Someone Help

Benjamin had this sister he fantasized every time he masturbated. Her name was Michelle, no doubt she had a boyfriend, Ben wanted her all to himself. As they were living in an old flat, the shower doors were those metal ones, looking like aluminium roof, silver in colour.

Every night, he would peek into one of the holes on the door and watch his sister shower. He was always close to masturbating when he sees his sister’s sexy body. One in a while, he would catch his sister masturbating quietly in the showers. He would masturbate with her too, spraying his cum on the door handles.

One night, a crazy thought was running so strongly through his mind. He needed to get her, to own her. He waited till around 7pm, when his sister, goes into the bathroom. While she was showering, he used a long metal ruler and lifted the hook that holds the door as the lock. The urge was so strong that he wasn’t even hestitating. He just wanted her fresh little pussy.

Benjamin: ‘Mei! You in the showers ah?’

Michelle: ‘Yes, why?’

Without waiting for her reply, he pushed the door abruptly, dashed in and gave her sister a shock. He was bottom naked, ready to take whatever she could do. He pinned her onto the wet tile floor, with strong running water covering her screams. It was an intuitive movement, her head was between the toilet and the wall, with little space to move about. Both her legs were spread open by his knees, pushing her legs as wide as possible.

Without wasting anymore effort resisting her struggle, he lowered his hip and forced his way in, feeling a pussy for the first time, and the only pussy he wanted. She was in great pain, moans and screams all mixed, the shower floor was covered in red, virgin blood from her precious love hole.

Benjamin just kept going, knowing no one could hear and help her, he took full advantage to keep fucking her, plunging his dick in and out of her painful and blood-covered pussy.

Michelle: ‘KOR! Please stop! I beg you! I can’t do this with you, I can’t take it anymore.’

Nothing was going into Ben’s ear, he just kept pounding her, making splashes all over while his dick disappeared time after time into her. She was tired from struggling, but was kept awake by the pain. Every time Ben was cumming, he would pull it out and spray it all over her body, before continuing to finger her while he recovers for the next round.

After a long agonising twenty-five minutes of hell, Ben was finally worn out. He quickly got off her and ran out of the bathroom, only to appear within seconds with a camera. He quickly snapped a few pictures of his knocked-out little sister and took whatever memory card out of the house.

He was totally lost. He got what he wanted, he did what he planned. And all he needed now was the next move by his sister. His sweet little sister that broke all his principles and laws. It was his sister’s fault for being so sexy and tempting, even at home.

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