Slutty Love Story

Jovie: ‘There’s no one here now. Take it out.’
Eric: ‘Huh? Can wait till we reach my place?’
Jovie: ‘No. Quick.’

The brown haired girl had her hand under his shirt while passengers alighted one by one before the bus entered the industrial park. She was the typical ‘ah lian’ who fancied this studious boy whom did not mind her character since she was becoming more of a woman after they got together.

In the short sundress, she only wore a g-string without bra, but that did not inspire Eric to get touchy with her. He was after all a guy with self-control and did not take advantage of his girlfriend. He let her unzip his jeans and play with him till he was big, long enough for her to jerk him off.

After a few pumps, she tucked her fringe over her ears and promptly went down on the worried boy, sucking him all the way to the balls. The gagging sounds came from the deep throat but she was holding up fine, without choking on his long erection. As she was bobbing her head up and down, her fingers had disappeared under her dress to finger herself while she got this lovely boyfriend off.

Eric (whispering): ‘Hey, I think you should stop now.’
Jovie: ‘Why? Don’t like it?’
Eric: ‘No. I’m going to shoot if you continue.’
Jovie: ‘Oops. Then let’s not waste it.’

Seeing that there was no cameras on the older bus, she turned her back towards him and laid sideways on the narrow seats. Her chest was on her thighs and she kept her body low enough not to be seen by the mirror of the driver’s seat.

Jovie: ‘Quick. Put it in.’
Eric: ‘Don’t be so crazy can?’
Jovie: ‘We will rest when we reach your place k? I’m horny right now.’

Seeing his girl’s butt stick out from under her dress, he had no choice but to give in to her request. Kneeling on one side, he held her ass higher before dipping his cock into her pussy. Pushing in one inch at a time, her toned body was in total contrast to the small, tight pussy she had.

As his dick brushed along her vagina to the depth, she groaned without restraint and felt his heartbeat through his rod. In this kind of places, there was no time to waste and he carried on to pound her as quietly as possible.

The pressure around his dick was increasing as he went faster, moans coming from his girl did not help him to cum any sooner either. He was just built to last, and that was one thing that she was addicted to.

Suddenly, footsteps were heard coming up the steps at one of the stops and she sat upright, accidentally forcing his dick out while he got pushed against the window.

Eric (whispering): ‘Shit.’

She covered his exposed dick with her cardigan and straightened her dress. Until the man sat down at the front row, did she bend over to his dick again and take his rod into her mouth.

Eric (whispering): ‘Still want to continue?’

A nod from her signalled him not to stop her and she continued slurping silently on his manhood, taking it all the way down her throat with ease. After a few minutes, she felt his hands went over her head and kept her mouth glued to his base, while feeling his hips tremble.

The first wave of cum shocked her by the amount but she swallowed while he ejaculated, leaving not one drop wasted. Once he was exhausted from her continuous sucking after he came, she perched one of her knees against the backrest and guided his fingers between.

Taking things into her own ‘hands’, she stuck his middle finger into her pussy and used him to masturbate herself. Feeling satisfied and less horny, he thrust wildly into her to get her cumming in mere minutes and her body kept jerking to the orgasms shooting through her.

Their stop came about ten minutes later and they alighted as normally as possible, walking in a hurried pace to his house. Right before they entered, she pulled him into the stairwell and made out with him, or rather, forced herself on him.

Jovie: ‘Don’t stop me now. I want you so badly.’
Eric: ‘But.. ‘

Just a flight of steps away from his door, his jeans unzipped before he could complete his sentence. Her hand dug violently into his underwear and she squatted down as soon as it was out in the air. Shoving her face in his groin, his dick grew instantly with little effort. She was mouth-fucking him and his weakening legs made it hard to stop her.

Once she was breathless from the deep throat, she led him to sit at the step and pulled her dress up, climbing over him while hanging around his neck for support. He need not do anything as her pussy slid down his dick easily, still wet from the bus ride.

In no time, their privates were slapping loudly at the stairs while she kept her hands on his cheeks, faced at her come-fuck-me expression. Although he was in doubt about being able to satisfy this horny girlfriend, what she did was totally acceptable to his male form.

Body shaking from her hard slams, his hips grew sore soon and he held her waist down after she came once.

Eric: ‘Let me do some work too. Stand at the window.’

Excited, she went over to the railing and stood with her legs apart. His dick pierced into her in one stroke and the forceful thrusts kept her body jerking at whoever was looking. The overwhelming pleasure was driving her body wetter and he wasn’t slowing down.

The deeper he went, the more she wanted. Giving her pussy a little squeeze, an increase in speed made her regret her actions immediately. The size had grew in her and the length.. was really pushing all her buttons. Lasting for ten minutes, her clit was super sensitive from the ball slaps as he rammed her doggie style.

She had already lost count of the climaxes she received from just this one session.

Eric: ‘Baby, I’m cumming. Safe?’
Jovie: ‘Oh yes. I still have lots of morning-after pills. Just shoot it all inside me.’

Knowing how much his girl loved to be creampied, he was smart to have stocked up on the morning-after for such occasions. Burning his last bit of sanity, his love transformed into pure energy as he rammed into her deepest end, pulling out as she was closing in.

Eric’s chest collapsed onto her back as the first shot went, whispering ‘shooting, shooting’ at her ear while his dick emptied the remaining rounds. She was backing their bodies towards the steps where he helped himself to sit down, while still shooting the last few drops.

Instead of standing up, she placed her feet together and made him lie against the stair. Hopping up and down, his dick totally went insane as she fucked a few more seconds out of him. As soon as her body suddenly orgasmed, his dick shrank to the choking pressure, while a stream of clear liquid poured over his little head.

Jovie: ‘Let’s go inside now.’
Eric: ‘Wait wait.. ‘
Jovie: ‘Don’t wear it back lah. You can take it off in the house.’

She held her dress above her waist to keep them clean and they entered the house in record time. Stripping naked at the doorstep, they went into the shower for more loving time and she spent the rest of the day sucking him dry.

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