Slut’s Conquest

As soon as Butter’s older sister left their house to settle a last minute appointment with her client, she went into her room where her boyfriend was working on her computer. Wearing an oversized singlet without a bra on, she went to the shelves in the pretext of looking for something. Seeing that Riley did not bat an eyelid on her, she climbed onto the bed behind him and held his shoulders, looking at the screen he was so caught up with.

Butter: ‘Busy with work?’
Riley: ‘Yeah. Your sister needs this by the end of the week.’

Leaning closer on his back, she teasingly pressed her bare nipples on him, shifting her body a few times to let her soft boobs electrify his senses. The guy was then distracted by what she did, and tried harder to type into the document.

Riley: ‘Not working today?’
Butter: ‘Nope. Rest day.’

The slutty sister moved her hands to his waist, gently holding onto him. The soft touches at his ribs were turning him on as he had only his shirt and boxers on, being in comfort of his girlfriend’s place. Roaming her hands down to his waistband, she tugged it opened and slid her way in, feeling the growing manhood telling the truth behind her sister’s back. Given the dangerous activity she was instigating, Riley couldn’t say anything without jeopardising that little fun he was presented with. So, he continued to work as her fingers stroked up and down his rod.

Butter (whispering): ‘Stand up a little. Let’s get this off.’

Riley squatted above the stool and let her lower his boxers, dropping it to his ankles. The handjob continued to take his breath away until she was suddenly moaning into his ears. It was then he realised she had used only one hand to jerk him off, and the other was between her opened knees, masturbating herself.

Butter (whispering): ‘Want to take a break?’
Riley: ‘Yeah. I should too.’

He turned around to place both his feet on the metal pole at the foot of the bed, where Butter was kneeling on. The opened legs was an invitation for her to continue whatever she was doing. And she went on her fours right in front of him. Mouth opening for him, she took his dick without a word and jerked her body back and forth, letting the momentum set the pace for an automated blowjob.

Pleasantly enough, Riley wasn’t needed to do anything except to watch his sexy girlfriend’s sister fuck her mouth with his dick. Once he had gotten about five minutes of her skilful oral, Butter looked up at him with a naughty grin.

Butter: ‘Wanna fuck?’
Riley: ‘I don’t know.. your sister can be home any.. ‘

As he spoke, she fell onto the bed lying down and kept her hands moving at her pussy under the singlet. The sensual moans and twitching of her body was the devil speaking into his ears, begging him to fuck her. He transferred himself to the bed between her legs and she raised her knees to position herself. It was the brief moment he saw her like a bitch (dog) on its back, pussy wet and glowing pink.

He grabbed her hips and slid her down a little, before she pressed his standing rod downwards. A smooth transition to shove his cock forward came and he was inside her within a short notice. Butter couldn’t hold back her moans as she was pierced with a 7 inch dick, steadily increasing in pace. Riley wasn’t thinking straight by then and was thrusting at her faster and faster. The adulterous pair was fucking so hard and wild that they grew hornier. Knowing that this was the last thing he should do in a relationship, it was a do-or-die moment for him.

The girl in front of him was squeezing her own boobs and playing with her nipples outside her shirt, tempting him to go all the way. Moments later, he stopped and Butter flipped over into doggie, placing her breasts on the bed while sticking her butt at him, wriggling in desperation for him to plug it in. Riley impatiently rammed his dick in and banged her hard, the way she was begging for it. The slapping sounds echoed loudly as their bodies slammed against each other, with Riley groaning at her tightness and Butter squirming from his depth.

The next five minutes was spent in that position, with juices dripping non-stop down his shaft and his hands all over her back to pump deeper into that slut’s cunt. Cumming crazily non-stop, Butter was loving how fierce he went on her, filling her pussy up with heat and life at each thrust. He soon got tired and swiftly sat himself behind her, still connected by their genitals. Butter knew exactly what to do and lowered her butt onto her ankles, pussy protruding out just enough for her to ride him.

She then resumed bouncing on top of him while more moans came, as the new position had teased her g-spot much more often than the rest. Riley was at his wits end too, having fucked by the sexier sister of a high sex drive girlfriend. Butter did not disappoint him with the similar genes she had too. Compared to his girlfriend, Butter was much more active and willing to take over his little head, being younger as an added bonus.

In just minutes of her ride over his dick, he was growing beyond his control and that load of his was coming too.

Riley: ‘Butter, I am going to shoot anytime now.’

The girl picked herself up and faced him, helping him get into kneeling position while she sat in front of his groin. She opened her mouth wide and forced her face into his shaft, gagging while deep throating him. The fingers darting in and out of her pussy had alleviated the discomfort so she could keep going. It did not take long for him to hold her head and thrust deeply into her throat, pumping her like having sex.

At last, the random contractions in her mouth triggered his shotgun and he shoved his cock right in, squirting down her throat while pulling out along the way. Throughout the uncontrollable waves of embarrassing hip jerks, her mouth had been filled with his semen and the slut knew how to finish the job nicely. As his dick left her mouth, a tight suck was given as a reward and it cleaned the meat straw up, leaving none of his sperms trapped.

The girl fell onto the bed after she placed his hand on her pussy, signalling him to rub her while she rested. Riley kept watch at her mouth until she perched her head up, swirling his cum and swallowing it in a spectacular gulp. He tided her singlet up to return things to their innocent state, and went back to work, with Butter still hugging behind him and toying with his dick.

After his girlfriend returned home that evening, in a wrap-dress she wore, Riley immediately brought her to the bedroom and had another round of intense sex, to relieve the hard on her sister had created. Only in the wee hours of the night, his girlfriend walked into Butter’s room to ask about her day that he overheard their conversations.

Girlfriend: ‘How’s work?’
Butter: ‘Finishing in ten minutes.’
Girlfriend: ‘Good. Don’t let your teacher call me again. You have too much overdue homework.’
Butter: ‘I know. I have CCA tomorrow. So I won’t be home early.’
Girlfriend: ‘Okay.’

Wait.. Butter was still schooling? Having CCA like the secondary school’s CCA? What did he just get himself into?

Riley: ‘What CCA is she in?’
Girlfriend: ‘Contemporary Dance? Why?’
Riley: ‘She looks really mature for a secondary school student.’
Girlfriend: ‘I know right. I think it’s dancing that gave her the figure. Don’t you even dare have thoughts about her huh!’
Riley: ‘I wouldn’t dare.. ‘

Yeah. He wouldn’t dare. Cause it was Butter whom had thoughts about him, giving him the most memorable sex ever in his relationship with her sister.

A double kill.

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