Some of Her and Her

Reena (shouting): ‘J! Are you making drinks? Can pour me a cup of green tea?’
Me: ‘Okay!’

The daughter of my tenant dropped all her bags on the couch and went into the room, while stripping her cardigan off. The overhead cabinets had a box of Spanish Fly I bought for whoever I wanted to use on. And with that cup of iced green tea before me, I didn’t think much and emptied the thick clear liquid into the cup, swirling around a few times with the cubes clanging around.

Appearing in a singlet and pink FBT shorts, she took her glass on the table and gulped them all down. A loud sigh of relieve later, she went into the living room where I was in the middle of watching ‘Ender’s Game’.

Reena: ‘This show nice meh?’

She snatched the remote and scrolled through a few channels, ending my movie that just started. For a 17 year old, she was considered curvy as she loved eating, especially the meals I cook for the two of them. Being in a single parent family, I was the next person to take care of her, juggling between work and caring for her.

A good ten minutes after she settled on a Korean drama, she closed her legs and placed them together on the sofa, as though hiding something. As the intimate scene played, she covered her legs with a cushion and briefly stole a glance towards me, at the same time catching me looking at her.

Reena: ‘Why you look at me? Watch TV lah.’
Me: ‘It’s awkward lah. See them kiss.’
Reena: ‘You always do that with your girlfriend right?’
Me: ‘When I had one lah. Now no more le.’
Reena: ‘Haha. Then got do that thing?’
Me: ‘Eh. Buay pai seh (not embarrassing) to ask ah? Got lah. Don’t ask anymore.’

She giggled and her hand moved under the cushion for a while. I was still suspecting if the drug really worked for a moment till she went to turn the lights off. Her explanation to make things more romantic was irrelevant for a cop and thief show but I knew she was thinking about something else.

Me: ‘You leh? Got do that thing with your boyfriend?’
Reena: ‘Nope. Never do before. I’m a virgin okay!’

I kept quiet from offending her anymore and placed my arm around her to see if the solution worked. The lack of resistance allowed me to lean her head on my shoulders, and I placed her hand gently on my knee. It was a surprise to feel how cold her hand was without air conditioning, and my unusually-warm normal body was her only choice to stay cosy.

Slowly, I turned my body to her side and she lay with her back on my chest, wrapping my hands on her stomach. I brought my lips to her ear and asked in a whisper if she was alright. Well, she replied with a nod and my arms got pulled tighter around her soft, waist.

Reena (whispering): ‘You’re super warm.’
Me (whispering): ‘I know right.’

I brushed my lips across her earlobes and her neck twitched to that short tease. My palms were slipped under her shirt and the squeezes of her hands kept nudging me towards her shorts.

Me (whispering): ‘You want me to warm down there?’
Reena (whispering): ‘Can?’

I used one hand to stretch the waistband and wriggled my other right between her legs. The sudden partition gave me all the space and I reached straight for her pussy, where my fingers parted the moist thin lips apart to expose her clit. Poking playfully at it, the clenching of her hand on mine reminded me how good she felt, and my little one grew to her shallow breathing mixed with a soft moan accompanying every exhale.

Reena: ‘You’re getting hard huh?’
Me: ‘Duh! I’m a normal guy leh.’

She sat upright and placed one hand behind to massage my rod, still continuing my rub in her shorts. Minutes passed like seconds as we sped up, only to drive her hornier without any signs of orgasms. My shorts were gone when she got too desperate to drive me wild too, and we were just masturbating each other frantically.

Tired I was, but how could I cum before her? Perhaps she needed something inside, like a dildo. Never would I dare to think of deflowering this sweet lady between my legs.

Me: ‘You don’t cum easily?’
Reena: ‘I usually use a toy inside.’
Me: ‘I go get it for you?’
Reena: ‘Huh? Why? You have something I can use right now.’
Me: ‘No way. I’m not your boyfriend or husband.’

To her, virginity was gone when she used the toy, I had a different view on that though. It was the presence of a dick inside her that would claim her virginity, nothing else would affect her status. Just when I was about to adjust her to face the television, she moved herself to the other end, made me sit right behind her and asked me to pull her shorts. So still in a seated ‘spooning’ position, I followed her and did not know what she was up to.

She picked herself up into doggie and I was just lying down, unaware that she was moving herself towards my head. Before I knew it, her knees were by my arms and her dripping cunt was at my neck.

Reena: ‘Can you lick me? I never tried it before.’
Me: ‘I guess that’s fine.. ‘

I used one of the cushion to elevate my head and my tongue flicked non-stop at her clit, attacking it with every known weapon. From sucking, to nibbling, to rapid poking. She was breathing hot air over my dick head and when I jerked my hips a few times, her lips descend over the lap chiong and let her saliva dribble over it.

Just remembering how she used her untrained tongue made me all hard again. She just let her tongue rest on the tip and worked her lips up and down, in a nodding motion. Most of the focus was at the magic ring below the hood, blowing my mind into a state of blank. My thighs kept shivering as she tried to go deeper, occasionally getting too distracted and her teeth scratched so painfully good.

We maintained in 69 for a while till she was too breathless, and turned herself around to sit on me. Landing her t-shirt on my chest, her lips prevented me from talking and her body fidgeted while we made out. When I felt her pussy touching my rod, I tried to sink my hips lower into the sofa but the useless move rebounded me right up, plugging the first inch into her.

Gasping fearfully, she hugged me tight while breathing deeply, relaxing her tensed leg muscles till I was sliding easily into her. Unsure of why I still let her take her own virginity, what done was done. I was inside her warm, wet, pulsating tunnel and it was a one way trip.

She perched herself up after wriggling her hips to ensure a close fit, and rocked back and forth to watch me struggle. She was just so tight and slippery it was impossible not to cum pre-maturely.

Me: ‘Stop stop! I’m going to cum if you continue.’

A quick pause shot fear through her eyes and she dared not trigger anything else. We carefully separated and a quick hustle placed a condom over my genitals. Now de-sensitized, I let her lie down while I pierced my dick in missionary, deep into this eager looking girl.

Pounding came from a gentle start to a vigorous one, forcing all the air out of her as I tried to go deeper. Finally feeling her pussy contracting, I continued with deep-rapid thrusts without pulling too much length out. The poor girl grabbed her long hair and groaned a long breath with her teeth clenched, totally immersed in the climax that shook her body.

Reena: ‘Keep moving J! Don’t stop.’

I pulled my dick out of her and plunged right back in, channeling a scream out of her mouth. I closed her legs together and she flipped one move at a time, to get into doggie. Now in a tight position behind, I bit my lips and thrust real hard. Her arms remained straight as I hammered her, watching how her limbs wobble whenever an orgasm came.

There was no way to last more than ten minutes with that speed, so I was busy slowing down and telling her what’s to come.

Reena: ‘Wanna take it out first? I want to see you shoot can?’

I extracted myself carefully and laid relaxed on the armrest, while she excitedly turned around to unroll the condom for me. Bending her agile chest forward, my dick disappeared once again into her mouth, and she caressed my balls while her tongue tickled every part.

I had to guide her head to move while she explored my sensitive spots, pushing my balls to the limit before I let go off my hands.

Me: ‘Shooting!’

She sank her lips as low as she could go and wrapped her fingers around the base on the first shot. It was so intense with the mini suction, and the sliding of her lips upwards as I unloaded, simply drove every one of my sperms out.

Part sucking, part swallowing, I had lost count of how many times I fired. There was no evidence to see how much I came too. The single strand of stickiness from my dick connected to her teeth was the only trace left that I ever came in her.

Reena licked her lips in the most sensual expression and she pulled two wet wipes from the round tub on the coffee table. I managed to get her into 69 again and let her clean me up, while I licked up every bit of juices to replace it with my saliva. Somehow, both of us knew nothing would be cleaned if I continued.

We finally left each others’ bodies and wore our clothes back, sitting much closer but skipped the cuddles to hide from her mum. When she returned home, everything was normal and Reena was smiling extra wide that night.

As usual, her mum took a quick shower and turned in for the night, while the two ‘kids’ watched TV but with hands in each others’ shorts. When morning came, the second of the three bottles containing that Spanish Fly was emptied into the cup of hot Milo her mum would drink, officially bonding our relationship skin-close.

After Reena left for school, her mum stayed extra close to me while I did some housework, ending with an outcome you guys could guess without much problems. Now, my headache is to plan my roster in line with their work and school schedule.

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