Christine was one of my ex-fling. She was also the one who showed me the thrill of ‘fooling’ around in the bus.

I was doing re-training one Saturday. Since it was two weeks ago that I last booked out, my hormones was quite wild then. She met me at Pasir Ris bus interchange before hopping onto bus 88 with me, accompanying me home to change out.

We boarded the bus with other people and went to the second deck, to the last few seats. She sat near the windows while I sat on the inside, covering whatever ‘peepholes’ with my big fieldpack. She was also not masturbating for two weeks until she met me, it was a promise we both made for each other.

Back to the bus, automatically, her hands came to my pants and unbuttoned the opening, putting her hands inside to take my little brother out of the underwear. It was a task as I was getting a boner already. She managed to get it out somehow and she lie down onto my legs.

Gently sucking my dick, her hands went between her legs and started massaging her cameltoe too. Her ass was facing the window, this silly Christine was wearing a short denim skirt then.

Me: ‘Hey Christine, you want to try having sex here?’

Christine: ‘HUH? But how?’

Me: ‘Turn the other side, you face the window. There is no one here anyway.’

She turned herself to the other side and I slanted my body towards her. She had quite a body few guys could get, slim but healthy. Her ass wasn’t too high up too, so her pussy was quite accessible.

I aimed my little brother’s head at the opening and teased her pussy by sliding it at her slit, left and right. Bending over to her ears, I couldn’t help but whispered into her ears.

Me: ‘You ready?’

Christine: ‘I can’t wait. Put it in now?’

Me: ‘I want you to ask for it nicely.’

Christine: ‘Naughty boy. Umm.. please put your dick into my pussy and fuck me.’

Me: ‘That’s my good girl.’

Pushing it into her hole, I made sure I went as deep as I could, it was quite an awkward position to be in though. Our bodies were not even comfortable, but the excitement was making it worthwhile.

While I continued to pump her, she used her hands to rub on her clit, giving off soft moans while I looked around and worry about people hearing us. It lasted for over ten minutes as both of us were worried about getting caught, pausing and even turning off my rock hard dick into soft little bird.

When it’s about time for me to shoot, it was so dangerous as I didn’t had a cap on. Why would a soldier has a condom in camp when he only hangs around males most of┬áthe time?

I pulled it out quickly and she asked why.

Me: ‘I didn’t wear a condom leh. What if you get pregnant?’

Christine: ‘Haha. Aiyo. Umm.. shoot into my mouth ba. Then you won’t dirty the bus.’

Me: ‘That’s what I think too. Turn over for me.’

She switched her position to sucking my dick once again and kept going on until I gave her her proteins. She was just lying on my thighs and sucking till my dick got soft and little.

Christine turned and looked at me.

Christine: ‘Nice?’

Me: ‘The best. Let’s rest for a while k? I think still got some time before reaching my house.’

Christine: ‘Okay. You rest ba. I’m not really tired. But don’t put little bird in can? Just cover with your bag. I want to play with it.’

Me: ‘Evil girl! You play with it then how I sleep? What if it gets big again?’

Christine: ‘I don’t care. I want to play with it.’

We ended up masturbating for each other for the whole trip till we reach my place. According to her, she came close to eight times while I emptied and re-emptied my balls about four times.

It was quite an unforgettable experience as people got up and off the upper deck but we still managed to sextify each other.

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