‘In’ Vietnam

Shane had helped three ladies he saw with large shopping bags on the way out the mall he worked at, bringing their groceries right into their place. The group of three Vietnam ladies were in casual outfits of shirts and shorts, but it wasn’t a lucky hook up he was looking for.

At almost 12am, he couldn’t just leave them to walk alone out of the shortcut through the dark carpark, with men who were trailing after they came out from pubs.

Minh: ‘I’ll walk you out to the main road.’

He accepted her offer as the walk would be under lit areas, so it wouldn’t endanger her on the way back home. Carrying his sling bag, he walked out of the house after her to the giggling of her two friends.

As they approached the lift along the corridor, she did not go for the button but turned towards the stairs. With only five storeys to conquer, he didn’t mind the walk and just quietly followed.

Shane: ‘You like taking the stairs?’
Minh: ‘Yeah. A little exercise for me.’

He couldn’t help but stare at her shaking ass as she climbed down, with shorts so tight it hugged her shapely ass so seductively. Anyway, there wasn’t anything else to see in that lonely walk.

Shane: ‘Umm.. can I have your number?’

The naughty part of him made him asked that question, hoping that he might be able to make friends out of this random occasion. She stopped at the next concrete floor landing and turned to him, where she waited with a sweet smile. He excitedly handed her his phone to let her key in her number, except that she did not continue after she was done.

Instead, she grabbed his wrist and guided him to a wall, pressing her boobs onto his body to let her face go near to his. Even helping him to lower his sling bag onto the floor, her hands just roamed under his shirt and up to his chest.

Shane (whispering): ‘What are you doing?’
Minh (whispering): ‘Just claiming you before my sisters get you.’

Her lips went directly onto his neck and pecked her way down, while his hands was led to her crotch. He cupped over her shorts and squeezed his palm together, massaging her as she tore his belt away. Within seconds, his zippers were undone and she had finished the little fight to get his dick out of his boxers.

Her knees gave way and she took a while to tie her hair into a ponytail, making her look much younger with an athletic style. Within seconds, her mouth devoured his cock and her hand jerked from his base as she sucked him deep. The way she weakened his knees was so skilled that he was glad for the wall behind him, holding him up while he tried not to moan.

After five minutes of that mindblowing oral, she stopped and resumed kissing on his neck.

Minh (whispering): ‘Do you have a condom?’
Shane (whispering): ‘Shit.. no.. ‘
Minh (whispering): ‘It’s alright. We can go without it.’

She tucked both thumbs into her shorts and did a small wriggle, lowering her shorts low enough to expose her fair, tight ass. It felt so heavenly in his hands when he reached for a grab, and she turned herself to reposition for a rear penetration.

Holding onto the rails of the stairs, her shorts did not allow her to spread her legs much. Still, that fleshy wet folds without any protruding labia tempted Shaun so much he just plugged his dick into her opening, letting her move her bum back to ‘swallow’ the rest into her pussy.

As though she was leading, her ass did not stop jerking backwards and he too, began ramming as she grew fiercer with lust. The two of them banged away at the stairs so silently that made them felt at ease. Her pussy was squeezing in short bursts as he pierced her over and over again, milking him so gently he did not feel any sudden urge. It was a slow build up, and he was sure she felt the same too.

Strokes after strokes, breaths after breaths, her body was getting excited at the delay that he was allowed control over the speed.

Minh (whispering): ‘Let’s try to climax together.’
Shane (whispering): ‘That would be so sexy. But where do I.. ‘

She hushed him with a series of moans, softly in a purr-like tone. He was gaining speed as her body tightened, feeling the limits of his stamina right at the two balls slapping on her clit.

Shane: ‘I’m gonna shoot now.’

She jolted her body upright just before he clenched his hands onto her waist and led him to sit on the last step. She then kneeled on the ground on one of his sides in doggie and planted her face into his groin, sucking on that juicy stick while he reached under her body for that young pussy. Rubbing on her clit fast, she went deeper and did not slow down at all. Her lips were brushing up and down, with her tongue paying extra attention to the mystical ring of his penis.

Minh suddenly shoved her head down as her body trembled, choking herself with small thrusts over his dick that sent his semen flushing into her mouth. They were cumming at the same time as his fingers touched her overwhelmed clit, back of her throat making that last contraction over his dickhead.

The grunts from them almost scared them, but the feeling was too intense to break away from. His fingers were drenched by the juices she was leaking, and his dick was emptied with desperate sucks for more cum.

A slow and tired recovery placed them both on the flight of stairs, still touching each other as they helped to feel better. His fingers were still stroking along her slit, and she was making small motion over his limp rod.

Shane: ‘Can we meet again tomorrow?’
Minh: ‘What time do you end work?’
Shane: ‘Same as today.’
Minh: ‘This floor again then.’

They got dressed after their new arrangements and made their way to the main road for Shane to take a cab home. That was where she promised to meet as often as he wanted to curb her desires to help with all those unreleased horniness in her shared bedroom.

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