Blackout Curtains

‘Wait for me here. I’m going to turn off the lights.’

Jolie, who worked in an apparel shop, went to the switches near the entrance and turned everything off, except for the lights at the cashier. It was her routine to darken the place to prevent any customers from coming in after hours, so she could close the register in peace too. Hanging around since two hours ago, I helped out a little with packing some purchases from customers.

Hearing the cashbox slam back into the counter, I knew she was done and watched her packed her bag, stuffing her makeup pouch inside her small backpack.


‘Almost. Just one more thing.’

She went to the door and turned off the last switch, leaving us in complete darkness except for the lights coming through the transparent shutter. Suddenly, she grabbed my arm and dragged me into the changing room, standing at the wall while I lost my balance leaning on her boobs.

Both my hands automatically went onto her chest and squeezed them hard, before pulling her singlet off. The tube she wore under fell around her waist to my eager hands, leaving her only in the pink bra, and the pair of black shorts.

‘I can’t tell if it’s pink though.’

‘Just.. suck it.’

Jolie cheekily pushed my head down and I took her nipple into my lips, sucking hard, twirling around those sensitive areola till they were hard. After it was poking, I couldn’t help but nibble on them for her moans, sounding so erotic that my erection hurt. I stopped after five minutes of teasing, seeing that dazed look once I was upright.

She cleverly pulled the bar stool (which she would sit at the cashier on) and hopped on it, lifting her ass enough for me to remove her shorts. Once she was bare bottomed, I squatted to give her a lick, only to feel her squirm as I did it. I only managed to keep up for a short while until she pushed me away, showing me an even more excited face with her everywhere wet (from my saliva perhaps).

I let her unzip my jeans and take my cock out, enjoying the brief handjob lubricated by her saliva, turning me on especially with that saliva scent. My hips were almost thrusting on its own into her hand when she found the right pressure to hold my cock, making me so weak but energised at the same time.

My chest fell onto hers to pin her against the wall, pushing my way between her legs despite a little resistance. Without a condom, I was constantly thinking about what she said about ‘getting pregnant’. Well, fuck it. I wanted it right there and then.

As I sent my hardness into those delicate softness, a small shiver resonated in both of us, locking our arms tighter around each other. We were engaged in the discreet but rapid pumping of my hips, jutting relentlessly at her legs that couldn’t open any wider.

‘I’m gonna.. fuck!’

Her legs wrapped around me tightly following a small tremble, squeezing my cock even harder. My mind was savouring it so much that it lost control and hammered her faster as her V contracted. It wasn’t going to take much longer..


Before I make any mistakes, I slipped out of her and missed the next thrust, which she swiftly caught my cock and continued jerking me off. Without letting go of her grip, we switched places (me taking the stool), giving me a frontal view of her mouth working on my rod. That sweet face knew exactly how to push my buttons and it took my merely a minute before I came, into that mouth which just gently suckd everything as hard as it came.

I did not feel guilty or bad, as there weren’t any signs of discomfort from her. She was just running her lips up and down, emptying the shaft of everything with a pop once she reached the tip. We spent the next moment admiring each other, touching and feeling the softness of our sticky skin.


Right. Wet wipes. We cleaned ourselves up before I went out of the shop, leaving her to arm the security alarm before she fully lowered the shutter. One staying in Tampines, one in Bishan, we split at the train station, the sense of relief and calmness still lingering on my mind with that much needed ‘release’. Not just with anyone, but with Jolie, a girl whom I knew differently from her normal friends.

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