Tired Bunny

Cynthia: ‘You want to take it today?’
Me: ‘I don’t mind. I am working late tomorrow.’

She went into her room to bring me the little blue pill and I popped it into my mouth without hesitation. We spent the next ten minutes cuddling on the sofa, while waiting for the Viagra to take effect. Well, there was no specific need to take that kind of medication, but on days where we had offs, it would be our little enhancement drug to keep going for rounds after rounds.

As expected from the pill, her hand was soon roaming over my shorts, squeezing that erection that was growing slowly but surely. Cynthia couldn’t wait for it to be fully awakened and slipped my shorts off, giving that suffocated cock of mine some fresh air. That brown-haired girl I fell in love with had something in her that attracted me from the first sight. Her big eyes in those tiny lids, were always in an alluring wetness, looking full of hope.

I need not tell her what to do and her head descended over my lap, sniffing a few times to make sure I was clean. How could I not be prepared right? Even if both of us were working early the next day, we would always go for a round or two of routine sex. However, when we include that Viagra, things would be a little.. or a lot different.

That cute pink lips slipped over the tip and her tongue came forth to swirl around my pee hole, making it so sensitive my body trembled. It was her way of telling me she was ready. Though I wasn’t her first boyfriend, she was not very sexually experienced. That being one of her strong points, I was soon groaning as her mouth slid up and down my shaft, hungrily but in a controlled speed.

I couldn’t bear too much of her oral sex as she might make me cum just right there and then. How could I let such a long night come to an end so early? Her head continued to bounce up and down, filling me with lust and a sense of security. It was that beautiful sight of trust being exchanged in our most private regions.

Slurping sounds began to get loud as she went faster, driving my head numb with excitement of what was about to come.

Me: ‘Cynthia, get on top of me.’

She rolled her t-shirt up and removed her tight black denim shorts, climbing over my body without looking away from my eyes. That level of urgency, I was beginning to fear I couldn’t satisfy her enough. She wrapped her arms around my neck and lowered herself, with my hand holding my dick upright so it would reach the right hole.

Her juices advanced first by lubricating all over my shaft, before her pussy came to swallow my manhood up. A long gasp escaped her mouth and her body moved naturally back and forth, grinding her hips even though I was barely prepared. My hands cupped themselves over her B cups breasts, jiggling as I kneaded them to make her moan louder.

Cowgirl wasn’t my favourite position, but seeing how she enjoyed being in control, I simply let her body gyrate till my dick head got too worked up, brushing against her g-spot that was slowly closing in on me.

I carefully straightened my legs under her body and rolled over to place her on the sofa. Holding her knees high up against her shoulders, I began to pound her deeply, forcing the sexy moans out of her mouth in the sweetest voice ever. She was letting my dick do all the work without faking, sometimes going silent and occasionally squeezing her muscles together to make me slow down in that tightness.

Me (whispering): ‘You’re super playful today.’
Cynthia (whispering): ‘I want all your cum inside me today.’
Me (whispering): ‘As you wish.’

I kept thrusting balls-deep into her till she herself was spreading as wide as she could, feeling my rod stiffen and thicken as more blood got blocked from exiting her mind-blowing love hole. Cynthia knew exactly how to keep me moving and I never stopped during the first round. Slapping sounds between our hips grew louder as she begged for me to fuck her harder. Whatever she asked for, my body obediently obeyed and made sure to make her regret asking me to go faster or slower.

Pumping in longer strokes, her soft palm went on my waist and held me as I jerked at an increasing speed. Her vagina was getting narrower around my dick, pulsating as her eyes closed gently. She looked as though she was going to lose consciousness, but was more awake than ever as her back arched abruptly up and down.

Cynthia (screaming): ‘I’m gonna cum. Go faster! Cum with me!’

I closed both her knees together and turned her to the side, where she helped herself up into doggie position. Now in my most enjoyable stance, her firm butt served as the most comfortable cushion as I rammed at my top speed, recoils softened by her meaty ass.

Me: ‘Almost there now.’

The quiet girl was just jerking to my movements and did not say a word, head pointed upwards as her senses went berserk over the first round.

I felt my dick tighten to an unbelievable level with help from Viagra, and the first load spurted out as I slid my cock into her. Followed by the non-stop intense ejaculation, I could not get Cynthia to talk to me even though I was groaning in that tight hole of hers.

The final moment lasted for a good ten seconds and I tumbled onto the empty space beside her, still wondering what she was up to without giving me any reply.

Me: ‘Cynthia, are you okay?’

Her ass was still perked in doggie but her eyes were closed. I did not dare to touch her till about thirty seconds later, her body went from a shiver to a convulsion, getting into a fit as she collapsed sideway towards me.

I could only hug her tightly while she repeated ‘oh my god’ over and over again. Only then, I knew she was cumming even after I pulled out and the orgasms had caused her muscles to stiffen.

We spent almost half an hour in each other’s arms to let her recover, and as much as I wanted sex, she had looked too weak and tired from just the first round.

Cynthia (whispering): ‘Can we rest first? I can’t do it anymore.’

I carried her like a sleeping kid into our bedroom, where she smiled weakly when I pulled the blanket over her. I laid by her side in a spooning position, with my dick poking at her uselessly knowing she might just sleep till morning. Deep in my heart, I know she wanted to please me more but her body was not listening.

As tiredness got the better of me, I did not expect anymore action that evening, and went to sleep. I had spent almost an hour looking at her when she turned over, and felt something so peaceful and calming I never experienced before.

It was that sound face in front of me, breathing slowly with a hidden smile I made out in the dark bedroom. She’s like.. a baby bunny who had too much fun playing around and had fallen asleep unknowingly.

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