleased first, it took me a while to sink her initiation. Still, I was twitching and shivering to her rhythmic hand movements in little time.

Her warm tongue ran along my shaft a few times as she pumped me fast, aiming direction upwards while I continued to moan into her ears. I couldn’t hold back my desires with that kind of teasing, whispering to her, ‘I so badly wanna fuck you now’. ‘I was thinking about that too’, her reply couldn’t turn me on even more.

‘But this place is bright!’, the underground carpark had lights everywhere and I couldn’t risk anything, especially her. She just sucked me harder for a few times, before telling me how she felt. ‘You know what? I don’t really care’, she pulled herself up after that and climbed between my feet, right in the middle of the two front seats. Her shorts went down her ass along with her pink, polka dot panties, revealing that tight ass for me to see.

I held my cock upright for her to sit on and she did so very slowly, making cute moans as it pierced right into her. She was so hot and wet when we paused for a moment, trying to believe what we just did. The other cars in front of mine suddenly seemed to have eyes, looking at the spag-top clad girl which had its straps lowered to her arms.

‘Don’t move. I wanna try riding you’, she grabbed the headrests on both sides and bounced her body, slamming onto my cock which I was desperately trying to control. The tight hole just swallowed my hardness with so much tension, totally opposite to how solid I was. It was the softness that made me feel guilty, about letting her do all the work while I just relaxed.

Her legs stopped hopping after a while and she rocked her butt on my lap, flicking my cock back and forth inside her vagina. ‘I’m gonna cum soon.. ‘, her hushed warning came only a few seconds before she fell back onto my chest, panting to the incoming orgasm that closed her knees together. I massaged her breasts under her top to help her cope with the intensifying shiver, until she was too exhausted to move.

‘Come. Just lean forward over the gear stick’, she crawled on her hands to hold herself over the gearbox, resting on the front seats. I kneeled on the back row and began pumping her in doggy, giving her a slap across her ass to wake her up. The sensation of her pussy tightening suddenly got the better of me and I found myself near the end in under five minutes.

‘God! I’m cumming!’, the last thrust I gave her was too much to handle and I pulled out of her slowly, not ready to be a father at this time. She abruptly pushed her ass (and me) back onto the seat and half-squatted, returning to her up-down hops to draw my cum out. The sudden energy loss rendered me too weak to resist, and came inside her in huge, strong squirts.

The constant console I got that ‘It’s okay, it’s okay’, did not make me worry any less. I was still filling her up with my cum and she came shortly after with a clit rub. I couldn’t accept what she just did and lifted her to my side, loss of words about what just happened. Hannah just leaned into my arms and let me hug her, before her head fell onto my belly again.

This time, she sucked me clean and sat apart from me. She held up her phone where a recording was in progress, ‘this is for me to listen when I miss you.’ The kisses we exchanged after, was nothing fierce, but filled with our passionate longing for each other.

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