Maths Remedial

I was called up by Ms. Ng to go for maths remedial after school as my test weren’t really good. The remedial was at 4pm, after her CCA ends, in my very own classroom. I had my CCA too, and it would end around that time. Recalling what happened the last time we were in private, I realised it might not be a remedial lesson. Dirty thoughts were flooding into my mind, everything from the last session of love making came back to mind.

Ms. Ng: ‘Harnold. Take out your things and prepare for lessons.’

The school was emptied as CCA ends at 4pm. There wasn’t many people around, and most of the teachers had went home as it was a Friday. She had already changed out of the Red Cross uniform and into her normal civilian’s clothes, a spag top and skirt. Of course, she had a jacket over her since the staff room was pretty cold.

Ms. Ng: ‘Wah. How come still so hot when the fan is on?’

Me: ‘Haha. Humid lah. So Ms. Ng. Can start? I want to go home fast.’

Ms. Ng: ‘You ah. Do so badly for my paper. You want to get punished ah?’

Me: ‘Huh? Okay lah. I tried le.’

She took her jacket off and pulled a chair to sit in front of me. Her spag top was quite loose and it was such a nice sight when she bent over to look at my work. Her boobs were in full view of me, her nipples barely touching the red colour bra she wore. I was totally lost and when I recovered, she was staring at me.

Ms. Ng: ‘Ehh! What are you looking at? Down my shirt ah? You want me to report you?’

Me: ‘Huh? Nono! I’m not looking.’

Ms. Ng: ‘Still trying to lie. If you did, just say. I want you to stand up, take off your pants and underwear. Now.’

I followed as she instructed and stood there coldly, covering my huge dick with my hand. Ms. Ng then walked up to me, held my dick in her icy cold hand started stroking.

Ms. Ng: ‘Don’t worry. I want you to relax. Later you got lots of work to do.’

Me: ‘Can I rub you too?’

Ms. Ng: ‘No. I want to get wet without you touching me.’

She meant it, she stroked me for about four minutes before sitting up onto the classroom table. Spreading her legs wide open, the panty she was wearing was a matching red in colour and with an opening at her pussy area. I’ve never seen such design before, but it was sure convenient.

Ms. Ng: ‘Harnold, lick me first. Make sure it’s really wet.’

My head disappeared under her skirt. Lapping her slit like a little puppy, I didn’t rest my tongue and neck at all. Up down up down, I made sure her juices were flowing so much that I could suck on her hole and swallow a small mouthful. She was really turned on then, face flushed.

Ms. Ng: ‘Okay. You can put it in now. Is it still hard?’

Me: ‘Yupp. Very hard.’

I pushed my hips towards her wet, gapping pussy. This time, I could guide myself into her and her hips started moving in sync with mine. It was very easy and relaxing since both of us were doing work. I continued in that position as it was really comfortable at that height.

Ms. Ng: ‘Don’t need to change position lah hor?’

Me: ‘Nope. I think like this feels very good leh.’

We kept going slowly and steadily until she came. I didn’t know what to do when her pussy was really tight around me. I just pushed harder to get the same depth in. All Ms. Ng said was to keep going and not stop no matter what. Her tightness was really unbearable.

We went on for about two more orgasms and I really couldn’t take it anymore.

Me: ‘Ms. Ng! I need to pull it out le!’

Ms. Ng: ‘Mmm! Don’t take it out. Keep going. I’m feeling so good now. Going to cum again le. Keep going and cum with me.’

Me: ‘But cannot shoot inside you, what if you get pregnant?’

Ms. Ng: ‘Don’t worry about it. Don’t take it out? Just keep going.

I listened to her and went faster yet at a pace I can control. She gave out a loud moan for the fourth time and I pushed my way into her tightening hole. At this moment, it was time for my dick to unload too. Shooting it out as I pounded her thighs, this very movement of going in and out was to push all my seeds into her.

While I was still shooting and holding it inside her, her legs came and wrapped around me, pushing my hips really close to hers, making sure every inch of my dick is in her. We held in that position for about five minutes for her to recover and then I pulled my exhausted little dick out.

It was definitely better than the previous time. This time there was more time, more control. I wasn’t worried about getting Ms. Ng pregnant since I could threaten to expose her. We cleaned up quite a bit and Ms. Ng gave me her undies to keep. We kissed for a while before leaving the classroom all sweaty and tired.

I like going to school. I could ask her anytime for it. She would consider, but still finally give into her body’s needs and desires.

Ms. Ng: ‘Harnold! The next remedial is tomorrow. We’re going to try something new.’

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