Corridor Quickie

Jolyeen was one of my fling long time ago, while I was in poly. She was also the longest fling, being with me for two years. We might well be in a BGR, but well, I guess everyone knows the difference between BGR and a fling. Just the needs.

There was a few stories with her that made our sex life so exciting, and I’m going to share one with you guys today. It may be common and usual for many of you guys, if I bore you, please pardon me. To me, it was more than usual sex and excitement, it was how she gave in to me that turned me really on.

A little background on Jolyeen. She was standing at 158cm, weighing around 42kg and was 18 when we got together. We knew each other through MSN, which a friend passed me her contact. We chatted for quite a few weeks before meeting, despite the fact we were studying in the same poly! The first meeting was already the start of the fling. We met at one of the computer labs at around 7pm and found one room unlocked. There was security camera in the room but we still got each other off anyway, using the tables and fucking right under the camera.

Those studying in NYP would know accessing the cameras is just an IP address away.

Anyway, back to my story. We met each other at McDonald after our lessons ended, and went over to her place for our usual fun. She stayed in a three room flat, quite near to school. She had an elder sister who sleep in the same room, and an older brother in the army now.

We exited the lift at her flat, walked to the end of the corridor and went down two storey. This was how difficult to get to her place if visiting for the first time.

Jolyeen: ‘Shhh! My sister is in. How now?’

Me: ‘Umm.. just say I’m your friend?’

Jolyeen: ‘No. Cannot one. We are not allowed to lock our doors at all. And I share room with her somemore. I was so wet luh. Really want it now.’

Me: ‘Just do here lo.’

Jolyeen: ‘Serious? I am okay with it de.’

She was in a tank top with a frilly floral skirt. That was what she wore to school that day, it was also because she knew we were meeting. The unit beside hers looked empty, but we were too horny to really go check it out. We started kissing and roaming each others’ body, with discreet pussy rubbing and cock teasing.

Me: ‘Hurry hurry, let’s do it already. I can’t take it le.’

She quickly turned to face outside the ledge. bending over and taking her panties off. I couldn’t do much as a guy, I simply pulled my pants lower and let my dick free into the air.

Me: ‘Ready?’

Jolyeen’s hand was already under her pussy, waiting for me to go closer to hand her my dick, so that she could guide it in. She grabbed it quickly and pushed it inside her.

Jolyeen: ‘Ahhh..’

It was the first moan to the first thrust I gave her. I took over and held her by her slender waist, pulling her ass towards me while her bum did the bouncing off, or I call – recoil. It was damn exciting. Cars going by, the lift would stop upstairs, people would get out and walk up or down the stairs. We would just take a pause and continue when the noise is gone.

Within ten minutes, she came about three times from the fast and furious humping. Seems that the excitement was too much for the both of us. As she came for the third time, my dick could no longer take the pressure. Her vaginal walls closed in on my little brother and the moment I tried to pull it out, she pulled me back towards her by my waist.

Jolyeen: ‘Cum in me. I’m on the pill.’

The push into her was the last straw, the pipes started working and pumped all my seeds into her, filling her up. It was definitely a lot. Since she forbids me from masturbating for at least three days before every meeting. I continued thrusting and pushing all my cum deep into her before finally taking it out. Tired and worn out by the whole scenario we were in.

We sat on the floor under the ledge and rested.

Me: ‘Nice hor? Just it was really too exciting for me le.’

Jolyeen: “Ya lo. Haha. I also cannot take it. Like we will get seen lah.’

Me: ‘Haha. I cummed so fast lo. Really fast.’

Jolyeen: ‘Aiyo, nevermind lah. What we did earlier totally took the urge away. It was really good too.’

Me: ‘Hehe. Naughty girl. We’ll meet again after three days?’

Jolyeen: ‘Yupp. Remember ah. No masturbating on your own. Okok.. shhhh.. go now go now.’

I left her place mentally and physically worn out by whatever we went through. She was really a crazy chick, and this is what I like about her.

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