xFling´s Roleplaying

Christine was quite a crazy girl who knew how to dress up. I enjoy the random morning smses and occasional surprise of her parents not home. She would call me and rush me down to her place. Whenever her parents were not around, the family car will be available for her to drive – and I didn’t even had a license.

Those rare mornings, she would pick me up or I’ll meet her nearby and we’d go to either her place, or her friend’s place. Her friend was also a girl, and she had this whole apartment to herself. It was free for us to do anything in there.

Christine: ‘You want to play the watch and do game with me today?’
Me: ‘Haha. Umm.. can find something not too crazy? The last time we tried tying each other up was a little bit crazy.’
Christine: ‘Haha! But you was so hard lo. You obviously liked it luh!’
Me: ‘Ehh.. haha. Ya lah. I liked it lah. Now that I think about it, it feels a little too much for me. Rest rest.’
Christine: ‘Okay lah. Hmm.. let me see ah.’

She had this collection of porn she downloaded since secondary four. She basically had all types of videos, from BDSM to softcore. Today, she picked a japanese video – incest. That would mean roleplaying for us.

Lying on a mattress on the floor, she lay on it and covered herself with a blanket.

Christine: ‘Kor, can sleep with me? I’m feeling cold.’
Me: ‘Okay mei. We sleep together tonight ba.’

Crawling under the blanket, I slept behind her while she faced the side. Slowly, I slid my hand up her night dress and hugged her waist. Feeling a little naughty, she pulled my hand further up and onto her little boobs.

Christine: ‘Massage?’

Without replying her, my hand got to work and kneaded her breasts gently by firmly. From the back, I could hear and feel her breathing getting heavier and moans escaping off her cute mouth.

Christine: ‘Mmm.. Mmm..’

As I continued, her hand went behind her and massaged my hard little brother.

Christine: ‘Ehh kor, why no pants?’
Me: ‘I think I can warm you up better with my warm little stick.’
Christine: ‘Haha. I’m still feeling cold kor, can make my body feel warmer?’
Me: ‘Hehe. Naughty mei. Let kor kor help you.’

My hand went down towards her pussy and slid between her thighs, rubbing her clit in a circular motion. As her moans got louder, her body got warmer and started to convulse once in a while.

Christine: ‘Kor, put this baby in my can?’

She gave me a little squeeze on my brother and led me towards her wet opening. From my body bent in position, I straightened a little and thrust my hips against hers, sinking my meat into her hole in one swift motion with her guidance.

Christine (moaning): ‘Ahhh!’

That moan was the que to go faster and not stop. I continued my humping in doggie style since it was the easiest to change to. We went like crazy rabbits and kept fucking for a good fifteen minutes. So much juice was coming out from her that it was wetting the pillow supporting her stomach.

She came about five times and it was getting tighter everytime that I couldn’t take the torture on my dick anymore.

Me: ‘Hey mei, kor kor is going to shoot le. Where do you want it to go?’
Christine: ‘Hehe. I want kor to shoot inside me. I want to feel warm inside too.’
Me: ‘Okay. Here it goes.’

I forced my whole three days of cum into her little hole. I always liked the view after shooting into her as my cum would overflow and drip all over the place. She tried to relax each session to keep all of my cum in but she always couldn’t do it. It was just too much.

We fell asleep after that and only woke up about lunch time. I wonder what’s coming up the next session with her. Hehe. Aww.. naughty thoughts running through my head again.

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