Wedgie in Tight Shorts

The tight shorts Cindy wore was creating a wedgie between her legs, pressing against her crotch where her g-string did not help to even the pressure out. Her boyfriend Phil had bought the shorts for her but did not know it was turning her on. Usually the one who would initiate all these kinky adventures, Cindy found her thongs getting wetter as they shop-hopped.

Cindy: ‘Phil, I need to go to the toilet. Can you send me back after that? I’m done shopping.’

Just as he looked at the ceiling for the direction to the ladies, she began walking towards the lift and he followed suit. She had remembered the single cubicle toilet near the stairs of the carpark and they made their way there, leaving Phil outside with the shopping bags.

Cindy then popped opened the door and whispered for him to enter, sensing that her g-string was too ‘tucked’ between her ass cheeks to remove. As soon as they locked the door, she hopped onto the basin and showed him how wet she was.

Phil (whispering): ‘What happened? Why are you so wet?’
Cindy (whispering): ‘The shorts luh! They kept pressing against there till I got turned on. Help me remove my strings.’

He pulled off the wet undies with strands of stickiness from her pussy. Feeling himself getting harder, the sight of his girlfriend getting so turned on without his initiation was enough to drive him wild.

Cindy (whispering): ‘Take your shorts off too. Let’s have a quickie to fix this.’

He lowered his shorts and once his dick flicked out of his underwear, she grabbed it tightly and began stroking him, while he folded his clothes away. Using his dick to rub along her slit, her eyes were fixated on how her juices were lubricating their privates, partly holding herself back from just fucking him.

As he rubbed her clit with one hand, the other went around her neck and they ended up in a passionate tongue fight, in the midst of getting each other off.

Phil: ‘Let’s get on with it.’

He took a step closer to the edge of the sink and she kept her labia open with her index and middle finger, inviting him slowly into her body. The hotness of his dick was making her feel relaxed and he too was calming himself down to let more blood into that stick.

Finally, her legs wrapped around his waist and he was fully buried in her, thrusting his top few inches at her deepest end with little sounds. At the same time, she was pulling his body towards her to get him deeper, eyes rolling white whenever he brushed across her g-spot.

The moans in the cubicle got louder once he took over the control, ramming her with his hands on her knees to keep them apart. The two lusty creatures went all out at each other, Cindy squeezing her vaginal walls as he tried to angle his penis upwards at her sensitive spots.

Phil: ‘Come, bent over the sink.’

He carried her off the sink and placed her in front of the mirror, watching her bend her chest away from him. A quick push on the tap and he got some water to coat over his already-wet cock. And another powerful shove sent his rod into her pussy, in one swift, mind-numbing entry.

Pounding her without holding back, their hips slapped loudly and she was climaxing within a few seconds. This was her favourite position, and in front of the mirror, she could admire how hardworking her boy was.

Pumping non-stop, her mind could not rest even for a single while and the orgasms just kept bombarding her senses. Even for Phil, he was feeling his cock enlarging from the constriction of her pussy around the base of his manhood (stopping the blood from flowing away).

Phil: ‘Baby girl! I’m gonna cum.’
Cindy: ‘OH YES.. release it inside me.. ‘

He pushed her body down onto the cold tiles of the sink and hammered her ass hard, piercing his dick so deep her legs just shivered uncontrollably. Moments later, a nano-second pause happened and a powerful stroke sent his dick all the way into her womb, spitting lava hot cum inside.

She could feel how warm he made her and her relaxing vagina had this squeezing motion all along his shaft. They took a minute in this position for him to empty his balls and the parting accidentally spilled some of his cum onto the floor.

They resumed their composure and took their clothes, helping each other to dress up. She had gone panty-less this time as she did not want to wear that wet piece back, only slipping on the tight shorts over her pussy. His car was metres away and they went back, on a road trip that was filled with naughty teases towards his place.

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