The Date

‘Do you have any plans tonight?’, Jaq asked when we were about to close the shop for a company dinner and dance which none of us would be going. It was the only few days we had half-day and I had planned to just relax at home. ‘Nope, do you want to go out together?’ I asked with little hope of asking her out since she was the type of girls who loved to sleep.

She nodded with a smile and the colleague-relationship suddenly turned into a very serious mood. We sped up our movements and closed ten minutes earlier, sitting at one of the dining table and making plans over a cup of coffee we shared.

Once we had decided on a place to eat, Jaq went into the tiny staff room to change out of the brown work shirt that never looked good on anyone. My clothes were also there too, but the girl had to go first before I changed.

‘J! Do you want to take your bag?’, her voice came shouting and my messenger bag stuck out of the door in her hand. I went over to her and took the bag, but she did not let go of it. I peeped into the room to see what she was up to and saw her in the white sports bra, above her thin waistline that a pair of rainbow coloured beach shorts hung.

I took a step into the space she made for me and her hands went to the base of my shirt, pulling it off and making me feel awkward about the stink I was probably producing from the long day at work. I did not dare to go any closer but her hands were just resting on my hips, stroking up and down without any offended looks.

Still, I could not believe I smelled good and asked, ‘Don’t I stink after the long day?’ ‘I don’t smell good either.’ I did not believe when she said that. Girls always smell good no matter how sweaty they were, and the sweet womanly scent told me how right I was. Seeing that she wasn’t removing her hands, I placed mine on her waist as well, pulling her close enough to let our tummies touch.

The moment of silence wasn’t anything like shy. Instead, we were waiting for someone to make the first move or say something. After a few seconds, she opened her lips and whispered something I never thought would come from her, especially someone so ‘brother’ during our daily shifts. ‘I like you when you came to this place’, her voice was so soft it melted my heart. I did not like her as fast as that but the long hours of shifts together kind of bonded us closer. That coolness and accommodative attitude to listen and do as I asked (though I was the manager), totally showed me how willing she was to work with me.

Without waiting for her to blush, I slid my hand around her neck and pulled her neck towards me, raising her chin and shutting her eyes as she breathed in. There, I stole a kiss, and ‘I like you too’ came so easily out of my mouth. Just an inch apart, her lips felt so soft, moist without any saliva, and the second kiss lasted a little longer.

Her arms went around me and I hugged her tightly, making out in the most sensual manner with our tongues wriggling and brushing across each others’ lips. My fingers naughtily reached up her bra top and her tiny nipples got caught between them, rolled with a gentle pressure to stir a moan from her.

Right then, I had to ask, if not risk offending that pleasant staff-turned-girlfriend. ‘Are we moving too fast?’, I spoke in a frightened tone. As much as I wanted to just get on it, I had remembered that we would be working together for a few more months before her contract was up. Her sudden cuddle into my chest gave me the reply I did not know what to make out of. Was she giving me a nod? Or just enjoying the cosiness?

‘I don’t mind.’ Well, that was it. I held her shoulders away from me and leaned in for another kiss, one that lasted as long as I needed to pull her bra off. My lips went straight to her nipples and I sucked on them hungrily, while she hugged my head in a very cute, confused manner. Snorts were breathed back in and I glanced at her to see if she was sobbing. The opened-mouth smile showed me how much she was enjoying it and I did not stop anymore.

My hands tugged her shorts down and she used her feet to push it down to her ankles, wrapping one of her legs behind me to let my hand reach between. A warm breath came into my ear, followed by a shy voice asking me to be gentle as it was her first time with a guy. How would I let my instincts hurt her right?

I gracefully pushed my hand downwards into her panties and brushed across her smooth groin, stopping only when I reached that fleshy mould. Letting my middle finger slide into that two sheets of raw meat, a tinge of wetness greeted me and my fingertips went for her clit. Rubbing in circles, her back arched back and forth to my increasing speed.

We kept on going in that position for five minutes till her body started to shiver, and a squirt of juices hit my palm to make her hug me tightly in a guilty sense. It was the sign of an inexperienced girl cumming in the presence of a guy for the first time isn’t it?

What I had came for, I had gotten. I stepped away from her and picked up her bra, waiting for her to open her eyes and see that I was ready to dress her up.

‘What about you?’, she blurted that out with a very concerned look. I did not mind not doing anything physical as I had felt how warm she could be, and for her first time, there was no rush to get into pleasing me too. ‘It’s okay, let’s get dressed and go for our dinner.’ My mind had full control over my little head and I wasn’t looking to get it out of my jeans.

She unwillingly took her bra and wore it back, giving me a chance to dress her up while she prepared her t-shirt from her bag. Out of a sudden, she pushed me down onto the wooden, antique looking chair and climbed over my lap. Her hands clasped onto my cheeks and her eyes just glared into my soul, as though a fire had started burning in her.

‘Can I try to make you happy too?’, the excited look was totally different from what she portrayed during her orgasm. She was back to the ‘fun’ working state and I could tell it would be fun to let her give it a go. ‘Are you sure?’, I asked with tons of hope in my voice.

She gave my jeans some space and let me support her back while my zip went down, and that piece of tiny, disappointed dick popped out. A curious grin appeared on her face, followed by questions about how it should be when guys are horny. To be frank, I was more of touched than horny then, but her roaming hand just kept touching it to explore how that thing actually worked.

In no time, it was growing to her curiosity and was standing hard between our legs. She kept her eyes on my face as she jerked it off, inexperienced working it out. Somehow, her moves were making me crazy and I just couldn’t help but groan when she attacked the sensitive tip.

She pried opened her shorts all the way to her pussy and slipped my cock into her panties, between her wet folds but not inside. She grinded her hips against me to let my rod rub against her clit, at the same time massaging my shaft to keep me moaning. In that position, I was so close to raping her but she was hugging and grinding me too close.

The five minutes of non-penetrative sex felt even shorter and I was feeling my dick harden to the incoming explosion. ‘Jaq! Slow down. I’m gonna shoot.’ I knew it was mere seconds away but she did not stop moving her hips. She pasted her chest on me and whispered for me to cum in her panties, wishing to feel how it was to make me happy.

The energetic girl kept on going till I held her hips down, freezing her movements but to no avail. She was overpowering me and my load erupted into that soft cotton panties that was continuously teasing my pee hole. Her gasps totally threw me off guard and I kept cumming till everything was out. Tired and still twitching, my cock bounced free once she climbed off my legs, panties filled with my cum that had smeared her pussy with the sticky fluid.

She adjusted her shorts with two fingers, not wanting to soil her hands and tucked my birdie into my jeans. Well, washing it was not so important now, since she wasn’t too affected by it either. We were all smiles when we finished dressing up, and the shop was officially empty as we made our way to the Japanese restaurant next to us.

Our hands never broke free for the night we had to travel on foot, and a dinner followed by a romantic stroll out of the isolated mall to our bus stops. Finally, the dreadful workplace now gave me something to look forward to.

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