Sleeping Inside Her

The few times I’ve seen her downblouse, it was always a training bra she wore under the loose tops. Edith was shy about removing her shirt although we were in the privacy of her room. The romantic dinner we had ended with a couple glasses of wine, and that totally made her willing enough to ask me over to her place to watch a movie on her laptop.

Our hands had been touching each other’s legs and the occasional pecks were bringing the mood to a sensual one, lips connecting for a longer period each time we kissed. Soon, my hand had found its way to her loose shorts, which she changed into at her room.

As soon as I pulled her shirt up a little, Edith held me still, looking shy and worried about what I was doing.

Edith (whispering): ‘Can I don’t remove my top? My boobs are small.’
Me (whispering): ‘It doesn’t matter. I just want to feel you.’

The lights were off but laptop monitor was providing just enough illumination to see what we were doing. I continued kissing her neck and she relaxed her grip on my hand, allowing me to pull her shirt high enough to reach into her bra.

Those tiny boobs were easy to hold in my palm, massaged in little squeezes as she moaned faster.

Edith: ‘Take off your pants too.’

We took a pause and I removed my jeans, my erection standing tall under my underwear for her to tug it out of the way. So, she had arrived at my dick but I was still in her bra. Now, I wouldn’t let her just please me right? I got off her bed and stood by her feet, pulling her shorts off for her in one move.

Her legs were then spread and I kneeled between them, bending my back downwards so she knew what I was doing.

Edith (whispering): ‘Don’t want! It’s dirty there.’
Me: ‘How could any part of you be dirty? Don’t stop me huh.’

My tongue went onto her clit and a flick sent a moan that told me the opposite of what she thought when she stopped me. Her fingers wriggled into my scalp and guided me around as I let my tongue did the work, wetting her every part with my saliva. Her grip on my hair got tighter as I poked naughtily into her pussy, teasing at the opening for a while.

Edith (whispering): ‘Come up.’

I paused after hearing that and wondered what ‘up’ was she referring to.

Me: ‘Up?’
Edith: ‘Yeah.’

I straightened my back while between her thighs, positioning my dick right at her face. She took her time to explore it by checking out every area, trailing with her nails to find out where I felt most sensitive. As soon as she dragged a line over the centre bottom part of my shaft, I lost balance and almost hit the wall behind her if not for my hands.

Without taking any whiff at my cock, her opened mouth enveloped the whole thing and she motioned her head back and forth, tongue gliding at the base while her lips sealed tight around my manhood. It was warm and overwhelming at the same time, feeling how soft her tongue was at once with her lips that was forcing my blood downwards.

Only when she told me it was getting bigger, did I realised her jaws were getting tired from sucking on a monster.

Me (whispering): ‘You wanna lie down?’
Edith: ‘No no.. don’t want. I need to be on top first.’
Me: ‘Why?’

A short silence later, she told me the reason with a blushing face.

Edith: ‘All my ex who tried to go in when I was lying down, they would cum very fast.’

Now, that totally made me want to try it even though I might risk disappointing myself. It was an appropriate challenge, and a gentlemanly one to actually start things off in bed.

In the end, she gave in to me and laid down on the bed, half worried and half anticipating for perhaps a different outcome from me. With her opened legs, I placed my dick at her entrance and slowly went in. True enough, she was really tight and I found myself stopping after the first two inches.

Edith: ‘Too tight?’
Me: ‘Yeah. But I have another idea.’

I pulled myself out and took a few deep breaths, before positioning myself at her door again. Our fingers interlocked and I stiffened my cock before jabbing it in one stroke, right into her pussy. A loud gasp from her shocked the both of us, but the initial tightness faded away quickly after we paused inside her.

It was that few seconds her body needed to relax and she was seen smiling through her teeth as a guy had successfully taken her in missionary for the first time.

Edith: ‘Don’t stop after you start k?’
Me: ‘Till I am about to cum?’
Edith: ‘No.. keep going until you shoot. I’m on birth control.’

I began with slow thrusts and she was cumming in under a minute. Her back arched upwards as she orgasmed, plunging me into an agonising struggle to hold it in while her pussy squeezed tightly on my cock during the process.

Me: ‘So fast?’
Edith: ‘Haha. I can climax easily in this position, but very difficult when I am on top. You are the first to make me cum so quickly.’

I gave her a grin and picked her ankles up, holding them in midair as I rammed at a faster pace. It was all or nothing then. I bit my lips as I pounded her with all my might, ignoring the orgasms that was slowly sucking the life out of me. That plain innocent girl couldn’t looked more sexy as she tried her best to relax so I wouldn’t cum so soon.

Moans and groans had filled the room as our bodies slammed against each other, with the sheets under her butt getting wet as her juices flowed freely to each orgasm.

We did not change into any other positions since I loved how she was enjoying herself. I could tell she didn’t mind as long as I kept moving to give her those mind-chilling climaxes.

For the next ten minutes, I thrust and took breaks, in front of this understanding girl who did not rush me a single time. It was so soothing to just pound my hips on her thighs, flooding her mind with pleasure as I grew even larger inside her.

As my body was slowing down, I knew I was going to shoot, and no matter if she was on the pill, I had to tell her what was coming.

Me: ‘Edith, I’m gonna cum now.’
Edith: ‘Do you want to cum inside me? Or elsewhere?’
Me: ‘Haha. Where else? In your mouth?’
Edith (whispering): ‘If you want to.. ‘

I excitedly pulled out of her and went back on my knees, where she sat up against her pillow and took my dick into her mouth. This time, she went faster at swallowing my dick, throwing me off balance a few times with that force her lips was going forward at me. Those eyes that watched my expression, they were so happy looking that I was enjoying her mouth that she did not slow down at all.

I couldn’t hold myself in any longer than I wanted and simply squirted my load as her lips dived, filling her cheeks up as my cum rushed for the exit. Her fingers immediately went to her pussy and rubbed on her clit as fast as she could during my ejaculation, giving me a muffled moan as she came right after me.

To let her breath proper again, I left her mouth as soon as I was done and she lazily collapsed to her sides onto the bed. That satisfied look on her face, let me know she was totally pleased with the outcome. Her throat moved and my load disappeared in her mouth, allowing her to speak and asked me if it was good. A yes would be the only answer suitable for her.

Edith: ‘Are you working tomorrow?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Afternoon.’
Edith: ‘Then can you sleepover with me tonight?’
Me: ‘Yeah. But I can’t guarantee I will behave.’
Edith (whispering): ‘I kind of want you inside me again.’

I did not say anything else and laid beside her, kissing her wet lips that just took my cock and its load. Her hand kept playing with my dick till it was huge again, and she climbed over my body to slip it into her pussy.

I was a little numb then but did not feel much of her tightness anymore. She stripped her top off along with her bra, and rested her head on my chest, pecking at my neck a few times before she whispered goodnight to me.

Well, that was the most sexy position to fall asleep in, and we only woke up with my morning wood came at 2am. Which made us so horny we went for another round before going back to sleep – inside her.

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