My Little Ah Lian

I once knew this lian, Jacqueline, who was around 20 years old now. She was those type of girls who smoke, tattoo their hips and lots of piercings on their bodies. It was pretty nice knowing her though and she prefers to be around guys like me, probably to seek refuge of their identity.

We do meet up often to go out for walks around Vivocity or even just a meal around my block. If I remember correctly, I knew her from a friend. Like, I was meeting this friend, then her lian friend was around. We got kind of interested in each other and got each other’s contact. There wasn’t much advancement in our relationship then. We just hung out and ate and watched movies once in a while. She was a smoker, I wasn’t. I was much of an entertainer and a company for her.

After about three months of frequent dates, she confessed her feelings for me and I quite liked her then. So we sort of got together and became closer. Of course, hanky panky came into the picture and she was quite the wild type, daring to not wear panties and bra for my convenience. It was so ‘her’ to be asking for my fingers, for me to lick her, and I wasn’t allowed to ask her to help me out unless she’s in the mood. Quite a dominating girl. I didn’t mind.

One evening, both of us were out and did quite some shopping for her room makeover. We rested in the park behind her house and sat there till it was dark. We spoke for a while and just hugged each other for the rest of the time. She was wearing shorts and a tank top, the top was those shorter ones to show her naval piercings. My left hand were already around her waist, and my right on her shorts, rubbing her gently and slowly to help her relax.

Darkness came and so did her domination. Phrases in Chinese is the actual conversation. Phrases in italics are translations of the conversation.

Jacqueline: ‘

[Due to data corruption, the story is incomplete but will not be removed.]

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