Second Date

On the bus to Vivocity, my hand was interlocked with Jaq’s resting on her thighs, where she played with my fingers. Through the ride, we had been exchanging kisses on each other’s cheeks, with my eyes constantly looking down into her shirt.

The plain thin bra was the usual one she wore and her small boobs just hung loosely between the cups. ‘What are you looking at huh?!’, she glared at me in that cute but stern face, already knowing what I was peeping at. I waved my hand at her and repeated my ‘no’ but she wasn’t taking it.

I pulled her by the arm closer and leaned her head on my shoulder, patting her legs to soother her feelings. The love between us could be little, but it was growing stronger as we spent more time together.

As though the bus wasn’t cold enough, the overhead vents suddenly blew strong air and she wriggled her hand over my groin, kneading on my unsuspecting crotch. I had to ask her what she was doing as there were passengers in front and behind us, all of sight from where we were.

‘That’s the warmest part right? I’m cold luh.’ Her hand kept playing with me till it was big, and she pushed her way up the opening of my shorts from my legs. The thick cotton pants had an inner lining for my balls and it was as good as going commando. Her icy cold fingers jolted me in a surprise and I was warming her up gradually.

She let of a ‘tsk’ when her thumb accidentally touched the tip, smearing pre-cum over my dick head when she fondled with it too much.

I had to ask her not to tease me anymore and she listened, instead jerking me off in discreet motion. She wore a jeans then and I couldn’t do anything to her, except to indulge in the public handjob she was giving.

That calming, relaxed mood made the rest of the journey enjoyable without much passengers walking past us. When the upper deck was cleared, she whipped out my cock and stroked it mercilessly, spending my last five minutes in agony as she squeezed real hard when I almost came.

Like any guys, I had a limit and at last begged her to let me cum, with a promise to return the favour when we reach the mall. She kept pumping me till I whispered the golden question into her ear, ‘where do I cum?’ She looked at me without stopping her hand and just watched my confused expression till I signalled her.

She paused for a moment and tucked her hair behind her ears, going down on me and resuming her handjob. Coupled with the tongue action over my rod, I lasted only ten seconds before I blew my load, puffing her cheeks fast as it squirted without an end in sight.

Only after fifteen seconds, I was dead tired and empty, did she lift her head away and took her water bottle out. My cum went down her throat with that water and she was nice to keep my rod back into my shorts.

Upon reaching the mall, we went straight for the highest level where the exit of the cinema was. I had been there once with one of my ex and the tiny utility room was available. In there, I lowered her jeans to her ankles and made her sit on my lap. The broken theatre seat had no legs and we were on the floor, but on top of the red cushions.

Her legs opened wide and my fingers got to work, attacking her clit and poking into her pussy when she got too horny. Actually, it was her who pushed my fingers in. Yes, two fingers. Her moans echoed freely in the noisy room and I was too focused on getting her off. Without a hardon, I sank my fingers as deep as I could till her body started shaking in my arms, trembling so violently as juices poured out of her love hole.

Right after she came, she jumped up and wore her jeans back, as though her six sense had alarmed her. Nothing went wrong that few minutes and we made our way out, into the quiet corridor.

Following that double event of a quick masturbation, we went for our dinner and spent the rest of the day strolling in Hort Park, where a public toilet tempted us once again.

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