Fun Mini Project

It was a Saturday that Andy went over to Michelle’s place, to finish up a project that was due the following week. At almost eleven o’clock, he had been waiting at her doorstep for close to five minutes till she opened the doors for him, wearing an old t-shirt that reached her hips. That messy hair, refreshed look made Andy smile as he made his way in, going into her room where she had all the notes laid out on the table.

Michelle: ‘Sorry uh. I was still doing my part when I went to bed.’

He began tidying the table while she went into the kitchen’s bathroom, washing up for the start of the day. The two of them got busy at their project, Andy being distracted once in a while whenever she looked over his shoulders at his progress on her desktop. She had been working behind him on his laptop at the same time, with it being faster and all.

Her braless boobs had their nipples poking on his back, unaware that he could sense it through that thin shirt of hers. Nonetheless, he was motivated by that little tease and sped up to finish the work in record time.

Michelle: ‘Sorry to make you finish most of the work eh. I’m still tired. I’ll go cook noodles for you!’

She hopped off the bed and went to the kitchen, leaving him alone in her room. Andy had never thought of exploring her desktop, so he went back to her bed and checked on his laptop, showing a few tabs along the window taskbar that was blinking.

One very personal folder was opened and it contained his stash of pornography, which he remembered he had closed the night before but not hidden it from his desktop. Had she been watching it when he was doing their work?

When she brought two bowls of noodles into the room, he had gone back to her desktop and left his laptop where it was.

Andy: ‘Were you watching porn on my com?’
Michelle: ‘Huh? No.. It’s already opened.’
Andy: ‘Haha. Is it? Let’s quickly finish up the food. We still have a bit to touch up.’

She sat comfortably on her bed with her knees up to hold the bowl, pressing her shirt tightly on the erected nipples. Michelle had watched a few of the videos, and was too turned on to be doing any work then.

He joined her after he finished his food, and casually clicked on one of the videos, one that she coincidentally watched that made her so horny. The storyline was similar to what they were doing, and the Japanese porno did not even try to make things realistic. The moment she placed her bowl down, Andy’s hand had slipped under the blanket, running over her thigh towards her groin. The short FBTs she wore was too small for her then, but it was comfortable.

His fingers that ran along the crotch of her shorts had made her a little wet, giving a shy look at the sheets over her legs. As he dug his way into her pants, she was pantyless except for the netting of the FBTs, allowing the full sensation of his nails to rub on her clit. Moaning softly, she wasn’t the type whom had much control when it comes to this side of her.

Andy had been observing her expressions and found it safe to stick a finger inside, slowly in an explorative mood. Twisting his fingers around, her hand had went over his on her pussy and tried to push him deeper. Gradually changing to a thrusting motion, she let her back fall onto the bed and shut her eyes to enjoy the tease by her friend.

That five minutes she was twitching on the bed gave her two orgasms that tire her out, but the wetness showed no signs of stopping.

Michelle (whispering): ‘Come lie down too.’

He wriggled into the small space between her and the wall, before watching her sit upright and completely removing his shorts. She held his dick in her hand and gently pumped it, going as fast as she could without any lubrication.

Michelle: ‘Good?’
Andy: ‘Yeah.. you want to try riding it?’

She did not mention a word when she pulled her shorts off, mounting over his abs and hovering her pussy on top. Andy held her waist and helped her lower over his dick, sliding inside so easily with that juices she was wet with. The short gasp she gave came with a smile so sweet he knew she loved how his cock fitted her so well.

Her ass began grinding him as soon as she could and sent him groaning in despair, cock in a hole so tight he could easily lose control in. Bouncing hard and fast, she tied her hair in a knot behind her head and felt how his dick throbbed inside her. It was so hot and thick she just couldn’t get enough of.

After a few minutes, he hugged her over his chest and rolled themselves over, taking control by slamming his dick deep into her pussy in missionary. Fucking loudly, their eyes never left each other apart from the occasional gush of orgasms. She was too high to care if she had wet her bed with her love juice, or if he was cumming.

As their room got colder, their steamy sex took a turn when she flipped over into doggie. Holding that sexy waistline, he jackhammered her without slowing down, forcing all the air out of her tiny figure. The strokes got longer as time passed, and he was about to cum in that tight cunt of hers.

For Michelle, her pussy was already in a state of confusion, squeezing and relaxing out of her control.

Andy: ‘I’m gonna cum!’

She leaned away from him and laid on the bed, with her face right below his dick. Her neck had straightened with a pillow underneath and he plugged his rod into her mouth. Resuming the thrusts, he fucked her mouth mercilessly while she fingered herself, pussy facing the window as her legs shivered violently.

Andy (groaning): ‘Arghh!’

The powerful ejaculation shot straight into her lips and she just sucked hard as he came, making every drop worth its while as he fumbled over her body onto his hands. In that few seconds, he had gone 69 with her and licked her clit furiously as she emptied his balls.

It was that intense moment that froze them till he was done, and managed to lick her to an orgasm. The two students pulled away from each other unwillingly after a rest, and laid side by side panting.

Michelle: ‘You’re so good in bed. And at work too.’
Andy: ‘Only good for you.’

In a sideway 69, he played with her pussy and her with his dick, kissing and sucking every now and then. Within five minutes, he was as hard as rock and she was wetter than before, as though ready for another round – which they went for.

Now, who says projects are boring? ;)

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