Lonely Widow

‘Mam, can I help?’

I just had to offer myself to the mother of two, who was in a fix when her two kids suddenly got tired of walking. They had been resting at the void deck since an hour ago, but when it was time to set off, the older child threw a tantrum on the empty floor nearby. I couldn’t ignore the agitated look on her face, especially if she was going to lash out at anyone of them.

‘Are you sure? Am I bothering you?’

‘Not at all. I’ll carry one of them.’

‘My name is Yi Ting by the way. Thanks for your help.’

I slipped my arms into two shopping bags, and squatted down for the lost looking kid. The little boy seated on the floor actually opened his arms to me, instantly laying his head on my shoulder the moment we lift off. We walked for quite a distance before we reached her place, about fifteen minutes away. I didn’t want to say anything in case anyone of them woke up and create yet another ruckus.

‘Put him in that room. Blue bed.’

She came out of that room after putting her daughter to sleep and helped me with the shopping bags. I tucked them both into bed and went back to the living room, where a glass of drink was waiting. The orange looking liquid was something I had drank before – a mocktail of 100+ and RedBull.

Honestly, I had not exercised in a long time and it was tiring. I had no means to just walk out, and cover that distance back to where I came from. The mother of two came out of the toilet in a nightie, which I couldn’t care much about since I wasn’t staying long. She had the same drink in her hand, plus a bottle of vodka.

Pouring an unmeasured about into her drink, she did the same to my glass without asking. Her cup was emptied in a flash before I even reached halfway, her face quickly turning red and looked tired.

‘I should go now. Thanks for your drink.’

‘You can sit longer you know? No one is coming home.’


‘Nah. Fuck that shit.’

Wow. Vulgar. I hope she doesn’t use that language with them. I was recovering by the time I finished my drink and knew I looked a little red as well, given how well I know my body. Our little awkward talk about her ex-husband turned into a therapy session where she poured her heart out to me, citing how difficult it was to raise them on welfare.

‘Can you stay the night? I haven’t spoken to anyone in a long time. Not with those two around.’

8pm, I figured I could hang around for a bit more. She shifted herself closer to me and started to caress my thigh, an obvious effect of alcohol. Drowsy as I was, my head was barely moving from the sofa, too relaxed (or tired) to move. It wasn’t like she was going to hurt me – or was she?

When her hand reached under my shirt, it was then I decided enough was enough. I took her hand out and shoved it back to her, before standing up. She just yanked me back on the seat and released those straps on her shoulders, letting me in on her voluptuous C cups.


Great. I fucking gave myself away. She grabbed my wrists and slapped my palms on her breasts, using my hands to massage herself hornily. The hard nipples poking on my hands were so tempting. Out of nowhere, she threw my hands aside and pulled my neck down into her cleavage.

The ‘motorboat’ engines was started when I tried to catch my breaths, restricted by the soft cups I was facing – literally. She just squeezed her boobs on my cheeks till I was suffocating, and had to push her away.

‘Come. Feel me.’

My hand again, was led under her dress to a wet spot, one that was tight that it hurt both my fingers when she stuff them in. Was it even possible after two kids? I basically felt like a sex toy when she pumped my wrist into her vagina, gouging juices that covered my palm in massive quantities. I had instinctively curled my fingers for her!

‘You’re good. Let me help you.’

Like a cougar, she flung herself at me, shocking me onto my back. My pants was tugged off my feet in a flash and her face slammed right down my cock. The excessive saliva was easing the whole blowjob so well I couldn’t contain my moans at all. Her head bounced up and down as she sucked, taking those long trips from the base to the sensitive tip.

‘Gosh.. I’m going to ride this thing off you.’


She got off the sofa and sat over my dick sideways, facing the TV while I laid horizontally. Using the coffee table for balance, her ass just slapped loudly on my groin, driving me crazy with her tightness and wetness. Man, I was so sure I could cum anytime if not for her ten-seconds-long savours.

Was that how she got two kids? I was so sure I didn’t want to ‘contribute’ to anymore of her troubles. After I forcefully pushed her off me, she got my message. A silent walk into her bedroom and out came a condom. The scene where she kneeled on the floor to cap me on, I did felt like a king.

‘Let me do the work now.’

‘Huh? How?’

‘On the sofa, doggy.’

Yi Ting sat below my feet and laid on her back. Fine, missionary it shall be. I let myself fall over her chest and rammed my cock in, now less sensitive after the rubber was on. Pounding her so hard, it was the ecstatic expression that relieved me. She was having such a great time, fucking someone she didn’t know.

Using her fingers to rub her clit, I could feel each contractions over my shaft. She was really pushing me to my limits when she came and squirted all over my shirt, thrashing around in the narrow sofa that was wet with whatever.

‘Are you cumming inside the condom?’

‘I guess.’

‘No don’t.’

I pulled out and sat on the coffee table, waiting for her to recover so she could complete her proposal. She told me to sit on the sofa properly, and I watched the sex-driven mum kneel before me. The condom was flung on the table behind her and her mouth went to work immediately.

The urge to put my hands behind my back and enjoy the show was so strong I didn’t know if it felt demeaning to her. This lady, working so hard to get me off, did not have to feel like a slut while doing it. But heck, there was no other way to embrace this.

‘I’m gonna cum soon. Keep going!’

My body was letting her control everything when the time came, drawing my first wave out with her mouth. The following shots came like a waterfall contained in her lips, not letting a single drop escape her jaws. We could tell when I was done and she swallowed it all with a tilt of her head.

‘Hey. You don’t have to swallow it.’

‘Less clean up no?’

She went down on me again to take away any last bits, before she conveniently adjusted her dress. I was left to myself to wear my shorts back, and she fetched another glass for me. Water, this time.

*Knock knock*

Shit. Her husband was back. That was my thought no matter what she told me earlier. Mummy placed an assuring hand on my shoulder as she walked past me to the door, opening it for another lady with a baby in her arms.

‘This is Kayla. Single like me.’

Well, it seemed that THAT was the ladies’ night they could afford, not finanically, but baby-wise. I made space for her friend on the sofa and had to awkwardly listen to how we had intense sex earlier, getting more questions about myself from Kayla.

‘Do you still have strength to do it with me?’

‘Stop it you. Don’t steal him from me.’

Fuck. Now, I hope that meant ‘toy boy’ or something, not ‘future husband’. The ladies began drinking and I excused myself, where Yi Ting sent me to the void deck. She couldn’t resist grabbing my cock to see if I was still hard (which I got it after she touched it), and let me feel her boobs again before I left.

No one should have spotted us doing that while in the open, brightly lit lift landing right? When I got home, I was hard as hell and a crumpled piece of paper with her number was found in my pocket.

I love you Mummy!

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