Panties on the Sink

‘God. Dinner is so filling. Sorry I had to use your toilet.’

‘It’s okay. Go go.’

Felicia ran to the toilet after entering my house and spent the next ten minutes inside, doing whatever business while I watched TV. Still in my outside clothes, I was ready to walk her back to her house that was twenty minutes away. Well, I know how it feels when shit reaches your ‘custom’, so I left her alone.

After another five minutes, I got worried when there wasn’t any noises coming, and I was about to knock on the bathroom door to make sure she was okay.

(She mumbled senselessly) ‘j.. you’re so deep inside me.. ‘



Her voice lit up so brightly I thought she just woke up. Loud ruffling of clothes later, she opened the door with a wide smile on her face.



I let her walk ahead of me out of the kitchen and peered inside in case she left her phone or something, but I only saw a pair of white panties hanging on my sink.


The panties was lifted up high on my index fingertip and she just ran to snatch it away.

‘Isn’t it for me?’

‘You want it?’

Felicia threw one of the holes over that finger and led me to the living room, shoving me onto the couch. She just climbed over my lap and held her panties up my nose, listening to me taking a deep breath of her underwear.

‘So you heard me?’

‘You’re quite loud you know?’

She bent her chest over my shoulder and raised her maroon bandage skirt up, sitting back down with some space away from my crotch. The crazy woman lifted her shirt and bra up for me to lick her nipples while I undid my jeans, letting my cock flop out under her pussy.

She started grinding her ass on my cock without it entering, moaning sweet nothings as I slurped hungrily. This friend, whom I had never expected to come so far with, was an ex-colleague I asked out for a meal. For someone who understood me fairly well, I couldn’t resist confiding in her.

‘Put it inside me?’

Her whispers gave me an orgasmic shiver, which brought my hand to adjust my dick so it would tuck right into her. Her arms were wrapped around my neck the whole time, making queer faces as she sat over my cock. Once the loud satisfying sigh came, I hugged her tight and stood up, moving to the dining table to perch my ass against.

Those small feet of hers quickly went on the table top, interlocking her fingers so she wouldn’t fall. I used the swinging motion to jab my dick deep into her, picking up a pace and position I never experienced before. I only knew of it thanks to porn.

Thrusting fast into her, she was screaming her pleasures out in my face, hissing and panting to my every stroke. Her petite frame allowed me to rock her violently, sending her pussy slamming onto my groin. Her nails were digging so painfully good into my neck as we picked up speed, with me grunting to hold in my load.

‘Fuck.. ‘

‘Me too.. ‘

Just as I thought I was going to disappoint, she was coming too. I turned around to put her on the table before pounding her at my limit, enduring the last few minutes before I collapsed over her body. Her feet kicked onto my ass in a suffocating bearhug, climaxing together with me. My cum just flushed her vagina out and it went on for a good, long minute.

We ended up lying on the table with me still inside after the whole intense session, unable to move, unwilling to ‘disconnect’. I was still sucking her nipples when my cock shrunk out of her, and she just patted me like a puppy.

About five minutes later, we got up and dressed ourselves, leaving the house before my parents returned. It was time to send her home too. She knows exactly where to find me ;)

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