Stupid Fall


A loud thud followed by groans of pain woke the two foreign workers sleeping behind the barricaded corner covered with aluminium sheets, sending them running out to see Sarah seated on the floor clutching her knees.

‘Mdm, are you okay? Do you need to call ambulance?’

‘No. It’s fine. I’ll call my husband. Can you help me get my phone from the pouch? It’s on the handle of my bicycle.’

One of the two men went to her bicycle and took her phone from the attached pouch, then conversing in their own language which she didn’t understand.

‘Pass it to me please.’

The man with her, reached his hand out to get the phone from his friend, only to fling it out into the grass patch.


Her mouth was covered with a greasy palm and her wrists were forcefully held against the ground. More chattering got the other man to drag her bicycle into the make-shift door of their accommodation, before he returned to grab her feet. She was helpless against their bulky and fit bodies, screams going nowhere under the fair palm that accidentally blocked her nose more than once.

The frightening rip of a duct tape shocked her into a frenzy, leaving them no choice but to hurry the fuck out to keep her still. Just as the sticky tape was about to go over her mouth, Sarah whispered as calmly as she could to her assailants.

‘Wait wait. Don’t tape my mouth. Please. I’ll do anything you say.’

The temporary pause in their actions showed them that they could trust her, and the two of them stood up to undo their tattered jeans. It was not difficult to understand why they were there at those hours, probably required to wake up early to get their tasks done. Sarah’s overzealous attempt to cycle long distance despite her poor balancing skills caused her to trip over a curb she mis-gauged, and hit against the flimsy walls they were trying to rest behind.

‘You want me to suck it?’


The two dicks in front of her got her fingers around them, and they took turns to step closer for her to suck on them. The instant one of them held her head to face-fuck his cock, the other learnt to do the same when it was his turn. After a few minutes of her disappointing attempt to please, they whispered in their own language again.

A small bag was brought behind her and she found herself falling backwards onto it. Her neck landed on the soft-but-hard backpack and her shoulders were pinned onto the floor. Unable to see what was happening under her waist, the sudden appearance of a pair of hands succeeded in pulling her shorts off in one go.

‘No no.. please. I’ll suck you guys off.’


‘Please.. I beg yoooouhhhh.. ‘

Her mouth received the dick dangling over her forehead and silenced her the way they wished her to do so. Choking on the thick cock, another pierced into her pussy with her thighs flipped over her belly. The double penetration was causing her to get light-headed, especially on the dick that was filling her up so perfectly. Her pussy was getting slammed non-stop just as her mouth was kept relaxed with nose pinches.

There was no way she could moan with a piece of meat stuffing her jaws full, let alone get any more air to gather strength to fight back. When she sensed the speed increasing at her pussy, fear shrouded her like death and she focused more on the dick she was sucking.

The two grown men were having all the fun with her in ways she only dared to fantasise about, getting her mouth and pussy fucked by strangers. In a synchronised voice, they mumbled the same phrase at the same time.

Her mouth and vagina received the hot, strong gush of cum from them simultaneously, ending (or she hoped it did) the rape she unluckily got into. It took them almost three minutes before they pulled out of her two holes, still remaining around her lifeless body in case she screamed.

As time passed in an eerie silence, she was falling unconscious until bright LED lights got her attention. The men were snapping photos of her in that state of undress, pussy leaking cum, and lips smeared with thick, white semen.

No thanks to her sports bra and FBT outfit, she became a private pornstar for them. Once they were done, she was shoved out of their ‘dorm’ along with her bicycle, on a search for her phone they threw into the distance.

That night, her husband received her about five minutes from home and could not tell any difference besides her scraped knees. The smiles, caring support to bring her home, was hiding a secret she had yet found the strength to tell him.

There was no way she could have sex with him that night after her ‘tiring’ roadtrip, and a pussy full of someone else’s cum.

Inspired by photos Stysg shared.

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