Her Guard Duty

Jialing: ‘Hey J, wake up.’
Me: ‘Huh? Jialing? What are you doing here?’
Jialing: ‘Come out then say.’

It was close to three in the morning when she whispered into my ears. It was quite a surprise to see her in my bunk. It was her turn to do guard duty, and she knew exactly where to find me.

Sitting on the cold tiles in the bigger shower cubicle, we talked about our NS life up till now. Seems that she had been masturbating more everytime she thought about me.

Jialing: ‘I missed you. Am feeling so horny now. Want?’

Giving me a wink, I couldn’t resist her at all. Holding her head, I kissed her fiercefully, making sure she remembers the taste of my lips. With her in the Load Bearing Vest (LBV), it was quite in the way of our movements. Turning her around the pin her against the wall, my hands went around her waist and unbuckle the belt for her pants. Unbuttoning army pants was pretty easy since that was all I undid for close to three months now.

I was in my FBT shorts which I usually wore to sleep. Her pants slipped down her legs and onto the floor, she followed by pulling her panties down and bent over.

Jialing: ‘Hurry, I need to get back to duty soon.’

Whipping out my rock hard manhood, I half-squatted and slid my dick into her dry hole.

Me: ‘You’re not wet enough, want me to stop?’
Jialing: ‘No.. just keep going, it will get wet one. I’m so horny now.’

I thrust my hips forward and pushed my dick into the familiar tight hole. It was really tight, tighter than I expected. As I kept my hips moving, I pulled her LBV up and whispered into her ears.

Me: ‘Jialing, you didn’t finger yourself?’
Jialing: ‘Haha. How did you know?’
Me: ‘Your hole is so tight. Oh my god. I’m cumming soon.’
Jialing: ‘Yupp. I didn’t finger myself. I wanted to let it get tight for you.’
Me: ‘Hehe. Naughty girl. I like it very much. Thank you.’
Jialing: ‘Haha. Thank me for what, you also got get bigger ah. I can feel it.’

We went on for about ten more minutes before I had to release my three days of load.

Me: ‘I can’t take it le. Where do you want me to unload onto?’
Jialing: ‘Umm.. in my mouth like the last time?’
Me: ‘Okay. Hehe. Come, hurry. Shooting le.’

She pulled her panties and pants up before kneeling on me. I held her LBV so she would not be hurting her knees. Wrapping her fingers around my shaft, she stroked and sucked me.

It wasn’t even a minute before I shot everything into her mouth.

Jialing: ‘Mmmm!’

She smiled as she made the sound in a delicious tone rather than the ‘a lot’ tone. I forced myself to push as least seven times to unload all of my sperms into her. She slurped them all up and swallowed them all leaving no single drop in her mouth.

Jialing: ‘It was sweet. I liked it!’
Me: ‘Haha. Must be the food here luh. Thank you for today. It was quite a surprise to see you tonight. Hehe.’
Jialing: ‘I missed you too much le. It was only this time that I can come find you. Thank you too. You made my day, really enjoyed myself. Eheh! I have to go le. Time is up le. Here’s my number. I go first!’

She handed me a slip of paper with her number, name, and a smiley face at the end of it. This paper marks the very beginning of a new fun in my life in the army now.

Me: ‘Haha. Go girl. See you soon.’

She ran out of the cubicle and toilet and down the stairs. It was a pleasant surprise and a lucky one though. Hope to see you again Jialing.

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